Gibbons The Great Vs. Brett

Tuesday, November 7th

If you have a Criminal Mind, you probably know who Brett called in thinking of an in effort to give Gibbons The Great his second loss in Season 3.


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She missed it the first time. Knowingly lying. You might be a lot not a bad you can get inside your head. I'm glad to not really not here it is written and you. Thank you to remain locked in studio for season 338 wins only been beaten. I'm Sears and he's stuff and if somebody famous from TV show a movie and singer songwriter. He can ask yes no question I'm guessing that is weird bizarre accident so let's bring him into the studio gonna break I. All options right now tell me this stuff and yeah I think self Italian bread on the phone for a scene is gonna try to stamping this morning was don't give in the great vs press. They've Brett did think you know a female. My Disney is someone who really exists. You know. Undermined he gets on who Wear shoes. Yet. Might this person be a teenager. On your mind you get someone who resides in America. And is this person maybe older than twenty. Yeah funnier mining gets in and who's known for fighting evil know. How are exists character from a television series. Is this TV show that has already seen agenda dispersants on. Well margin ridiculous somebody from the Walking Dead. On your mind you get someone who appears and every episode of the television series. Yeah fits this person's father still amongst the living. I don't know on your mind yet someone who's ever been married before. Well it's a character who's linked with the law. Yeah. All right is this watch Erica who plays the role of the student maybe do well. Undermining got someone who's linked to a superhero. Might disperse and half white skin. Yeah. This is a Dutch TV character who takes on a show that takes place in New York. The other nerd on your brain and yet. Is this somebody from criminal minds. And yeah. Need yet disciplined get ticketed doctor Spencer reed from criminal minds. No idea how he lets you what do you how do you do you watch that show still is still on not a lot of different my golf I think that is CSI and all those criminal shows confused all how regular census CSI you really I don't criminal minds yeah I don't my friends are sent to get involved confused and mark Jackson's on criminal minds. Jamar Morsi you want me tomorrow more say. Yeah I mean try to stump given the great again tomorrow morning that's now 39 wins only been beaten once one of three point seven kiss FM. Riggs an Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and one of three setting kiss FM dot com.