Gibbons The Great Vs. Jesus

Tuesday, November 14th

Did Jesus need to be saved when trying to stump Gibbons The Great? Listen to find out which legendary rapper Jesus was thinking of!


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Rigs and Ellie rewind. Do you any good just not a bad. You can get inside a young man and admit to not really not did years. And given me great as they record of forty you know and it's been twice 42 wins two losses for season three if you try to stamp and every weekday morning around this time. Yes yes or no questions and can guessing you've taken on celebrity. Actor singer songwriter whatever zone spring and in the studio and yeah. Obama I'm sure you're hot human being and I given the great vs Hayes this this morning. Hey is this your ready gal from the stylists don't gonna ask me ask enough questions and TV can stump. Polarized those may download given the graduates to ask your question there. On your mind you got someone who really exist. Yet it's a female. You think it is somebody who's only famous for being on YouTube. Video. On your brain you've got somebody older than fourteen. It is very important. All right much Jimmie ticking of a white person. You know this is brought character played basketball. No. On your brain you've got a National Football League Claire maybe. Is this person known for being a wrestler. You know on your brain gets on who uses a club or a bat. Is this person a citizen of the United States of America. On your brain gets on whose son is also very famous. No because this person athletic at all. Not that I know are all right are you thinking as someone who's recorded an album before. And is this someone who has made songs with queen may beyoncé. He hit knee on knee got this one here let's be clear out the crystal ball pitched today is Null. See today is day source she's a woman is you've taken a JJ. Yeah. Wow it's bad he's now that I now need to reintroduce myself my name is given the grating against the. I can as the Akamai and he's been met yet another lesson in their ears are reminding the shadow masks or rather how I'm the other let an eight iron out and it's. Is there one. Guys another chunk of the bomb body gets up I'm. I. Is it safe to land is what they were given the great man. And if that message playing catch up on demand we did it one of 370 system dot com or can search for originality in the iTunes store and catch up with old episodes of demons are great we always post and every day. Dressed up and again tomorrow same time gives the grateful to three point seven casesa. Reason Alley it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.