Gibbons The Great vs. Kelly

Wednesday, May 16th

This Kelly wasn't cool or fact, it was a DUDE! Do you think he was able to give Gibbons The Great loss number 6 in season 4!?


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This is a smelly rewind do you any good just ought to not a bad. You can get didn't sign up young man yeah man to not really not hideous to examine him. And into the game good agreement this video going for win number 83 this morning you think is somebody famous flight out Roseanne Arnold or something that's given the great thing guessing you're thinking of using only. Yeah she is married how Arnold in my twenty years. Calling Arizona. Because they will always be married in my mind now I don't care centers are call hysterical or Britain and zydeco event. Why don't they are federal. I was later now okay you can't grow a beard a lot of things right. And anyway though you gonna come through that thing by the way out yet Kelly and I found Kelly ready to some given the greatest morning we're we're I was down. Mean was gonna ask you you look cool Joseph you're crazy Kelly but you're doing Kelly which is even a new category that's all they've got it it's such. I hit putt on your mind Kelly you have someone who is linked with athletics. Yeah. Might this person have dark skin. Well. Are you figure someone who could be linked it may be WW Reid who know. On your mind you got some new ways to help this poor could be bigger character that made he has children. All right you got a soccer player on your brain. Dead the charger on your mind never been to the NBA finals. Where. Maturity is someone who's won a medal in the Olympic Games we are. Are you bigger someone who is older than sixty war are you think HM no. No shot at how much do they did someone who's known for fighting. Is this person Irish. Are you thinking of a boxer. Maybe you've got they martial arts expert on your mind we know. My GB data someone who's from Harry Potter. Grow our business first and really exist no volume only got some movement and a movie before our premier. Maybe somebody from the IDC. Universe is that correct. Grammar school had at least one person who played this role already passed god. Didn't think he got this doesn't work K yes prayer okay Niigata declare a crystal ball really quickly here. It's gonna mom and mr. can console ought not to be Superman. Nights marry that man of steel. It takes a Taylor give as a great this morning telling her route route or CNN this. He was a great if you think he gets to cover which are what are on eight bloody. As 83 wins and five losses it's one of three point 7% to. Riggs are now playing its rigs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a 37 kiss FM dot com.