Gibbons The Great Vs. Jesus

Tuesday, November 21st

Deer hunting season is in full swing, so it's kinda weird that Jesus would be thinking of a Buck when trying to stump Gibbons The Great...think about it!


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And Ellie rely. Casey mr. the first time. Did any good just not a bad you can get inside a young man. Admit to not really not here to years went to examine him. He's got a record of 45 and three given the greats a testament to what he promised time you think you can beat him try and 7991037. We bring in the studio alas yes or no questions and who guessed exactly the thinking of some. Go ahead and questions that integrates. All right might you be thinking that's somebody linked with sports. Is this an African American that you think enough. Mike you have AAR wrestler on your brand. On your mind he gets on who has any children of their own. Yeah. As somebody who I may be tourney players on the team. Yeah. Might be seen as someone who plays the soccer game. Could this be somebody who plays baseball. Are you picking somebody involved in basketball. This is somebody not usually wearing the color green. My dispersant have become an NBA champion before are. We. Are you thinking on a Caucasian. No. Mike does this somebody who's known for being an association with the Milwaukee Bucks. You know what's keeping me got this as we have clear up my crystal ball real quickly. Are you just pick them up I don't think enough which Jason getting getting a lose enough again no I'm thinking in my blood bank go to bucks mascots. Yeah. All mellow and TJ we're gonna. Listen there may be intact for Christmas but not now you Obama love me love me some mango. Is his lead thanks so glad to slam to it was a great about it. Thank you Patricia I. Kind of ease and he was again we try every morning around this time I need to line. It's now 46 wins and got. Mans a machine it's one of three point seven kiss FM Riggs and Elliott Greg Kelly weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.