Gibbons The Great vs. Kelly

Wednesday, July 18th

Looking for a Bad Romance?! You probably know who was on Kelly's mind when she tried to stump Gibbons The Great. Listen to find out if GTG got stumped!

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This is a Nellie rewind do you any good just audit not a bad. You can get didn't sign a young man I'm glad to not really did not hear it years written. Send a loan you know confessed to 31 wins eleven beaten twice please not this guy out of his pedestal. Given the great. Thing is somebody famous like David's name you know our marshmallow hinge. Guess he's thinking of using only answer enough questions to bring him in the studio c'mon man. He was throwing beer man who got on the phone this morning Kelly Kelly. Kelley's column from Wisconsin's what you said nothing. Will not answer the question that I should cool Kelly are crazy Kelly clearly she might be a little crazy musical of the tenth Ukrainian. Think they're usually try telling given the grandest golf. Might you have some unreal on your brain. Yet business safety Mel perhaps. Yes. It is someone who's only famous for being on YouTube. Now. Mike this character on your brain create music. Are you thinking of a black person. Now. Maybe it is first and has blond hair. Yes. Could be that someone who got their start on the Disney Channel. Now. It's his first and perhaps associated with mr. Taylor Swift. Now. On your mind he got someone who's ever been married. Now does this character on your brand belong to a group. Now is present age more than twenty years. Yes briefing as someone whose name is very unique and gave me a usual. Possibly wrapper on your mind. No. Did it as someone who often where she trains costumes. He had. Only thing we got an American on your brain yes yeah. All right we got that particular have a crystal ball really quickly and then you rethink it and Lady Gaga are so public bonus poker days. Yeah a guy who. There a thought. Off she's amazing that the DN ABC during concert. I have enjoyed seeing her get naked like I did. Here she turns around she takes off her shirt she's negative advertising get Megan and documentary TM machine that has. I think she literally onstage guest in our role eagle eye out for sure our booze right now there's no bra Jeno James she didn't care and putting it got to eat better back. Consider that crowd that was my second tier group. Is great Galley take your plan didn't work as morning. Think he'll always drug rationally continent grounds. Just jets aches and loving you're yourself and your body and lady got that has gives no cleats that's why I love her because that's room. Jane she's just down I don't give the gray would try every morning around 820 young kiss FM. Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.