Gibbons Birthday SNAFU

Friday, October 27th

Riggs & Alley tried REALLY hard to make Gibbons' birthday extra special....and then got rejected over and over and over again!!!!


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And Kelly re like. Did you mr. the first time right now Gibbons turnaround. And not to. Dexter rounds and is genetic and I don't know how many members birthday no way I. Did Betty yeah. Confetti guns now and I'm so while. Art for five dollars have a story young lady knocked on the window outside and I had to go out there and say I'm sorry did I help huge buzz so your shot off the pistol from its well this guy and I can't I don't know it's just like confetti on and how. It. Might cut my daughter. No it's a very big and I swear to you when you announced yeah. Operatic but you know and and. And and knows how they were gonna go I don't know I'm never gonna go on what is your birthday cake saying. Jerks it's as happy birthday Gibson because they got probably gives it they did it and why did here same here remember when I got you okay come out and says I. Finds it had a birth image that's under a an honest mistake when it was emailed it was a picture of female dog it was very proper help guys scientific mr. Ratzenberger wish logic candles please make Alicia. Aren't thank you we're gonna go to new presence right now on my eyes he's our presents the greatest day ever at plus a story about how. Some things fell through its hilarious all at. We have an athlete had such visions of grand your for your birthday and growing Dan's a jazz well first of all we're going now I did reach out to the Milwaukee Bucks from her. We're gonna try to bring one of the Bucs players and I was thinking is the Bucs played at home last night we have an Allstate today with could bring one down and have a men visit the studio Derek email that was. Robinette inevitable we can have been some video. This is happy birthday and I. Cool. And that never came to your car and after employees. When he did and said there are they said he do it as it was gonna work on and an eternity since that. Then why contacted Ian sterling. Yes nobody knows she's a reporter is why would resort to come on shows and some new nose or she's new but anyway yes so we invited on the show my big celebrity locals liberty cringe she just she's a new reporter now Ian. Stuart Joyner show guy act. Obviously I'll say it isn't free okay. Fell through simple hook but when I know you love her best tennis of growth and this altitude you remember. When you and I were driven on north avenue givens who ran across the street you are excited to see yes CM policy empire how hot night Monday guy that used to train with the delay action. Works out with CM punk at his gym so I went to his GM I not and I'm CM punk I got wildly twice is a big wrestler I was that emanate fighter. I went to his gym twice so I am working out like in middle of fights look at Angela and talked owns just talked to his manager and said hey here's my card we would have money shell but it took him his card. When the next day saying I just following up never in the next hole I am thinking I do it so oppose this fight to a talk about save CM punk. Enough comes to protect certain breaks I guy Astaro lured him I said did you talk to CM punk who know he was in the middle of a fight. It was we here. It just some Russian midnight Ralph would you come on the show tomorrow. Sand. In the middle fighting and I heard a bummer somebody is ticking somebody else's yeah. Gonna go to that guy and they Alec you and I will roll right notify you when you come on she'll finally in this case ugly is hands early wasn't allowed to come on the show from G and JUSCM by the plot never got back to and the Luxembourg and accidents never send but you know that we were planning trying to play what are the record for whatever we had to say. Do you ever getting it shortly here anyway and I. Exactly and iron exactly the reason Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss a Dem dot com.