Gibbons - First Outing With GF And The Kids

Monday, January 22nd

Gibbons had an outing for the first time with his girlfriend and her two daughters. Was it a disaster or na???


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This is a and Ellie rewind major major relationship stuff happened over the weekend you guys my daughter you very inning. A major part of her relationship with someone who has kids is meeting the kids and going public with the kids for the first time only had to do you do that that's something and it snaps every year it's some sort of a park was a little what apartment kids so my dog my daughter got my goal. Does. I got up. Why are you incurred. And my girlfriend has two daughters five and soup yeah I met them last weekend we have to do moving it to house makes chill night. But then yesterday there was a winter fast it would not actually out there was all kinds of interests and he can baby girl lessons to my girlfriend. Bringing kids outlets don't have a family day out. High seas parted planned felon database so you. When I go to clear threats we don't side and there's all this like activities Aly a bunch of animal prints she going like make a copy of put in this book on the activities right George and then there's this nature walk. And the guidance is posing a major law is like to see a major Aachen where president Craig you go Hal driven out nobody. We're all about yeah we don't really draw in the guys would make sure you stay away in the did you want to let their. Always beautiful out though that I was reminded of these. Terrible thing about being apparent being around kids react to maybe being charged is that due to guide go stay on the beaten path stay with these together everything goes and then he goes to see this rock over here guys stay away from this rock because there's moss on this rock from the mosque hit the erupted. And it's in this era that comes out of his mouth to kids were on the verge of further south and on the small. Zero. I'm ruining nature and in my girlfriends like kids stay out of the snow you're only wearing shoes your standard nickel. Yeah culmination stomp around the snow and five minutes later they're crying because they're either super cold I like that I think there has faced. Now get high. In the nature Walcott and we don't suddenly. Hot chocolate biscuits and hug children is nice and cold and her five year old daughter grabbed the hot chocolate my girlfriend goes don't think it's it's it's really hot dog and of course the five year old to two giants job. And it's not hot chocolate all the places are historically tried to connect lapel flag I can't I just there's so much fun no dream. I and I can't wait for the rest of the time. It can't throw at us so much fun. I. Only I'm sure. Do you miss humans myself I don't. Winston has been. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.