Gibbons - Back From Concussion Protocol

Monday, March 12th

Gibbons is back on the mend after being out last week with a concussion. How the hell did he get a concussion at a radio job?! Listen here to find out!


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So this is rigs and Ellie rewind and part of that you'll listen. Our league every establishment and my gal on Saturday said Gibbons is. Here because he knocked himself out it worked starting to say I told a story Alley I don't care what dreams you have for your children what are your giant hopes are I don't care what you say your kids are not I repeat are not ever playing football. You're required I think every day they can't play football legal beat me out foreign. Reverse all that work on Wednesday and I'm in the studio trying to take some stuff up bright depicts. Are not working so I system myself and investigate why this keyboards not working yeah I look under and I realize her record unplugged. And I reach back to figure out how to plug this court in and I smack my head to clear on a piece of metal in that studio came up you hit your head on the metal under the more not to myself unconscious port hazard. As you like knock yourself unconscious at first I think you just hit your head that I'm doing and why I don't know how addicting for boasting I. I was not myself I don't we see that all the time you literally unconscious apparently. This guy out not only give us a knock himself out of work and it's hysterical paranoia so much Fuller figure out where I was. We go to meet with the boss and the bulls look emulate what's wrong with this guy canceled the meeting how much I'd better go get checked out. I get out it'd take home yeah I go to urgent care were there like listen dude you definitely have a concussion blew out we need to Doocy teased can assure your brains okay can I mansions in my head I'd marine issues the long story that nobody cares about. So I called my girlfriend to take me to the the the hospital because I don't look like more story sure to have a concussion might shunt is okay my brain is okay inside the concussion but I lost two full days yeah I. I don't remember Wednesday or Thursday light at all my gosh and I welcome on Friday speaking I was lead to worked he was Wednesday also follow all the concussion last. They said. Normal symptoms and oops I'd look great discussion normal symptoms will subside the big ones within a couple days now which they did four days later I was feeling OK aside from the Italian legal headache which I still have. They said the headache could last a week or two but you could have recurring symptoms that just pop up. A passionate laughs wherever I could last charitable I don't know why well imagine if all I'm literally I saw how you attack your head. I saw you see your head slacks that and how did get a concussion and it. Forty degree angle will be okay all right. You put your head on at 38 degree angle you can get a concussion AAF I was due late in the moment home and I'm missing Morgan I'm missing indeed the missing. And it's not just the total piece of crap doesn't and a dark room by myself my heads to Robbie I can't get out of bed it was tough Carlo or. Cops though I'll. That could I got on the TNT shaking you please help me out and they don't know who we need this paperwork and you call. Lost my call it LL. Generic sort or you can't get anything done these days love the paperwork the ideal date. Any employee asked like will be you're gonna construction site how did you do this deal that could radio station there are like them they waited to the emergency room asking that and look what the hell is wrong and these idiots Iran and I felt even dumber. Given that I knock myself I don't work there. Hit I had while we're got you back I'm so happy that I'm can actually see Sherry now on the ring in my ears or stop telling others damaging enough for awful perfect that this is you are. And I we made it to get back. Or did you account at every always that little accident yeah later the guys that I didn't like. Riggs and Elliott brings it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.