Gibbons The Great Vs. Intern Short-Stack

Friday, April 13th

Intern Short-Stack was feeling cocky when she tried to stump Gibbons The Great. Think she was able to give him another loss?!


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Rigs and Nellie rewind. You went beyond just not a bad. You can get inside your dad yeah I'm glad to know it really did not hear it years written examines the. And so VO 69 and tied here is your best ability evaporates we get intern short stack and here take him down that airline in us. Get a somebody you've got to Atlanta on defense she answered a question this type figure you're thinking about got a son thousand writes Jim. On your mind is there a fee now. Know. Could this person be really existing. He was. Moved him. My Chavis ammonia mine was only famous for being on YouTube no got a dead guy maybe it's either someone older than forty years. Oh he would be. At all and instead just press a non for creating music no. Could this first nabbed an older than twenty yes. On your mind could there be an actor perhaps yes and T. That died deaths would be forty. Does the person on your brain appear in the first season of a show not. And now maybe get someone on your brain who has played in a superhero movie I just want to. Mean this person the person is thinking about it may be this person is linked with spiders. Are you think of an African American non. Tech guy. Blackout maybe somebody throw. A favorite apps may does versions from the avengers nod. Could we figure someone willing to a dead pool network. All right just personally about man franchise. Yes me with. But strutted down after this is issues that you're gonna have an idea act she said yes. I don't know if he was it that man I know our super hero movie but what do you know what I'm gonna guess a new look all around enough and I'm not getting them to the the thing. This person is obvious that passed away yes it below or I don't know is an abatement of me me guy did this one here. And we clear up my crystal ball and ask you a question. Why so serious does not figure out exactly and so what are Joker I forgot and totally forgot he was the Joker ask not what I think people like jerk. I think I hate about you. You'll. Crowds and a I totally think the same with Heath Ledger Gibbons has something to say let me let me get my act they didn't tell. You don't know that he would you put the and how I do I forgot that I don't I'm. Not I don't get superior Ramona but like it's like I. Yeah now I told her. Remember I can picture him being the Joker but what I think if Heath Ledger I don't think about that man I think about ten anybody here and I Jew or any of those awesome movies and Daniel now. That lady had viewers tell a joke. I did that's my mind goes or that he dies after overdose and that's about it I know they always say and he. You're here. Give thought she was gonna die. He's saying then. No is win number sixtieth season Florida it's a big big win and try again Monday morning at this time. Re an Alley it's Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss a Dem dot com.