Gibbons - First Time on TV

Tuesday, July 17th

This may be shocking, but Gibbons used to be a bit of a knucklehead when he was a kid. Don't believe it? This story will prove it!

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This is rigs and Alley rewind Gibbons we were on television mama's this you don't remember the first the first time you were on TV and I don't know well I didn't think really Lange's yeah. I really don't now I know I do yes Rita and I was getting arrested for a stunt was performing at the radio stations said Eminem was gonna make a performance over. Rapper I was really Eminem chocolate candy culminating. And I got arrested and it was entity Pia what veterans is causing commotion. The public disturbance yeah. Well I remember my first time on TV knows that time I'll never forget it changed my life forever I am I was in fourth grade and I'm my school I wanna contest it was yeah read the most books if you won the most road that read the most books in the state yeah pizza party for him and we have as a big old pizza party it was so infected attracted some local news coverage here on so Tomlin main steps up there the meteorologist Tom remained a and he takes a drag all the cigarette he throws his cigarettes you can do a lie you. Specs right so I'm the idiot kid who's ten people behind him with Mike finger up my nose running around in circles. You did that funny if you do something goofy on TV is your friends are CMO here are cool Tom remaining gives dumb when this broadcast turns to me goes. Hello Ali and I freeze up like oh god oh geez all god. I walk around. The irony and goes straighter going to be a big star runner up of all let me show yet. Sticking your nose and actually do just fine TV cameras no do you know snow. Anywhere in life and I'll never forget it I stopped right there and it was really close to the school. I ran home from the school the album just in time to see myself on TV taken a nose and everything yup so I go to school the next day you know the baddest man on the play. All it looks on during in an all my friends are life. Bryant usually overdo it yeah. I'm so old runner zobel. Yeah and then came over the loudspeaker. Brian Gibbons for Kyle's offer and walk in there's this is linked to principal and she goes. Ryan I've heard a little bit about this morning did you have a good day yesterday. Yes this is what I tell my homework done I played basketball my friend it was fantastic and this is what the principles like what did you do before that the nothing I start to tear out afford DVR and social media reports I thought it might hold you in because you were behind a camera guy being funny how hard guy. No these kids can damage the reputation of this school wherever you like yeah I go here that's gonna damage in the hot hot hot hot hot I. You can get. We did we ever get good pizza party again don't ever get another pew party and I am wept and I cried and got suspended for two days bus. Suspended way. Thanks for lazy days I'm sorry you got suspended for today's bird yeah. Now for acting like an idiot on the TV news but it made me who called my friends and I didn't care and that's kind of what do you mean that yeah his bug. Hash tag like gold yeah. Seriously. Selling PC and TV camera you're allowed to act like an idiot behind and could you might end up meta payment. Not nearly a different yeah look at the Olympics. Our captain heroes and veterans and citing an arrest him for that. I was just as LT with the elf on the shelf it's just a bizarre things suspended here two days or besmirching the good name of Bill Maher park elementary I'm. If you suspend the tip that maybe in the eighties and get back in the day to help. Manager Bradley an athlete yeah. Yeah I couldn't suspended for the drugs and added some new technologies don't you instead they're okay exactly. What I odd but I was drunk at ten to mine is given. That's true that's consistent Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.