Gibbons The Great vs. Amanda

Monday, October 30th

Amanda thought of a Golden Girl in her attempt to stump Gibbons The Great. Listen here to find who won this crazy epic battle!


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And Ellie rely. You know Casey mr. the first time. You went beyond just not a bad. You can get didn't sign up your dad didn't admit to not really really not here he is written. Thanks and give us the greatest record of 33 wins some and indeed once the season three think used on them Trulia play every morning around this time around 820 think somebody famous Johnson is crystal ball is. Is bizarre accent and can guess your thinking up. Using only weird yes or no questions like does your person wearing shoes I don't know where he comes up with the questions that must bring an end of the studios. Wanna come out and militias. About leaving me outside commission called for six toll us she worked like three coats and how are you still cold and to call kind of the Caribbean given the current heat. Not gonna try to stump amend this morning and and are you ready. All right Amanda and Jackson vs given the grandest and Powell recommended this person known through only being famous on YouTube. Now. You got some ammonia branded really exists. Might be thinking of a male. Is that somebody who has turned the older than twenty. Yeah. That's first and on your brain ever recorded the album both far now. On your brain you got to molest children. Rory started out. Mike does present a blond hair on top. And now. Is Susan actor in need pornography genre. Yeah. And I guess someone who might still be alive. Yet. And this is an actor yes. Is this someone older than fourteen years yeah. The heavy senior citizen on your mind. This first tell white hair may be. And his version of the British accent perhaps. Yeah. To have a charger from Harry Potter on your mind. Oh. Is this character who's in knows James Bond double 07 films. No. All right do you think you have a citizen of the United States of America. An amber yeah. This person never solve the murder of a far. I don't think I don't. And Angela Lansbury metro new tolls inside the smartest high murder your us come on it might be sinking of a character who knew him you. The floor. It. You got to put on your mind who's been a musical the far. Or I don't know if there's someone who's so gainfully employed. Back in your gut thinking of a resident of the United States of America yes. This person known for being in sunny television show us. All right we got this let me clear up my crystal ball real quickly do you think another one the only mother lady Betty white's. Yes thank you and a friend. We love you back me. I just feel better light and has such a random picture ever yeah she's eating this picture. That's what she's eating a hot hot what do I wrote it Betty White when I'm sixty she's ninety. Jesus and I'm still working when I'm ninety's it's money she is Amanda thank you for being a friend. Be acting Arab and thank you for columns 110. And golden girls you need to dressed up to give as a great tomorrow morning same time 79 and little 37 title the last 34 wins. Only one loss thank you for being friends. Oh. Riggs and Elliott Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.