Gibbons The Great Vs. Hector

Friday, August 17th

Fans of 80s actors with an affinity for gerbils (allegedly) then you'll for sure know the person who was on Hector's mind. Was Gibbons The Great able to secure win number 50 of Season 5?

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Rigs Nellie relying Steve let me go I'm just not a bad. You can get inside of your dad didn't admit to not really not here it is. Alexander Payne. I skim the great blocks in the studio with a record of 49 wins only been beaten four times meeting begins seven thing is somebody famous. Yeah I don't know enough about an answer yes or no questions so let's bring him into the studio and Allie and I'll help you along if he needs. Helps to zero this morning given the great about it. This problem without a protector of the collect your literally collects this stuff and this. He raises some given degrade this morning. I was doing all right Hector do you have a lady on your brand. Now. Are you thinking of our rougher. This character that she got on your mind recorded any albums. You know. We have a white person on your mind you as a person that you think you have ever been in a movie. Yeah did this character be older than fourteen. Perhaps you think you have someone more than sixty years old. But it out probably didn't apply Aaron has the person on your brain already passed away. You know. Could you have some on your mind who often plays in action movies. Are. All right yeah he's a lover not a fighter yes I. Many persons also known for being a hot guy yeah. We have to throw I would it got him back in the day pop pop pop pop pop. I don't today I think the president about how could you be thinking that someone maybe have a mustache. Now well. Is this personally maybe with wolves you know maybe I think it is someone who was a little bald on top. You know now is this person having silver arrow talk a little gray and yeah it was this person's thought there may be famous. Don't know. As the personal in your brain ever been in a and ended interaction with Richard here. But for. Yeah and three don't collection yeah I'm wondering the same thing may have been as persons known for being a little scary media frightening person. No. Right that's all we needed now let me clear my crystal ball good at night declared make sure. You'd be bigger mr. Richard gear themselves up. Yeah I did get it. Why did you ask a question whether Richard gearan that if you do always hurt your gear because he couldn't somebody associated with the moment to make sure you don't get everything together all one big putt. Out and I question what does Jerry and I just put the pretty woman musical on rob when does he now what do you think. There's a pretty well I don't see that legally blonde olive one day and you have gas. If I would say I was looking at a current picture of Richard Gere as we all went to sleep with Emmitt and pretty woman when he was saving Julia Roberts yes. Yeah I don't think I grand finals now. I think it would you have to borrow can't bring you out now and they acted think her plan to give us the great this morning. Though as a member steer clear durables the thought well people get that you'll get that joke just appear. To agree with every morning around 821. To three point seven kiss FM. Riggs and Elliott brings a LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss a Dem dot com.