Gibbons The Great vs. Kayla

Wednesday, November 22nd

Kayla had a country bumpkin on her mind when she tried to stump Gibbons The Great. Was GTG able to triumph, or did he suffer another loss? Find out!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind. Do you any good just not a bad. You can get inside your head if I'm glad to know it really did not hear it years went to examine him. Given the grace. 46 wins only been beaten three times in season three quite a record for quite a winning record. Logs into the studio. It's terrible accent determined tries to guess you think now the yes or no questions bring him into the studio. Poll out there are eating Turkey. The radio I get is a great we're gonna play without Taylor this morning she's gonna try to stump you all right hey let you ready to go. Where are right it is a great verse is Kayla let's get up courage Kayla might be thinking of a female. Well. This is somebody that's really exists. Yeah. Yet some on your mind whose famous only for being on YouTube. Help. On your brain is this person all in the fourteenth. Here on your brain is there a Caucasian person. In his as an actor perhaps now. On your brain is or somebody who could have recorded previously albums. My day's big countries are on your mind. There are. Is this somebody from other television show the voice. Now might just be a native Australian person well. This is someone known for wearing a cowboy hats well. This person known for having curly hair on top. My GT and I stand up comedian. Well then this is someone who's currently married. Well. All right we think we got this one here it's going to be a country singer mister Bennett turned ten. A they're very very sad. Pretty good drink it near daily carried I didn't think you listen to country music news of the country beloved dog with her and I had a talk before he came in the studio and has a Wikipedia page appear and I was helping her mouth. Really cared enough. Can stop me can't stop them won't stop them. Taylor thanks for and thank you very much had a great Thanksgiving Kayla things here and try to be and again now living in a Monday given the grace. 47. Wins. The lord your machine kiss FM the reason Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.