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Friday, September 14th


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This is a week's finale free wine pretty surrogate events yes what's up how he's a better question for you about life. The way the Sex and the City works how girls gossip about other guys it's crazy and smoldering grass that upset girls really. Really today so the answer my question is just that's how women really speak for I'm way behind closed doors some put the dagger in doubt that. All right debtors don't go around talking and all the men they've sub wet now. But normal people might. So I singing talent yeah. I had a night out last night with my girlfriend Michelle and a couple of friends of hers gap we went to a showed the ray would talk about later on. Before that we will not got a bite to eat. And it was a girl talk central I was so shocked shocked I just kind of sat back and observed. As they talk about one friend is engaged to be married and our other friend is single and mingling and his mingling like a mother and no one insane thing no latter day or so I'm here in about a guy they call pencil. And a guy they call came T. Guy they call Libby and I'm going to hold my god Becky what do they say when I'm not. And I know and she gave her and I'll tell you in six months you clearly you know Olympia area I don't know. I hope I'm not with the I mean the saint Peter. But I've never been more self conscious in my entire life on and I never said let's. An 83 hour just hang out just I literally said five were that is what I can just wide of the group. Hell is happening there talked. Only guess yes correct but generally eat. Think they're talking that way about you they wouldn't say at second trying to be of course not to sell the fat today. This whole conversation making fun of other dudes and the package sizes means they're probably not talking about you how. You wouldn't sit here and gossip good for you don't exactly know who is born out of the circle you hear the circled. They've put Michigan is worried about when he's not there there's I had. They don't he's in the circle doesn't need to worry about a dozen media entourage saying I only now can I can now see our guys were down we delegates are totally I. We're talking dynamite that they would not have done that. From a dog and the funniest part of it was like to talk to like do about these guys like to just pieces of meat breaks here and younger tale yes he's GI a year and a half number than I am. I didn't deny it ends with a we get about Michelle and I could jump off of my plays in your girlfriend and her friend who I'll call Becky had to get dropped off the booty call that she just randomly sort of looked like it up Steve I think what's so let's see that but I had to do some. It was amazing to me enough money it's amazing that was like that our twenties wasn't actually getting get married to did you get excited 720 but I always think of lasers would lead mile communal over the limit yeah. A guy like I college. They figure that what's up Jackson and you wanna go over exactly nine. Exactly what went into that all the time so what did you say to Steve I'd sell high would this deeply about disease that wanna democracy. Just time and that lets us. Lakes and lots of sex. That Tim. Riggs and Elliott Greg Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.