Friday, October 16, 2020 - Riggs & Alley Rewind

Friday, October 16th

FriYAY!  We made it through another week, fraaaands.  Today we discussed Screech was NOT killed in prison, Midterm school check in - Riggs just realized we're halfway through a semester - how are teachers and students holding up, Justin Bieber lost it on his entitled fans, Riggs and Alley had fairly boring weeks - what are YOU doing to one up our boring ass weeks, Why did the Bilboard Music Awards cut off the end of Demi Lovato's performance?, Should Alley be offended by this weight loss question, Just when you thought YOU were the bad mom - here comes a worse Texas mom, And we wrap up with Riggs & Alley's "Accident Prone Hall Of Fame" - how did you stupidly injure yourself? Enjoy the show without music or commercials!