Gibbons - Dislikes New Niece's Name

Wednesday, March 14th

Gibbons is becoming an uncle for the first time, but doesn't exactly like his soon-to-be niece's name. What do you think about it?


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So now they re wines. Three point seven kiss FM given did you get to name your niece I did not get your name I know he's I'm I'm just sister's gonna give him. Yeah any sort of this David. Of course not how c'mon so nobody names their kid but the personnel on the kind of like attorney CS like you know conditions were name of course she knows on the new kids. Bozo the clown of some stupid Ryan 36 is great would you Jordan and yeah so my sister decided to name her baby daughter. Harper. Yeah I was not stealing and I hate OK I lied and now as far as I wanna might best. David and daughter and her purse and she's a door and a friend and so she needed an and her daughter harper. Dario I Cabrera and I. Think our. I love it for a pet name to harvest the deal Felicia how would you know like the name harper finally I think about the harbor when I hear harper is an unborn child had a hit and an unborn child givens to me it seems like either a pet name for the name for a little boy. And she's gonna be a little pretty girl. Our tour is not out delay saying only that and I always think the name harper the Arrington and singing the boy name now a big girl they've hunter green and email harper has never seen a male of I don't know a male or female homeless as a dad plays Hartman then he would be a heartburn yeah heart of Jesus. Our freedom our Sheila Hart yeah. I don't let's sister television called she's so excited Bryant or name harper and there was a pause and mode that's great and she's like you know lake and I was like it. Yeah I'd like I totally relate you don't like harper is in Maine I just doesn't seem like it fits the bill with this kid. Yeah no I think he should just buy you didn't sister's kid with a dude she broke with the kids should not be named aren't the only salvaged like an old man right now the guess is where wind bag that generation the names all changed like nobody liked. My parents and any mean Hudson are always. They're a very it's a very 21 century aren't guaranteeing. This change that's just like the way cal isn't unheard names were to ask you did the baby daddy's name is Kevin the renewable yeah Peru win or you name your kid basic main rides like how. And you can't beat Clinton and a yeah. Like now he did they named her Mildred or something I'm all right yelled yeah isn't a little. It would be ridiculous and it'll have a fair case given how. How Amy her daughter harper who are on the way that we were named Andy Alison and Ryan gamble on when their basic games back then I said harper is a basic name for the generation oh yeah there couldn't get a million harper yeah. Lot of heart I don't know I don't know where news. Is there's gotta be here. Arnold people there while it. Yeah it's. The minority numbers aren't turns I don't know any mail Harper's listening to her out of the home I don't think the name fits I just don't think in the end it's what this gives it looked like in the light well -- I hate to break it to somebody who's clearly not a parent you don't get a choice and other people's kids name yes and this is that one of the classic arguments people have kids as everybody wants to give their opinion and guess what. Not your decision polo idea. Want to tell me what today my kid and you know what I told him score a lot yet to my vision my card that nice about it. And that's another reason I kept their names a secret until he told everyone the litter we kept to name a seeker because. Everybody. An opinion about Jermaine in my literally. This two minute conversation figured out why I hate the name like Clemens why do you hate to name harper you only know what you know right just by definition of living life and having knowledge gap and when I think don't harbor they goes to Harper's bizarre the magazine I think of harper being this. All right did you guys miss her and talk about a car over and over here is our closer look at Harper's bizarre look. And more guys are considered one of the very then you're more than welcome to Texas doesn't save you name harper you know they are or Yasser now I try to guess. I don't. Yeah I guess that's what I wanted to play. The dog don't care about the boy you're the earlier ready you're making about the problems at least Texas and I had a friend naming their daughter harper I like it it's a Chinese team it is very trendy I. I whenever Helena two harbors harper is Q would definitely generational trend I know one boy and two girls with the name and the funniest acts the ball. I love harper the one whose bizarre is Gibbons we got a cracked me. Yeah hurt. Are you relating called like on that there tonight. Kids in the. Order I would just the name harper specifically. What is your Saturday nobody what does that. Well I don't see anything wrong with I mean personally when I hear an MI values dangle like some and I am. A dog or somebody on death do but really no offense but anyone that's names. Serbs get harper but then again and I feel like. It's a cultural thing and I feel like a lot of people are just getting used different influences are and where they're getting married trumbull I don't particularly along with that. Because if you look at really everything has been changing from generation to generation in arms saying. Don't know one thing I didn't ask my sister and all melody let him know. And that's quit hardly got Craig. I thought they are very. Already try to bigger and also you know what I didn't I didn't even things has. From no mood she's definitely what word yet how long as she she's due July so lag. She's got half where three more months yeah. So what do search engine for months from tomorrow July 15 does it do crazy yes does that change the name now now. Brazilian star might harbor that there's. Oh my sister's heart had the kids knew harper Davis harbor let's I don't shortly after that and all that Turkey leg came out of her vagina I heard today. Police and get back the bad. Wait a mile patch I backed the match he had a special guest I'm just I'm not near as the right. Riggs an Alley it's Riggs and Elliott weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.