Gibbons The Great Vs Kara

Wednesday, December 6th

Kara had a legendary Olympian on her mind as she attempted to get a win against Gibbons The Great. Was she successful? You'll have to listen to find out!


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Finale re wines. Even if you have just thought it not a bad you can get inside good hand and led to not really not here to years. Thanks and my name is a great season three got 49. I'm wins and beaten three times you think you can stump and you try every weekday morning around this time 7991037. He's think somebody famous tennis turban this terrible accent and you can guess who you think enough let's bring given the great into the studio come on and our rights we got Kara on the phone from Kenosha Carolina seeing. Aaron Kelly can't Haaretz. Pastors who yes no questions. OK Kara might you be picking up an adult Mel I out. On your brain gets on who has any children of their own. Just this first an African American. As the person on your brain already passed away. Enough. Might you have someone on your mind who's currently older than fifty. He gets someone on your brain from a popular television show. You know. Could be taken of a singer or maybe someone who works at the singer may be as a songwriter but now. Is this somebody who personally knows you'll. Now on your brain got someone who can be linked with a sports. Might this be somebody who wears a helmet. On your mind is very soccer player. You know. Could this be somebody who plays basketball. You know who you think you know someone who fights for a living. You know. Might this BA sports culture. No. As the person on your brain won a medal in the Olympic Games. Yet. Could this be a swimmer if you call me god this one here. Can be one name guys to get down with the devils let us can be a big Olympian Michael Phelps yet. The most decorated Olympian of all time. Yeah. Nice Michael Phelps well Karen thank you play with give as the great this morning earth. But of course have a great America's us. Did he get instant it was a great try again tomorrow morning's won all three point seven kiss FM. Three personality it's Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.