Getting"Marley'd" By An Ex Over The Holidays

Wednesday, January 3rd

A new craze happened over the holidays. Okay, maybe it's not entirely new, but now it has a name! Did you have an ex reach out to you while celebrating the holidays? It's called Marley'ing and, well, it's annoying. It even happened to Gibbons!


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She missed it the first time. Sally realize there's a holiday trend that was happening. At the end of the new year and I think it may have happened again in Spain you may be. We'll be there committing this crime or maybe it happened deal. So it's 7991037. Or you can just access set 71037. It's coldly active Marley and morally and not be familiar with Lebanese are Scrooge yeah and Christmas Carol can always on the by the three goes the ghost of Christmas past. The whole thing starts with his old pal Jacob Marley who died came back from the past haunted yeah. Who's her side and have these three ghosts haunt him every night self this morally eating. Is the active having an ax come out of nowhere and send you attack stimulate. Hey what's up big dose of lovers pastels a go on. That's what that's that would put the gossip lovers passing them sell. It may have happened you over the weekend for the holiday weekend or maybe you did it to somebody so you can fess up to right now at 7991037. Fourth it happened to somebody. And given yet do. What's happened over the holiday did you get Marlee did some brick before the new year last week and I getting text message from a girl I was seeing for three months refused to be called my girlfriend yeah. And she text you she says hey I know it's been awhile I just want to wish you a happy new year and to let you know that I'm so happy that you helped me through such a tough time in my. Earth and you made me realize my true value and you made me love me for me Iceland thank you for everything you did for me this year and it all went to respond with was. Thanks for abandoning me when I was in my time of me when I totally felt like crap in my critics say that yeah. I want you say it's so bad resource that was eating is good human yet got it. 21 embryo I want to and the conversation as quickly as possible source it. You would never Marla someone who simply Marley yourself yes I was more than my separates. Do what I blame for the home Arlene king X is coming back to haunt you during the holidays sat idly hallmark movies Heidi because there are so many hallmark movies. That starts with long lost lovers that end up meeting in this weird odd situation true used to be together a long time ago and they came up there. Dinner at the beginning in Haiti chance it'll have a disdain for one another but then they come to find out that people have a common love for Christmas in the and a fitting together at the end. It's that you're thinking oh I used to date this person could send him a tax cut. I'm not come back it. Yes happy ending but usually isn't so it has some calls are now 7991037. Or used to accessed by your calls about Marley in your experience either you did occur it happened yield. You get Marlon over the holidays. Six I feel like god really. They packed the article looks like I think the cabinet that it is apparent that that. As started and it's different okay to start the holiday season what's around all the holidays to. Did you rekindle. The Hubble. Where they all swing and misses did you just ignore them all until smaller did you rekindle with any of them. I'm I'm I'm at bat but it upload and we're taking it but I'm not like unemployment you know. What it. But sorry I am at the top. And for yeah yeah right seriously I am right back to journalists at a Jessica thanks for Colin happy new year. Having given thanks for Colin good morning kiss FM did you get mar leader is somebody Marley you. All my boy my boy I got my early by his ex girlfriend. Yeah. So we just announced that we're pregnant or have a baby and I'd as thirty years and that he never talked and she filing this guy could call home. You do writing I'm not all they know what she says his head normally like actor around. Wow you. What is how is that makes people what it is and rekindle of an old romance. I did not guided me and say now it's a lot. And it does show a sign Japanese and and a nod our congratulations on the new native Thailand. Think yeah have a good month having your. Hair Laura in iron ridge deeds get Maher later did you Marley somebody else. Actually I happened about six years ago and it was my now husband. All with a during the holidays. I'm your bottom of that talent but yeah I got a call it. It was during the holiday as slaves priest out Jim. Well it. It was kind of weird but it was my high school where Byrd it was fifty years later and we ended up getting married and Elliott is it oh well I have a trying to treat it turns out. So would you sang Christmas magic for bringing it to back again. If it's done throughout my trip because the badgers yeah. I actually I never really awesome job and he he came across my dad I was like wow that's crazy. Wow now. Somali more on your favor and that he's bananas to stick. They had it set out you know. It doesn't always work out that way. Now dozens sometimes has sent an anonymity. Some go at the end of Marley and could it happen. The rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand and 1037 kiss FM dot com.