Gibbons The Great vs. Dan Newberry

Friday, November 10th

Friend of the show, Dan Newberry stepped in to try to stump Gibbons The Great. Fans of Saved By The Bell willl know the character, but did Gibbons The Great know?! Listen to find out!


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An Alley re wines. Logic like 77 and personalities does decide tomorrow's veterans say we brought a lot of bargains that are friends of the show a veteran Danube during the slowing sinking money in for Lou good morning good morning dad phenomena we're gonna Henne try to stump give as the great this morning assess. You Dennis the fourth guard you've heard this before and I heard it is are you DB in this morning from a beaten. I'm not a not a bad. You can get didn't sign up young man and admit to not only did they not hear it years. And it's got a record of 41 wins ultimately one's given the great blocks into the studio he's got the satellite where's this terminal yeah this. We're probity has an odd accent do you think she's in the end I think it has to pour out. He's like Indian slash Wisconsin's last Jamaican. Slash Irish coming back feeling I had to farm yeah yes not realize. Gives a great vs our friend and you very. He's NASA mission equations and for veterans day tomorrow anything is somebody popular semi famous. People would know this person you think enough pretty much. Yes I closed up even Harry vs Dan let's go. Our rights first let me say thank you for your service now I'm gonna be job. Just talk your way. And everything she did on the bus audio break you've got someone who's thrilled to death. To sit there and then or real and they meet each other interests that you know war but it could bring to. Each other regularly much you can do is first and a female. No. NRA. To get him on your brain is currently older than fourteen years. Moos. Please don't take over our own self outlook for you right to this person and athletes. Heard it's. He's tried hasn't heard a very good news water ice on your brain you've got somebody who is linked with WW east. I'm not really my. Guys exactly forty. Riley weren't easy naturally funny act are really now chant heard. Might this person. Be an NFL player. Absolutely not now you think you know someone who plays basketball. No. All right just might personally know you. Know. Is this person at all linked with sports. Now. You became an actor yes. Is this an actor may popular television show. At one time yes. Was this show geared maybe toward children. Now. Mark my between now all the time thanks out Ryan Parent this person in the role of high school students maybe. He yes. Is this person's hair may be a little blah there has ever been blonde and a tolerance is someone who is known for having special powers. Yeah. So it's just kind of no alien agenda energy and I don't know we parted down so I know who it and I'm okay I'm not saying nothing was this person real popular back in the 19190. Yes. Is this someone who you think you can personally taken down in one on one combat. Just I can slow him in his yeah. Pass me got this from hope not let's be clear out McChrystal bar real quickly and I you thinks this is somebody who got into a fight recently with the green power ranger now true story you be thinking of that fumble glad Jon Claude van down. You think it's great. It. According to did I say job well. The only woman whose dreams. Have saved by the bell on. Nice to be on veterans day. Should they be nice all year round ball went in there and running in this middle fingers help. Tried like an idiot ever in the Charlotte it and that's the pitching this. Well I have respect please there you drive like an ass has. I don't weaknesses. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.