Gibbons The Great Vs. Intern Winona

Tuesday, December 12th

You'll be as shocked as Gibbons The Great was when you hear who Intern Winona was able to stump him with!


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She missed it the first time. Now in reliance. Yeah I do I'm just not a bad you can get inside your dad. They too and really did not hear it years written things and yeah eight internal and underwriter looks just like Winona Ryder that's why we caller that. Market might bet if you don't want me here I'm sorry yeah. Ornament manager no jobs that make this stuff. And we know current current majority has to anger over again the first thing I should Alberto unable to sign that they go what now. I think are right when moderator or you re take a given the great I enough night. Offering go all right this someone who really exists yes. Might you be picking up someone famous for only being on YouTube you know on your brain is there a male who now. OK could this be somebody older than eighteen years yes. Mike this person have recorded any albums before in life now. Think god I thank god. An hour is this someone who has children I'm not playing god again thank god. Might just be somebody great popular television show yes songs they're getting warmer. Is this person's hair blonde. Loving towards easily to our right on your brain is there a wrestler who know hi I'm not a wrestler. Might you be ticking of a Caucasian white person yes sorry to get some warmer hair on your brain gets one who's got a sister. I guess. Is this person on May be further lips. Know how old. He it's easy what to do Kylie Jenner or. Are your brain is very character from reality television show he Nile. Is this someone who has an older sister. Could you be thinking of a character from pretty little liars now. On your mind is there a teenage person now. Does this person on your brain appear in the first season of the show yes. Yeah and the someone who really exists yes. This is first and offer mostly playing in comedies the funny once NAFTA and now here American students. Might this person had been on once upon a time now. Yeah bring you get so many links to a superhero. Now. At this person ever been married before. Yes. In the someone still amongst the living yes for its farmers. You get an immune none none Danny got this let me clear up my crystal ball real quickly if you think and I'm Melissa Gilbert's. You hear who injured an underwriter was during their stuff do you think she stabs you who love it. Yet injured when known right there at the window there. Love and. And we need to college and again she can't do you think your numbers so. You right here and cared at all about yourself this is this is shenanigans and bumble lottery and we will not stand for it. But I guess given agreed to allow. Held on one thing. Interim moderator please do your stranger things impression when when she's a mom she is an underwriter for the mom answered yes. These guys do your deal and do your impression of Blake say oh well I miss is buyers. Yeah he made Winona Ryder alana beard good stuff. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.