Gibbons - Birthday Weekend Recap

Monday, October 30th

As you can probably guess, Gibbons' birthday weekend was full of shenanigans.....and so much booze. Oh so much!


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Makes an Alley re winds of 100 point seven kiss ass and rigs and Allie good morning. And art and give us how is your big birthday weekend. You guys you can edit his birthday weekend violent. We have a kind of Friday alliance today rolled my eyes to use the due to would it be completely reject your land rigs I ate. And by the way lack. He drove me home drunk one night and his stance I had a guy I had to get removed everything you get home now the guys who like you and I got an essay. How I'm so glad that are there for example. They got my birthday is only one week a year but got its only for one week every year just raging now your Burton well there are okay. Am taking at least a four day sabbatical. I avoid a current sported an I needed and the first day weekend was crazy. Mullah. Like a Friday night I'll go out and I'll gain by midnight right. Well this past Friday my birthday was totally different and I at a Texas 4 AM that Saddam home yeah yeah yeah. Yeah it's in the morning I had a little I had all my friends know I got home Ramirez like Greg Timmons is home. It's the three of us went downtown to appoint burger downtown were opera nine used to be GAAP got some burgers burgers and so bad they were on point man and we had some drinks and man. We have a life changing dessert yeah we did milk shakes with alcohol at all. How I did right there were support burger bar there's there's like more than one yeah the walker sure are some thicker and walking and the Salisbury and yet nominee falls area yup. So then we can disperse three must meet rigid job not to shakers. Where I want a haunted swore that scared the be Jesus out of me I was a Jeffrey Dahmer Tor by the way dude. There's always that one person. Super scared of everything asks I was that comes our golf youth so every ceramic. We don't know and the like this happen here and I'm looking around so it's easier who's looked okay. And I got super duper scared but the tour. The tour was lit what does it do they just due around all the places like he killed people don't like seven very different places they tell stories like seven of seven or eight of the victims and then walking yet all walking so well we just walked around they honor the victims yes of course could. Get the families still live here Brent so what that was like did they donate proceeds to my family or is it just literally such a crazy national story that the family and innocent and fun and I think that's what it is that doesn't mean you hear ideally this is the craziest story and a hammer. Well yeah. Yeah I heard the story and a half. I was very taboo in the sound yeah oh yeah corners. Yes you now okay you and your image every dollar car that gets done too little bar hopper in the in my current delight and the night with this lady friend in my plays we've gone back to her place to just. The mother is like a couple of for whoever we can hang out I'm like oh let's go to your place and it's the same girl I went out with last. You know nobody can keep Bob I know you go one girl that don't take what I would outlets last Thursday after you need to say girl one girl to our what ever given names or something because we can't keep doing it in storm drove 100 in Houston needed no waiting about her when I have to add a girly puke after that. And that's why they're the one what you definitely yeah Gregor Gregor us yet again. Strands are asleep sound like all right it's back to the house friends are asleep at no time and she runs endorsed just. It. A it's our friends won't die. She she's 29 okay. And then it was all for the after party in Malibu just had one beer at any time and there's only 101 here Sears shares. And leaders and before I know what it's 4 o'clock in the morning and I'm on my administrator has grown promotional. Former friends. Or might even hit the road. And I should you know Latin. I would not be on anybody snap Chad doing the hitting a video and audio video and I left to hold on your sup with their right now that we we did just we did everything Soledad. Thanks I. I didn't just date and I'm not she ally here is she gets home she screams where is everybody act she doesn't get freaky with them she wakes everyone up almost as if she doesn't wanna get freaky I. I'm starting to wonder here are you listening to between the lines here I. Am unless the friends like in town for Milan visit me. Haven't been around they were out there are only in television Halloween party every Halloween party was Saturday and see friends and allows an accent I'm just left them and they went back to her house and she was video dance yeah and then she left them and then she went back to them I was there and then I left. And I think till 5 o'clock 4:30 in the morning to you lunatic with a over and it was crazy all day it was list the birthday was lit and I know they Sunday or Saturday Islip delayed 1 o'clock in the afternoon went to the fury rounds got my scare when I was like. I'm gonna go home until girl number two says. Let's just go out and have one BI. In the morning arrival yeah yeah yeah crazy weekend nearly. Donating all of his organs except for his liberal yeah. Nobody wants that ten series and I nobody wants this this is really. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.