Gibbons The Great Vs. Kevin

Friday, August 11th

Gibbons The Great has a MAJOR beef with the celebrity who Kevin was thinking of in an attempt to stump GTG. Listen to find out who won the battle!


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And Ellie rely. Casey mr. the first time. You went beyond just not a bad. You can get didn't sign up your dad didn't admit to not really does not hear it years. Examine. Thank you know what's gonna wind turbine enhanced crystal ball in the answer is yes ask you the answer no questions about famous person I think and can be anybody tax German. Singer songwriter and whatever. You can guess and 65 wins only fourteen losses we do every morning around eight when he. So all cannon. Cannon and tell us agony as some integrate this morning yeah. I cabinet given the great let's go and ask me ask enough questions. All right Kevin you got to human being on your brand. Just a female. You know he got someone on your mind that's only famous for being on YouTube. Businessperson some of the really exists. Only bring you get a character that might be linked with some sports. Might this person play basketball. Maybe it. You think it is somebody that wears a helmet. Yeah. This this person famous from being linked with football. Yeah. Might you have an African American on your mind. Knows. This this person may be a patriot. You might yet might be seen as someone that plays quarterback. Left thumb me guys this on this might be in record time. You mean figure it out Obama not Tom Brady. Knew that. Tom Brady's sweet cheeks. That I've got to be the last person out of mind. Let me just tell you one thing you keep your friends close but your enemies close enough humble about Tom Brady beat enemy and top of mind. It's a given is deflated balls. Haven't completely given the great as much about it you being stuck a dragon on Monday we'll play every morning around this time given the great. When number 66 congratulations it's a lot may god when my kicks yeah on sees it sees it outside the equipment you and I did there sometimes that's. Rigs and LA it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a 37 kiss FM dot com.