Gibbons The Great vs. Casey

Wednesday, October 18th

Gibbons The Great was very LIVELY this morning! Get it?! Listen to GTG take on Casey and it'll all make sense!


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Finale re wines. Steve and bill I'm just not a bad you can get inside a good man and admit to not really not here it is written. Alexander Payne and some girls tightness in the city on FaceBook confirmed daughter saying that's. Given the rental not Billy yeah later in the big finale that's cute. It's so keen to 26 and I'll give a great record. He puts on this weird accent in this crystal ball and you can guess you think you know so let's bring him into the studio this morning. Yes yeah a lot of credit I wasn't outside the this is much different. I'll cents a gallon chance amount coffee at their job medical all kinds given the great vs Casey this morning from Milwaukee. He's an ass and yes no questions you ready Casey yeah I just don't I'll. All right Casey does this person really exists. Yet. He had a few out on your brain at their hero and this is someone who's famous yes of course as they ever recorded an album before. Now. Is this somebody from maybe a popular television show. Yeah. This person maybe have a little blood there. Yeah. On your brain gets a look who's ever been married before. Mike this person be it television show host. Now. On your brain you have somebody who was on a television show that's already seen it then yeah. This might be somebody maybe who played a lead role in that show friends. Who now. Could this be somebody who might have been on that show full house when that went well. On your brain gets a many currently older than fifty. I don't know. As the person on your brain already played the role of high school student. Yeah. It's sort of those characters and Gossip Girl. Yes. Only is there a bun in the oven this person maybe currently pregnant. That's very Papa all. The army guy this one here are let me clear up McChrystal bond and make sure I got its rights human dignity act just break up Blake lively yeah you're right. It was a brake plant linked. From Gossip Girl I just watched a movie they shallow as the other day where she's like trapped and Ron English our our. She quiet far away from the sisterhood of the traveling paying out some camera back on America Ferreira and gnashing is to sleep with Ryan Reynolds I don't give me and her baby I want to thank all of them you tell us. Think Casey take your claimant it was a great this morning in your 27 and Alice still undefeated you think he can stump and try again tomorrow morning same time. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.