Gibbons The Great vs. Caleb

Friday, July 20th

Put on one glove and moonwalk your way to the moon as you try to figure out who was on Caleb's mind when he tried to beat Gibbons The Great!

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Yeah. Rigs and Ellie rewind. Yeah just. Bad. You can get inside yeah and I'm glad to I'm not really not hideous red wings and questions in the night if the. I unions to elect has done yeah given the right plus a new studio with a 33 wins and who. You cannot please dump this morning c'mon MM yeah yeah we got Caleb on the phone he's from my hood in Franklin yeah. My hide my hood hello like we kind of your brother circle maybe if I'm ready to tell I don't let my country club to come talk to me. Hi Chad I'm matters and ready on. Given the dread vs Caleb let's get out all right as a character for. From the game for tonight. Now are you thinking of someone who really exists. To get that for nag question out of the way as well. Just in case is html on your mind. Nadal. Mike this person the only famous for being on YouTube. Now. Are you thinking of someone who is currently older than fourteen. Yeah. Maybe got him on your mind US passed away already. Are you didn't have an American person. Yeah. Possibly on your mind you've got someone who has recorded any elbows from it's. This big black person. Yeah. Maybe you've got someone on your brain could be linked to mr. Michael Jackson. Yeah Adam does this person do the moonwalk. And yet. Meet god there are so breezy. That we clear out my crystal ball really quickly. You meet regularly King of Pop himself mr. Michael Jackson. Yeah. So are a lot of this smooth criminal himself thanks for glad to give as great this morning Caleb. Third you can play every morning with given the greater on 821 of three point seven kiss FM that's 34 wins nice Nile Lauren getting beat out in Chicago and actually when you. Thank you take it's coming up and about twenty minutes hold on its kiss FM and. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.