Gibbons The Great Vs. Jesse

Monday, November 6th

Gibbons The Great has had bad luck when it comes to guessing Wisconsin athletes. Was he able to guess the Packer who Jesse was thinking of? Listen here to find out!


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Finale re wines. Anybody beyond just thought it not a bad you can get didn't sign up your dad and led to not really really not here it is. And the timing and degree Watson in studio with that 37 wins only then unbeaten lions. You think he can stump him each and every morning around this time let's bring him in the studio didn't come on man. And how I miss Nevada got our eyes wide deep why did you out there topless your bizarre human being into the great. We're gonna play with digesting this morning he's gonna tried to stampede given the great vs Jesse ready Jesse. I don't pass up all right Jesse does this character really exist. Are you picking up steam now. Now. Mike this person be famous only for being on YouTube. You know. Under ray you got to an older than fourteen years. Now. Is that somebody who creates music. Felt. But you think somebody whose ages turned the older than twenty. This system do you players on the team. Yet. Much we take it as someone who's in the NFL. Yet. There's just an African American that just thinking out. Might this character play the receiver all. Marriage gets a monument of this of those dirty New York Giants. The giants is this person on your mind associated with the color red. Mike is he somebody who plays in Pittsburgh. Oh. Yet on your mind who's known for being in the color orange. Does this character worse are on their helmets. Tabloid. My Disney's about who wears green. But this person have a long name. Well is this character the name of a type of food. We'll have to. Are you going and I questioned it but as the person on your mind won championships before. I know. Has his first never played in an all star game. I don't know. All right you as someone who's missed time with a knee injury. No. All right and make my got this right here get to go to Green Bay Packers are correct. Correct all right we got this one. You retain a Dovonte outcomes and not let me Julia Tim did get her memory and got that dirty hits on him. He missed some time it pray god Dovonte Adams. Dovonte earth well well deadly plane tonight all right that's right him back and better than ever the Fontana this state Jesse thank you plan to give us the greatest women. Let it go Packers. He gets dumped a nice try again tomorrow morning same time giving grades 12 point seven kiss FM. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss a damn dot com.