Fighting Social Distancing Fatigue with Dr Chris Donaghue #MentalHealthMonday

Monday, May 11th

If you're reading this, odds are you have been in some form of quarantine or lockdown for some time.  You probably haven't seen or hung out PHYSICALLY with your friends in WEEKS.  This takes a toll on even the mentally tough.  So how do we fight the social distance fatigue that's starting to set in?  What do we do about others in our life who might be on a different page then we are when it comes to "getting back to normal"?  How can we set healthy boundaries in our life?  Dr. Chris Donaghue, host of our nightly #ImListening mental health show on joins me to give us some insight for this week's Mental Health Monday.  Episode 47!  Whooo!!  More info on Dr. Chris at