Gibbons The Great Vs. Alley

Monday, April 16th

Alley thought she could stump Gibbons The Great by thinking about a very famous huge cheaterpants. Was she successful? You'll have to listen to find out!


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Finale re wines. If anything I'm just not a bad you can get inside good hand and led to and really not here it is written. And that's okay all right as your record sixty inside given the very bitter she might as well. V 166 I. Down I mean on things. I'm biggest somebody. You can ask me yes or no questions and I'll answer them and let's see if you can think of who I'm thinking about I'll KG I'm ready to take you down do you have a female on your brain notes. Not to seem okay news isn't a character that's really exists. You have us. Might this person had any children of their own yes. Not someone whose parents okay. Maybe you're thinking of an African American. Yeah. Getting closer. Might this ever can American Indian athletes. Yes. OK today. This person on your brain nerve into the finals of the National Basketball Association. Asian wall Jack CBS sports question Adam I'll probably I would I would assume that this person has yes already got to move on your mind was already retired. No. Still active vote no and Asia could this first NBA point guard. Now. I'm guessing again because every there's no way he's a point guard this person plays basketball area there's no way their point guard there's no way. May be somebody who was associated with Oklahoma. No. All right you got one of those up basketball players the Toronto Raptors on your brain near. Half half half half half. This person that you think you nabbed his basketball player ever played weighed down in Miami. Meow. Oh. So if you Heidi I've got out of sports cars and I have not just they got to ask you can't say I guess I don't all pop. This person on your brain ever been selected to an all star game. I don't know. I'm just saying no arm yeah see you love her or does this person live in Los Angeles. Sometimes some uncanny timing dubbed Al sometimes in got some on your mind whose. Maybe it involves a little. Scans recently he made the dinners yeah I think Hindus should meet his Villa after the end no father is not a new father. Not the bottom for the second time that he no doubt that any. God all right we got this funny and true very very good let me clear up my crystal ball. You'll be thinking of that fumble not Tristan Thompson's from the camera yeah and he's awake DD NLC place far here he I am just labor to cavaliers did it play for Miami or non non non getting into the all star game not a not a I don't care. Question Jack is LA you know what I gotta tell you assumption spot Hindi Quentin basketball very soon start to your musical career would you like to hear his first yeah. All right you ready for our dear it is. Khloe Kardashian wrote that just. I thank you know it's actually went up 61 but given the girl I ever get like the Oscar that out figure out when initiative. Yeah yeah but it's not gonna happen. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.