Gibbons The Great Vs Brittany

Thursday, September 13th

Brittany beat Gibbons The Great this morning, but do YOU know who was on her mind?!

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Rigs Nellie rewind. Do you any good just not a bad. You can get inside your head and admit to not really did not hear it years written examines the. I doubt it integrates walks into the studio and record them. 65 permanent beaten six times thinking in stump and pick somebody famous animated and Adam Levine from Maroon 5 million. He gets you think you know let's bring him in the studio got to adapt. I've said about forty seconds you were gone for like half an hour would you go I'm busy knows how many days off I don't know I mean that the left. Given the great vs Britney. Ready ready to get this morning. I was doing. All right great media heavy Gmail on your brain Karen lane. Does this character that you never really exist. Yet. Maybe Johnson on your brain whose age is more than fourteen years. Has this person already passed away. Maybe it got someone on your brain who has run for president. Now has this person may be recorded any albums previously. He got one of those country singers on your mind. Maybe this guy's country singer is more than fifty years old. Able. Did you have someone on every Muslim why did they celebrity. Yeah. Has the person on your brain ever retired before. This just an Australian person that you think and out and out. Get a character married to a female singers a minister of stuff where you have to all the time. Now. We have an American on your mind yeah. As the person on your mind made a career as a solo singer. Maybe there parts of a duel that. Two people. Don't forget to get as someone who is still any bad. Yeah I'll write me god it's here now away and that's because they're out. My crystal ball are you everything you know one of my favorites was that mr. Austin brown now now how she held Austin brown in the greatest. And the craziest story and think about Britney yeah. The Rascal Flatts. Can I say something about you Bergen is our because I think Google is why wasn't he says why for the main message Tiffany Fallon okay. No but there's a story behind issues at play mainly 2005 yes. I did not these I was together tell me you know you're trying to step given the great but did she was one of the girls that. Literally Holly Madison talks about what their relationship started. I'm Wendy and her look like she's like Tiffany was off with a torn with Rascal Flatts top. Think I already gotten together full circle and ice when I forgot to answer Joseph Don from Rascal Flatts the nickel back of country music. And I Colin thanks for our plane was given the great this morning yes against dump them element is seven losses forgiven the great in season fines. May need to CNN's Claremont or donate money and kiss FM yeah. Riggs and Elliott rigs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.