Gibbons - Fanboy For Franklin Family From Family Feud

Friday, July 20th

Gibbons has become a huge fanboy for a family from Franklin that he saw on Family Feud last night! Has he found a new family to be a part of!?

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Kelly replied yeah. JCMR the first time goes without wanna if you didn't level since Franklin and writing about this one was a Republican CW AT last night and I. And Paul tax friendly feud comes on her whole family feud a couple that there was. Do you might sound like a streak and a friend that works amateur. But the guys I watch the episode there like the first Stanley from California the Smiths and I'm like oh greatness that's come out right and then they go from frank. Glen Wisconsin. The catch key family it's badly. I'm like I don't know how to protect. All the landed two rigs his friend was Justin does they were casting people for family do you always. So they must it got past one rigs his friend was cheered you heard makes perfect sense yeah so my guy right there from frankly no way. They're not the quintessential Wisconsin down again. They might be would actually yeah where were totally holy toll in Franklin by the way the first question. We polled a hundred men and we asked the hundred met with men wish women would you like men. The woman from Franklin just the buzz. They would want to win it's hunt like yeah. We necks and that from the ground. It was a good way of thinking not like America away if they get yourself they are launching an end to do prefer the even with the father of the dynamic young his name's Rick in this huge jumping up and down and national at a minimum like one party with this guy ripped him. Let me ask let me see of bricks on FaceBook you sound then I go on FaceBook 08 not oh. Only is Rick on FaceBook Dorsey as his profile picture is him on family yeah. Is cover photo. At least use so awesome so I said the friend requests right yeah I'm about to go to bed last night UNICEF says he would sit up and many messages. And goes hey Ryan thanks for the friend requests like gets you saw a rerun apparently few tonight and I was like rich you don't understand how comics you'd scrambling. Yes and your enthusiasm really got you don't like you underground appears to. And he goes is not the right news no answer who by the way I'm on the morning jaunt just let them I'm a little weird on I'm a total weirdo I mean look you know we Houston just went well decry. Grab a beer. And I was like well Rick we know when it's a little catch Keith gently you listen around 840 some of talk about join us. And right now my friends and adopted by the guarantee that they would win anything on assembly you're related to take it then they didn't take you and I. They wanted my window and I wish I knew the other at a little wind damage so I'd I'd look I'm telling you I play it on my phone every day. I'm not exactly what I was like I'm so happy to a lot of drama you don't see them out routinely to three nights a week when I. Fred was in town they were doing auditions for it I went and had drinks with him in the guys that do the audition yeah. And they had just an arsenal of surveys we were just doing him at the table was so fun to be like name is something popular you wouldn't twist at the top and you're like. Yeah well that's not my residence there. You're right. People started to. I read that something you would twist on the top recruit. That's like four people survey law. Oh my I was at the top of what what I twist at the times of he would twins Isabella yeah they have yeah that was number one answer was this soda episode. Water trash bags trash bags big I that we unconsciously. How come I felt they give you we're running at you weird that's my job and everything you know I think grant allocated seven interview about that you're now I don't wonder and saved I think it's. We asked one guy in a bathroom really thought about. Lockheed. And Pacific said she never asked our last one single mom from new Marlins. Yeah the survey. Sense of denial she gets fishing after she got to continue and probably I'm I'm I'm not hey. I know so I got the winner Dario and it's just I'm glad to get to go to catch you fairly from fairly few got to believe it and it should spend the holidays are going to be so different I know I've already got my thought adopted in the family. I was busy and didn't win anything to the lungs. Yeah visual stars big. Now right. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.