Gibbons The Great Vs. Kim

Friday, January 12th

Gibbons The Great took on someone with his least-favorite name. Listen to find out if Kim was able to beat him!!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind Steve let me just not a bad you can get inside your head. Glad to not really did not hear it years written things and do you think you. Can stumble given the grades 7991037. Caller I now it doesn't. Around this time around 745 foot ten is ridiculous accent like Irish slash Wisconsin slash. I didn't know. He wears his we have turban with a jewel and engine you can think of who you're thinking of seven and I'm on a 37 so let's bring in the studio this morning to take on his next opponent. Eight blacks don't want to live here have a conversation with him all over jobs and into the KMO we're not gonna color that's not. She did this latest name to be from the shelves jellies and jams we we don't let we don't like K names around here its own line. Hi all but I have three kids and are obviously strikes are you can. Get a chance again given the great this morning givens you ready gal I was bar and Reggie behind us down. Right do you think you have a real character. Yes it's just a female. Yes Mike you have a tough person on your brain has got children. Could this maybe be left handed person. Who knows I don't know all right do you ticking of someone who sings professionally. Now. Might this be somebody who made popular television show all. Now though is this person may be an actor. Now could you be thinking of somebody who is already passed away. Now but you've got a celebrity on your on your brain yes. Islets and that are around. The test now I yeah definitely celebrities did you have someone on your mind turley older than fifty. Now this person famous for their body. Are now. Did you have zone on your mind who has a son. Yes it is first and a resident of England. I believe. My district CNN. Member of the royal family yeah. Saw. Right there had to figure that out to me god this you might know our as the duck just. You might know or is Kate she's Kate Middleton duchess of Cambridge. Yeah yeah I guess you'd be ready even watching the crown yeah oh my god. Show ever I don't know what anyone wants to be that family when I watched a crown I think why is Megan Markel Mary in theory like I would all right now 08. Eight why it definitely has so I would never let that ice. Why some ground itself fascinating about the royal family Jim danger out trying to stuff it was a great this morning Cherie Al cherry. Oh yeah lefty held a plus plus. The federal strategist giant how many. We spent the morning. Eight slightly crowd that's right Clyde I don't wanna wait a year for a third season you just ride at the end of the clean. Want more home on oh sure. I. Sorry to get the prince sure I'll. This do you think it's a given the great assets nine model 37 we got a couple people on all the can try to take him on we did every morning at 745. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.