Is Getting Dressed Up For Thanksgiving A Thing?

Tuesday, November 21st

Riggs' family has always been super casual around the holiday season. Now his cousin is requesting that the family get all dressed up for Thanksgiving. Is this a normal thing that people do!? Should Riggs get all gussied up!? HELP!


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She missed it the first time. Now in real life. One of three point seven kiss FM the morning it's rigs finale Thanksgiving at your house to move did you guys dress up for the occasion it was like a big event where people. Dressed in nice clothes sweaters. Tie is no. Never slacks is never highs I mean Evander. Maybe some nation jeans and a little sweater whatever like shirt and tie you know Thanksgiving is also always been super casual for my family always every year's super casual. This year there's like a big email chain to announce for everybody for our Thanksgiving. Current allowed me to redo the email that just came after my aunt saying you're all invited to Thanksgiving bubble liars my address was he there is transportation information. So here's the email to comes two days ago Jack for mark one of our cousins who says hey guys you're OK with it we should all dress nice. It's great that we get to be together and Thanksgiving only comes around one day of the year. He's got the rest of our lives to Wear sweatpants. Feel free to Wear leggings with a nice sweater. You don't have to go all out fancy dresses in tights in parentheses can't wait to see every one. And I. I think it's weird. It's high here's why drains you might scandal isn't like the woods like some very isolated house like her house on the thirty acres of nothing around her okay so we're going to be out of this going to be like a bonfire she has DTVs for advocates went four wheel and right around. All of which trails everywhere that's also him yes I'm not aware nice you're nice shoes and his ruined all while I'm out there in the woods do it seems counterproductive. I'm not gonna dress like a slob or shot in the Janice a sweat pants that I'm aware that what wearing elegant T shirt and jeans and support. Let us know okay this dinner is happening where you guys are all staying right yes we also aims and now you'll have all of your clothing there yes everything you. Her family has been through a rough year yeah Italy's right or subdued dress up and assured and title now. Let me let me finish let me finish right triceps real nice and then when you wanted to write the ATVs it'll take you literally. Literally. Ninety seconds to change and I know and he yards out mantra don't apparently wanted a family affair. Do other people do this it ate meat I being insensitive about not wanting to dress up. Binoculars suitor I think as I did Sony do I think it's weird you sure. It's like it's where only dinner and you need change very quickly to your right the AT easy and all dirty and arriving with Jerry Jarrett and other people do this for Thanksgiving and I should just suck it up and accepted I don't know. But I thought it would turn out there. 7991 of 37 Oregon Texas 71037. Dressing up and making a big deal out of Thanksgiving do people do this. Should I start embracing with since this is gonna be our new family tradition could very worrying Sunday bests of the Thanksgiving dinner table specifically relating to gravy LO harmony time out right now drinking grey you had a mug shot I'll. Pop up from the votes 7991037. Jesse everything's getting it's as a single people do this. Maybe I'm a little insensitive I don't know what do you think Christen. Yeah I think it's weird when people in Europe after dinner and say they have to go get trashed her dinner and jarred Rome right. I think it's cleared by Yvonne and broke out Garrett at all that matters. I think so too I think we're going to a nice restaurant like a banquet hall or something. That's totally different but it how would you really can't draw and there are no re ready to Wear high heels. Hold entry quite as stricker get a reality middle of nowhere. Now let's say average you Wear high heels dug a little weird but let me slacks and a shirt and tie it would like to use. Now what if I were the leggings in the nice literally ceased she suggested I mean I'm now up up up up up. I get and I said my wife's leggings Holland and super tight in a very nice and Christmas lineup. I'll show her dress nice but things are all right see you think as long as we're again and that's what's managed. Yeah I. And how did you read throughout the other half Peter Alexander. All right well thanks a talkers appreciate you on the morning to get Thanksgiving. Sean good morning more dressing up for Thanksgiving is is a things I embrace it aired Helton and now. I think it's different for every fairway I grew up on my mom's side who did Thanksgiving. And we all blurted all stressed parents stretched truths. O meter putt and sure nice sweater on an old Europe and they don't know I'm not are so I mean here walking through all tangled up. Rocks and dirt and grass because the policy but there's much amount of military with the my dad's side completely different. I'm reading based blue jeans skirt we kind of shoot us in all. And and they sure. But doesn't let you send us something he'd do when you were younger on your Wi your mom's idea said. He does something my family's and we never had like address tells a Thanksgiving so which is odd to have somebody go let's start dressing that's this year. Debt as middleware and it is also important that putting me. That's a one time they have opened it that's been too much rouge slump they'll solar inspection sticker. Alrighty I'll thanks at a cost jumpers Sheila cement. Same deal all right Sharon and lock issue they're dressing up for Thanksgiving should we dress up more than just Turkey issue address of each other specific equipment. I. Mike and Layla really hear things like that would ever holiday you know we always just a little nicer not to Cilic. It projected I think everything that like they've surged here picnic or. Back. Well I guess you can't get where I'm at Baylor like Christmas they're huge thing. Yes of people Christmas is address of holiday some people I guess Thanksgiving now as. Well I haven't achieved urging older protester Carol a lot about. I mean I get it right. We don't have a collapse and it he does or she does want Mike Richter pictures or something I mean now I think Michael. Not hiring is named Noel how. Can you when your logic people thank you sit there and Eric Campbell and Waterford good morning who I should dressing of Thanksgiving to the speed things we embrace this. I'd be I'd like I have to ghostly which on study you know my dad's side of the family it's. Is there a tent T shirt yes you know lounging and not a big deal. Hi how the mom's side of the family it's an albeit spare everyone has been late night sliders contract pants and dress shoes. It's absolutely dead. I think within their first Stanley did an ugly Christmas sweater seemed thoroughly Thanksgiving I think we more fun and I guess seemed to it matches. Six police find Blake dean then and these letters. Tell me dress up but as a kid out automatically go to our cap to get a win nice calls we're gonna cherish being told what to do but if you say we can be funding creative with. Christmas letters that's gonna be ugly Christmas letters. And or a player right now it's everybody probe thanks for the idea that enough it was the idea but I love you to listen and thanks isn't it always like this because it doesn't seem now amid a reply and say ugly Christmas letters they now. Over and with the department is saying about both worlds. Rigs in LA it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demand at 1037 kiss FM dot com.