Gibbons The Great vs. Ashley (Jane The Virgin)

Friday, February 16th

Gibbons the Great continues his dominance, can YOU stump him?  Try weekday mornings at 8:20am!


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He went beyond just not a bad. You can get didn't sign up your dad didn't admit to not really did I not hit years. Alexander. I'm really strange says they record 27 and now he's thinking somebody famous flag and cheer and organic brands and somebody you can ask yes or no questions with his horrible accent and gets you thinking about some let's bring in in the studio and take another mumbled cloning because it. And. Is. And saying please don't need to. Actually Indian is a great read to go actually. Am I listed us all right Ashley are you thinking and a real character. No. Did you have on your brain a person who wears a mask. Now. This being mailed. Note. Did you have on your brain tumor is associated with the Disney. Note. Is there any way possible that this character that you think enough Canada have an association with the Pokemon. Could you to guess someone from one of those television shows. Does this character to digging up go to school harder. Thing. Is this person's mother already passed away now. Does this person had a brother or sister of their own now. Persons television show that they're already ended. Now might be digging a cheerleader. Now there's this person of teenage age now. Does the name of this character that they do not appear in the title of the television show. This is someone whose father is very famous. Act. All right we got it let me clear up my crystal ball real well. He's at Indy was the questions and as you know I just don't come. Yeah everything you know Jane the virgin. Yeah she says she'll love. Love that show which by the way is not American prayer at Gina Rodriguez gal who plays there at first I was like Erica well. I've never seen nobody at first glance it kind of looks like and so yeah yeah clarity yet on what did you plainly that given the great this morning actually encouraging the burden of goods outlets. And now. Now you. You aren't. Why are. Thank you got the you'd like you hear she's got a she's not doing the heavy nobody is. So. I'm very different. She cannot bar in the how 1960s and learn more read it I wrote the savage give and actually did you grow and turns and it was great we do that every morning around eight when he was kiss FM.