Gibbons The Great Vs. Emma

Wednesday, September 13th

Gibbons The Great asked "How you doin'?" after he discovered who Emma was thinking of during their epic battle!


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She missed it the first time. Knowingly lying. He went beyond just thought it not a bad you can get didn't sign that we understand it and admit to not really really not here it is written. And sassy isn't really given it great so far undefeated juvenile. Blossom in the studio undefeated. Reckon with ever more around the same time King of Pop culture character actor singer whatever on their famous you can probably guess who they are it is yes or no questions. Let's bring in the studio this morning. The bottom line is he's going cared Allah Emma has not taking on this point and I vs given the great she's in Waukesha. Yeah and Nash is gonna he's gonna ask you some yes no questions Emma and he's gonna guess we think enough. Out. There aren't. Again name is Emma my first Dallas and the mummy was gonna make your job and they'll only get an adjunct as a black joke and it's an approach. Move on the hot right so yeah occasionally character that has really existed before. Now. Plavix let's say like Tom it's Tom Hanks really existed Forrest Gump didn't exist so now camp. It's just somebody who stands on two legs yeah. All right my Jabber mellowed your brain. Is this you are as these and human being yet. On your mind to get a character who resides in the United States of America. Are you particularly a superhero. Now. Is this somebody from a television series. Might you have someone on your mind who is on a TV show that's already and then yeah. The as a cellular telephone. If now helping help. OK on your mind you get somebody who as the main character and not something they appear and full. Mike this person were to be a little bit dangerous. Now. Did this person go to school. Now. Are you figure is somebody who was a father. And it helped. Might this president played the character and a television show that takes place in New York. All right do you don't want those characters should remember that television show friends. Yeah. She and Jesse about where this person's drama you got some on your mind who might be Italian. Yeah it. All right does this person and we know very important possibly not be in the smartest maybe a little down. Hey Gary dominant personality traits we got this one happens to. Let's clear up McChrystal ballroom quickly. You'll be taken a Joey from friends and Jolie finally sorry I've heard. I never thought. Did hit his own spin off show. We know that but I went three of us doesn't really. As skinny ass. They Emma takes a planet's when he was given the great staying and I don't let me ask you before you go how I don't trust your I couldn't. I you until you though I had 279 elementary seven with clever money around the same time given the great now three and now. Kelly. Really don't watch like all understand this influx all the friends I can now get a friend to plummet to the friends expert on the show I think it's on Netflix. It's one of three point seven kiss and I try to send it is great tomorrow morning same time. Still undefeated. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.