Gibbons - Friend Phil's First Day Recap

Friday, August 17th

Gibbons' newly-divorced friend is totally wildin' out, y'all! You DEFINITELY wanna hear all about his "date" yesterday with a lady and how he wound up being brought home by the cops after 2AM. YIKES!!

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An Alley rely. In case you missed it the first time on a three point seven kiss FM welcome to the show give his friend fail good morning fell. We're. Still villas visiting from Jersey he's fresh out of a divorce and went out for his first big nights. How. Why do you why wasn't given what you get that's the first thing you were like why is your friend here and he's not allowed that yeah singer to again okay. So still didn't start with a night out Phil started his day in the crazies way you can started day yeah biggest on the radio show here. I go home Whitfield I packed up my dog killer to take killer brought walk like I do every day I come back no less than ten minutes later. And still is god yes. Mill where did you go what happen to hell. I went to a local warts okay. Buyers else. Are you met someone hurt. I'm not a hot political hey Phil. What. Doors start the first you stick site hours somebody else during today. He showed up five hours like oh really why did you put cited hours and with a chick you're never gonna see again. Or even easier yeah. I don't. I wanted to hear. They should vacation I want you know this you are we don't know what we deals what do you losing your shoes and being brought home by the constitution 18 in the morning what the hell do so late night. The clock hits last night until like I wanna go out. And unlike Phil I'm not going out of wake up at 3 o'clock in the morning for work I can't do it tonight bro he's like you might not go out without check. And unlike you probably shouldn't but if you want to go ahead is that Judy BC NFL the advise you against going out at all. After all lying got to fight we got everybody. I and encourage you going out. Our yeah he did think you I don't know out of all of the no it's. Gibbons yeah. I deadly dilemma I allowed to begin with wants you only live blog is you only live once it's true films and remodel deliberately brought home by the police. Did you try to get out but assured a visiting had their direction. Yeah to talk. Share your friend wrote I was not afraid got a city urban to allow an orange juice I drove to Chicago. Liquid Fortis is all I got an hour of sleep so they can they shot I would not gonna go out what you decide hours he's gone yesterday afternoon one hour sleep guy I'd. I slept for an hour. Talk for an hour network. Aware of the health know what I'm Gerri I don't know what could be. What do you tell it like yesterday because get a decision I love this city you don't know drunk and then and then go to a blackout drunk it must issue. She's unbreakable hold at 2 o'clock in the morning I get. Woken up to a call from bill and elect our. All right I'll let fill in a tough hole oh this is all for Smith more to police department do you live at such and such address like oh my god yes this is still OK okay because that's how. Is still Collins live this with you this week I guess is still OK it's like don't call it manages to his. I don't know I don't know I don't I don't might call her she'll go oh yeah we haven't done your lobby you pretty trump can you come down and get him. I go up at 3 o'clock it's 2 o'clock I don't know about it that I give the address of my hat to. I'd go out and I get Phil and much still. Where are your shoes where she gives you still have issues do you fill. Well how high he could answer the question in my. Guys were calling a what a good. Would currently murdered would coroner records. Yeah right we know is that lets you write your phone number on your shoes and a half and Michigan gave it to somebody I'm still have you checked your wallets and you woke up did you get brought blessed they. Why did not help my god that's a good question. You know I definitely feel like about a bar black sheep OK so you probably did you guys your wallet there. I don't ever walk okay good night in Dallas inner city get robbed of issues he literally took Hamas for some reason you don't arm you have no recollection after what like 9 o'clock last night tell you look at what somebody of lesser shoes at their house like I'm soul dying to know what happened how did that Powell. The bigger and. You know I was walking home. Back your part yeah I walked out of Barton that was kinda the last thing I remember so I woke up in the middle part. Low spell we Manny got talked. Tell you all to grab my girlfriends holding college 131. You can't wake you need to get your so yeah. Right now but yeah now what. About what did my part in my building or is our random parking lot downtown. We see I was I woke up in your parking lot cops you know Brittany. Okay played with a tell you where the deluge you know let's yeah. Yeah this rigs like is that given complains about all the people in and out they're crazy. Friend comes he had dedicated to his apartment no that's not it is pretty the what are the parking lot causing problems at 2 in the morning the irony here. I can't believe it. I don't know you know I was in yet know what. Raymond given dole leads still alone anymore lessons with a woman how can normally good friend but he's heard about that one gets Priscilla detail film you don't. Eating it and help you just don't know I don't fill I would not I would not tell you any more help parachutes for. NFL but at all that is second I felt. Riggs and Elliott Greg Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a 37 kiss FM dot com.