Gibbons The Great Vs. Javon

Tuesday, January 16th

You may not know who was on Javon's mind as she tried to stump Gibbons The Great....unless you're a fan of old school Kanye music videos.


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Finale re wines. Do you any good just not a bad you can get inside your head and lead to know really really not here to years. Examine and you're in a great blocks it with a record nine wins still has yet to be defeated this season. You think some people famous night job knowledge seasons are your Donald Trump or somebody knocks now. Somebody famous collapsing at an election thinking guest. Thinking oh we'll see about that kind so let's bring in the studio it was a great come on this morning. It's what kept me and there's snow stacked on top of your turban it's amazing. Giovanni there is just not right to our Jim I'm sure I'm Jim I'm gonna take you on this morning to it was a great verses Obama's got all right Javon is. Lady that you think enough they. Could this be an adult older than eighteen. It is personally famous for being on YouTube. Now. On your mind who gets the news recorded any albums previously. Now. Good this person be apparent having children of their own. Yeah. This is someone who personally knows you don't. Know. On your mind gets somebody who is only popular TV show now did you have a resident of the United States on your mind. Is this person's hair the color blonde. Are. As this character that you think another run for the presidency before. Without. On your brain is or someone who's been in a film. Yes. Could be seen as someone whose age is currently older than fifty. So with. And is someone who's really existent existed before. Yes. President charge ever been nominated for an Oscar. I don't know Oprah could be dig this somebody associated with that city of Seattle. I don't know. I remind you got someone who has previously in a Kanye US music video. Oh. Are right deny you got some ammonia brain may be known for being in a big film in the 19190. Yeah. Follow me god did so let me glared up rose quickly. He might not notice this is Damon Dash assistant deputy Stacey dash O one and only the. It's easy desk well let me tell you one thing she was in town US video and all. Falls down how free and that I don't I knew that she was nothing wrong now that's couldn't afford a car so she and her daughter Alexis that they plan is joining. And NLV digging and some give us a great 7991037. To more than welcome to call Mike we call right now and try to stump them. Italics can't go it's one of three point seven kiss FM Riggs an Alley it's Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.