Gibbons Cream Puff Eating Contest Recap

Friday, August 11th

Gibbons was in a "Celebrity" Cream Puff Eating Contest yesterday at the State Fair and the results were....well....messy AF


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And now they re why Italian hotel he was knew what it was and why you shouldn't quite an event yesterday. It was Wisconsin state fair. For Italy's we can get an affair let her forget oh my god here we pay you for inviting me it's accurate oh you're welcomed as one of our promotional physicists work. You look at how the ticket to the station yeah. What did it we've rough rally didn't work what scanning which cut the crap. I couldn't find my ticket right I don't tell the truth here that I have a ticket on the ground I knew it was going to be used ticket it's still locked up like with a new ticket I. You last night I hope so. Yeah I don't like it on the ground you've got to take it upon. That'll work and it's wet. Slick headed eagle Dag just sounds to us. Three people wearing kiss FM sheriffs and then at 11 o'clock in the state fair every color print products like dog deaths are upside and go back out they'll buy ticket come back on security and get back in through security again when I just went through it again leaving him drop people we know Ohio but the Darren got out there that aren't there is that we need an hour to try to do our job a couple of soul mind and you're a fan being. Hi I. People there's no two. Collecting tickets have never heard now. Behind the scenes people he's going out and that adds no we went to the fans get it Wii to the bank one and the theater right yes. Givens gets up on this day. I was nervous decelerated again you are nervous backstage onstage. I'm ready to just the rumble of and anyway how he does Cleveland Michael that stage play everybody who has much competition and he album we. Have a good record pretty good or competent I'm mad at extreme talk contest supplement now like in the contest. Radio I. I'm any competition on that studios I haven't had a boring people everywhere jobs. I mean lets keep it real yeah a lot of boring people here in the city. You had a solid guy you could hear Alley screaming from the stage this is givens recording from the stage Alley on my brow. On my cell phone guessing you listen. She didn't know about it. The biggest disagreement about a half. It's not another lie and you know everybody is introducing themselves an agreement today. And I'm I'm getting nervous as I don't know I'm going on my gathered to give you might negative see somebody get nervous and startling to the shakes almost. I look out it rigs and brings my vote puts a list on May I call a okay yeah. And rig should you know sunglasses on recent and signaled it goes to do just relax and don't wrestler mode. So whatever else is sitting down when Ohio insulin programs such and such place they can really rally here late jokes not me. They hand me the Mike and I stood up and I went off and why did Hillary. Let alone. Red and I was so. I'll wait for knew I was gonna stay out there later iPhone pick and all that out yet it it didn't get a lot. Did you I don't know I don't ornaments and I don't need a microphone Muhammad included how. He wouldn't tell everyone don't what happened with the guy that meteorologists from CBS 6800. We'll we'll we'll put all they were ditched the meteorologist and CBS just did and I read any days names nobody cares is because. Cameron has right past the camera guys right in front of givens is the hero. Every want to show I don't watching this get footage of his own data butchers and knowing. He's standing there with a camera right next to give up on Zuma afterwards and hand in my cart missing evil right next to our friend Gibbons. Would you mind sending me a link to that story when you posted here might be in the in the frame. Instead of being like sure no problem he goes on. I'm much I don't know I can send you the footage and I know I just won a link to your crap or two votes. Station now home that night I showed in its yes shocking yeah. Way to go try to get that station life they don't listen trying to. Contracts and I'm trying to help UC VS yeah. Help help let us help you. How do you need help us help you. Months CBS sixty minutes but it was until I can tell us what any threat we didn't we didn't give the results I mean yeah like second place fast. Secondly if I don't. Whether she did at the winners she very real gal case before the contest started celebrity creep up kind of that the fair if you missed yesterday 11 o'clock yes. They give these rules so you can use your hands open up the box of cream puffs and don't use your hands OK I have photographic proof in front of me right here. That shows the person that supposedly the music air quotes won the competition and had her hands on the box of cream puff. Using your hands she teed off the whole. She cheated I demand a recount of all the what we count as I lost by one bites you and it push comes to show up I want a rematch tonight. One that Dem contest I got screwed and I'm not happy without it they hear that Molly Snyder yet on a lot left. And we actually I got. Mali coming she's got. He certainly I'll guarantee you keep your hands behind your back Molly had Molly and used my legs again down to that would GD rematch with our culture the she's not a don't want one because I want I would go back up Idec nor want. She what she says mom I'm Rita are still not quite sure what you share the story after she liked the idea there. Yeah. It's musical muscle. It is certainly put you don't want you to promote tolerance and I I don't want anyone to see until now. Is to keep the bear all eyes over the balance he gets it I. No they probably our power. It helps you keep some thoughts report helped us help so given that win but I think witnessed some there was some fishy business afloat I think there was. And they were commenting on that stage or FaceBook page Pollyanna or passes saying I wish. Hey did you read. Yes people were upset all Wailing Wall genuinely upset about the results of the creeps. Think nobody cares who really way to help people scare people there are they don't want to know their monetarily is that where strict about the rules. In fact he could only your hands open the box and cream plus and then no hands afterward did not. Watch a flock of flame no hands they'd posted a picture. The winner hi Lee from on Milwaukee. And it in a competency ready for this event on man let's start with Lisa Lisa that's what happened yeah. I read these I don't know why shouldn't. Seven girl says Lori said on the state their website at low reading I patrolling so bad right now. Perry says one in the rig could be the winner too bad brother contestant that we're following rules and having fun right. The family fun for fair Goer and a light cameras did her the whole time. Delta clearly sitting again Jack and her entry may not table the entire time it appeared that she ended may well on the floor to. I'm Lori I love you. It did it happen I'll say OK can I didn't know notice video about it regulatory deadline top I noticed all the men with me because I notice I don't follow the case Stephen cream puff if we did one time we would be like shut up glory yet you don't let him. Off to a showdown earlier. Generating better idea than we did when I agree about the idea how Lori. He does have a dead serious question yes Joan Lynn is the sense of cream pub going to be out of my no we don't do October it is the current album name the 1 morning I gave you. When he said you hear the attitude judging him. I said if you do between the privacy consultant an opportunity to give up your nose. You know what I did disgusting I took a deep breath then before I went in the creep up I excelled as I was in the manner and not on your nose I really innocent and I got in the cream puff through my nose and then a romance in your science. How your ears and all things all. Of the people let's except affair. After actually look at the people okay your turn now according to somebody I talk to who. It works hire the fair. That guy was quoted ex wife should they both got arrested at Dell didn't tell about what got her. You're that I talk. Have you done Leary said he went incompetent when it comes he would come I show like I was. Hills Dallas let's cut the grass error card and the addition of and that is a different pace. Don't need you we have the video just plummeted George Stephanopoulos you're talking originality right I don't know who help themselves now and now. Oh I wanted to gentlemen tell givens and graduation Jennifer's dream tough contest you still a winner yet thank you guys exactly. Manager for united here bloody guys and. Riggs and Elliott Briggs LE weekday mornings and always on them. And at 1037 kiss a Dem dot com.