Gibbons - Chat With His GF About How Men Think

Thursday, July 12th

Gibons' girlfriend asked him why men have such filthy minds....and then things got really awkward in a hurry.

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Makes an Alley re wines. The algae you know givens so it's Sunday Sunday custody givens a few days back him and me and my girlfriend are laying on the town tomorrow cuddled up. Learned much clothes and you see dropped no notre. So Sunday's day so you got to hurry and who's your cuddled up there and special Sunday Darryl Richard and I didn't study Freddie AVG lot party yeah. Patio during that we're by the pool erupt out of my pull out our sunny funny right there on the cal try your entirely to blame. Hi. Yes she looks and she goes duke. Really think about sex all the time out an ice yes and she goes. You guys think about sex with Mike they look at a woman is that the first look and I went absolutely. Now and she went. How is that possible. And nice and I literally can't explain it. But whenever I'm in price up against you for all news producer. Did the first guy you're just being honest about it when it guys she's a woman regardless of what she looks like our first look goes to sex I don't know why I don't know how it just happens she goes that can't be the case and I go I swears that could I don't here legally to women never do that yeah look it's your thing about having sex abuse hunt is not. How our brain work. I think about the act is the end do you. I'd do it every guy's lying if he doesn't pitcher woman naked and yet this is a guy is the way we have guys bring every hour about Dale's weighed in different hormone levels as a mean and an act out and into that well. So like everything they can't be the case you turn on the TV. If she turns on the TV and we go through like antiques road show what. Channel six. All yeah it's really nothing you wanna sleep and she's like when I first got here and I rename this sleazy sex act as it was really the first thought comes to mind. By the end. It urges you are thinking about the actual act you be having witnessed first oh yeah and what it would look like well just go to a white guy Zach what a second we had. UN I don't wanna help the I know actually if I had a bigger real awkward and the first time I met you. I thought about the data on which paragon what or are we acknowledge error stacks we are stacked. Let's just act. Act downtown yet reviewed and it blew into the Hernandez and which one it was I went into the bathroom I swear to god when the bathroom there was a handicaps on I was like a wonder to me how Obama and hear what would happen. That's the way the men's brains are and it meant that any man that says he's not into lying so let's say. This conversation I mean I know I remind everybody the zero. I didn't shoot the the other sort of the these questions this year's tickets that you're actually telling her what men think and that's what's that I've worked at an end to U I I work with a man like cabinet male dominated and you know thank. And we work with the guys that are way too honest senator Richard that they are not enough it's not about sap to stuff. Hi there are men and my years on the radio working with them is all crazy yeah. You guys literally look at every one and think about what it's like to sleep with and not pity you want to sleep with just no kidding yeah. Delta and women we don't think like that so we don't get back in 832. Passing in the street I'm having a three day fantasy. Literally so that's how. And you know Joseph Jonas and well in the get a severance this week and I'm like god I definitely wanted to I got six or 7137. It says this conversation makes you wanna go home plus my boyfriend right. There are women are and Shakira yeah. Hello how did you keep keep my committee also every time he sees you always thinking about having sex and had great single shot at a time ten point everything. Because it's not just Everly do you mostly you tell us they'll get that and I have sex with you what does that mean he's just tired from pin. Hire a word I. Get your and I always see your bigs are having sex and you do so wit wife she's turn object out you said we get into the hearing about a budget isn't and you wanna do it should because I think about. I think Elena drink a beer right now I don't particularly well. Girlfriend get tons and tell your wife next time we don't feel like doing it which is error tough. That it's not that I don't wanna do you know I just wanted I wanted to imagine having sex at the register wanna have sex with your I'm well thank god you said that out exactly you can say. Don't not don't have sixty has been thinking about having sex I ever. Well today it never got you didn't say that night. I would never know these things are you guys are honest now of course and you know I don't know viewership when I don't know these eggs and finally learned that that's shrinkage on site to know it went. And I know that. I. Yeah yeah. Louisiana is not drink users a small all the time. Extra small now turtle what's the Riggs and Elliott Briggs at LE weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.