Gibbons The Great Vs. Haitham

Thursday, November 9th

Gibbons The Great will never be royal, much like the person Haitham was thinking of in an attempt to stump GTG.


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And Ellie rely. Casey mr. the first time. You might be I'm just not a bad. You can get didn't sign up young man and admit to not really do not hear it years. Thanks and ask him. My name in the jayhawks into the studio and second with yeah record forty wins eleven team once in season 3 driver morning around the same time. I am stuff given the great. Let's bring in the studio is like my man yeah. It can't can't. Fumble for a pro Obama chin. I don't even relatives and which is saying either you desire high given the great items on the fun this morning's gonna try to stem the height and are you ready yeah I'd give is a great. Let's go from. Let's go let's all right do you think you know somebody that's really exists. Might this be a female. Yeah. Yes someone who's famous only for being on YouTube. The distress is very famous yes. Yeah. Has the person on your mind previously recorded any albums. Are. Is that character from a children's television show. Might be thinking of African American. Oh. Does this person have blond hair. On your brain you got someone who's ever been married before. Is this somebody who isn't an all girl band. Yup someone on your brain of Asian descent. Are you vehement actor who are you just somebody whose hair is very colorful. It's a teenager on your brand yeah. Might this be someone who's known for singing on stage here. Is this person Spanish. Who. Might this person on your brain have a short nickname. Yet. This is a native new Zealander on your mind. Or why you're here in this some music curls are very beautiful in their hair. Yeah. Meet got this one you may never be love royals but she is larger they're an orator. And nice. Our lord at lord's coming in March listening to 1% to the bread and what your lord you have it gets IE it's nice to be great shelved lord. Could pull this morning. Thank you planned this morning had a very pure and on March 270. He does that give it a great track every morning same time he's 41 wins. Three point seven disaster down Riggs and Elliott rigs at LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.