Is Fall Break A Thing?!

Tuesday, November 7th

Riggs and Alley both had "Fall breaks" when they were in school. Gibbons never heard of such a thing. Did you have a Fall Break in school? Do your kids?!


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Rigs and Ali rewind one of three point seven kiss FM trees and Alex Alley where he yesterday and I know I was talking to givens about. An argument we got to know over the weekend for somebody who let an argument or discussion are you may mean you don't and I don't know how. Oh no no teacher do you kids get a fall break and I know we haven't when I was growing up the debt college in my town because of the aisle the pilots and Galilee. Generally what he. I had a fall break how long was it not for days or something like apple to win. State aid it didn't I don't know when this started as a faint but a lot of colleges duet pattern about schools. We have what in high school yeah I was in high school that was an Indiana firm Gibbons said he never had a fall bring never. That they started it all break I grew up was because every Halloween and people a human rights how he was such a big deal in Carbondale Illinois the college they are back at my eighties it tightly that people rioted. Sets out on fire so they started sending the entire college home on Halloween it changed everything in my generally and that became the fall break but before that there was no thought great I'll Hank but it was to manage how queens. Don't know why other people I've followed breaks. Those I don't have a full brick facade new girl this week and she does outside sales and she sounds like. Internet sales and click those mailer stuff and she was traveling down to Illinois and she was at a school down and it was millionaire in this ballots fall break just fall break. I'd fall break. To a school I think in Milan say you need to listen yeah thank you Jesus she never had a fall right now and that's not a thing in Wisconsin game. It's not a thing and I don't know I don't think I just know that's why we had a I don't know any other reason people have faltering we had two days off in October there was Columbus Day which we have a and the was a teacher in service into the Friday Monday border agents coming here a quick Nancy yes women. We went only college and a bigger attitude different ones and of colleges and Jose goes mark our cats and one on August Al Verna Alberta out Dougal thought break one underwriter. Because she looks just like Winona Ryder totally fit she's like 21. You come well isn't this like an unofficial all you did. Yeah but it's like image sensor assessments weeks which I mean we don't really have tests but. They do it like a week before serving illegally got so does that for the teachers to do some time it's basically like eight. It it's tax it like that girl college and break. Let me check. And only getting under their help Donna Kevin. I have to. Run out of yet like an unofficial ones we do get a week. And it's like I mean since over nozzles like Catholic legends when people put together your spring break in Easter break we get. Yeah usually daily group them together and like high schools are like nine religious colleges but it's silly to keep it another whole week off that you just had a summer off yeah. There and injured after Thanksgiving and Christmas silently and yeah. The breakdown. I only know funny all right we let. Whatever they ask Dave don't fix a brother or not broken though yeah I don't. He should be fall leakage we saw my whole life really month I don't know on the ice even numbered Alberto I got a call you know. Yeah. Riggs and Elliott Briggs Kelly weekday mornings and always on demanded and won a three setting kiss FM dot com.