Foot-In-Mouth Moments

Friday, June 16th

Some people have a filter. Alley Faith ain't one of 'em, y'all! Sometimes this leads to her having a Foot-In-Mouth Moment. Ever been there? Sure ya have!


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An Alley relied. In case you missed it the first time did you put your foot your mouth not knowing. Today please share with the class is what he did rarest cats and advocate like one of my pet peeves is when people spell. Error strong like bear bear there you know like me are the contract and the care are and that's bear stocks round. So what did I do. My spell they are wrong candidate winning. Message. I was trying to talk about people so I should've said THE IR. I said DH PR. EE like over the air mail all earned of people I was more Izod and the tax facing you guys. And then I just had a heart attack here and it's our side. I broke you immediately think oh my god I just used the wrong there are only now I know I and he people that do grass I use the wrong you're one tonight well. Really have so that's. Aim the hole. What I am ashamed cube right now because I'm so embarrassed I felt that are ashamed ill population you have hypocrite hypocrite is doing. I would think get out XXX text can I send around the country until the one to put your foot in mouth look like Canadians. 41479913. So when you have. I remember. Working retail and best buy well yeah like a decade ago and this would happen all the time I would think it's like a mother and daughter coming in the bile laptop for little girls college your first junior college it turns out the really sisters and one didn't quite live well yeah. When you just look at weather and I'm like oh my they aren't religious sisters don't know. Ally is she why they season. Do you. Asked a woman if she was pregnant when she wasn't pregnant. Would never ever veto it I didn't see a regulating everything and she said argued it that I said oh I thought you were pregnant but I did it when asked who started laughing. As it don't really like he can't ask a woman until she says that yeah I don't care she looks like she's about to pop a mass in no way I said it's a woman. I think she misheard me so I was luckily saved by mail mumbling. I will be a little tell us and to them. That was like only about one. Meeting that I thought that she was pregnant yeah and and I was talking about her kid that was at home she was like. Oh wouldn't bring aired I was. And Jesus man. Well bell and burger at their Romney again thank you. Spell it again THE IR I guess there when you're talking about people having and there are over there is TH. THE YA IC RE your life and you are you war yeah food. Or you are why don't you apostrophe are you legally to the store and play OU partial re are you convinced grammar lesson brought. You guys rewritten and now. Don't applaud dates back to hot hot hot reads an Alley it breaks it Ellie weekday mornings and always on demanded and won three setting kiss FM dot com.