Gibbons - Family Communication Breakdown

Wednesday, May 16th

The drama never ends! Gibbons is pretty frustrated by a MAJOR lack of communication in his family. Seriously, why doesn't anyone just say what's on their mind?!


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She missed it the first time. Ellie every line. I'm about to tell you about my family they communicate like crap and it's all in separate books not even separate pages but we're in separate books while what happens talk and my girlfriend yesterday in and out of the clear blue. She goes. Due suit this and I go it's kind of funny. I was just talking in my not about my suit that I have beckoned Jersey that I never brought out when I moved out five and a half years ago so yes I do have the suit. My girlfriend goes we gotta talk only what do we have to talk about. She's like well I heard your mom could talk to your grandmother she. Grandmother wants to make sure that you're gonna Wear a suit your cousin's wedding and I go. Okay what are you were sued to your cousins wedding which are not going to discusses letting what you talking about this one and this is political and doing next month or so yes this a one and jumping up not the destination okay same cousin he's gotten to where he's now because god knows why are maxed so I'm like oh I have to whereas. No problem because I just talked to my mom and I have a shoot Jersey and my girlfriend goes you're gonna talk about that tool. Because and I talk to your mom she doesn't know where this suit is and doesn't have the suit and others as part of our. It's all you can't figure out your old suit situation. Bizarre yeah I knew that I had run home when I got to my mom's house six years ago I had a suitcase and backpack trying to redeem myself on the guy zobel. And wool mill everything LT. Of course nothing on bail out manned and the suit that I had at home my mum moved out of her house apparently got lost in the shuffle and now there's no sued I'm not supposed to know that my girlfriend talked to my mom through my Graham mama got me wearing a suit and if so. Just call meet. What why are they all talk about your work suit for the wedding you know you're grown may actually might do to my girlfriend like to make they these it was a sixteen year old kid you're clearly responsible. And now only 35 your menace completely irresponsible and he won constantly and yet they're talking about you like you're not. How is our goal would take is one simple so even at taxed hey I know why so I had this who I don't have this suit can make sure you have a should not like OK okay no problem writes it'll get a suit so when I told my somebody given governor sure. On a majority Kenosha Barry's shoes. It's my girlfriends like I mean you can't talk about this on the radio on hold your mama wouldn't tell you about Jim. Would bring such a dumb thing you know the greatest highs. So what are you people talk about Craig drop out enough that you need serious talk and hiding a dead body and it is now. This little flat out better than everybody there might say get your head out your black tonight physicist yeah I'm just blown away by the suit drama you're. Bode into what they had ma'am my family my family. Constant and so while I help these families having drama about cheaters elsewhere on our Kevin Drummond Mac only about whether or not I bonuses and the idea I know he's your. To everyone involved multiple times and I'm just waiting and not again not a word not a. Always it all right away no nothings are those are in communication. Communication breakdowns here girl for nausea don't union sixty. So we don't either Mike or for goodwill. One of the Taylor yeah yeah I I both work well we signed the Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on demand and 103 setting kiss a Dem dot com.