EP8 - Skydiving. Nervous? Listen to this before you make your first jump!

Friday, July 27th

Skydiving.  I think that EVERYONE should at least make ONE skydive.  Why do I do it?  Why should YOU do it?  This podcast should ease your nerves about skydiving, and hopefully sway you to take the leap and experience the wonder of human flight.  I promise it's gonna be awesome.  Thanks for checking it out - I'll leave you with a quote from Leonardo Da Vinci - "For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return."

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Portions of rigs also radial seal by goggle with crazy dot com it's a great that you could goggles this actually Gooden. Gravy dog it was gravy dot com not a real product just what's. Pulling it into an adult content listener discretion isn't what you're about to here to see you. Side leftovers from rigs is spreading throughout his day since you probably hear everything that happens on the radio this. The stuff that happens off the radio. Rigs off the radio now here's your host its episode aid of rigs off the reigning. It'll get you whatever once in awhile. So obviously got to do it all about skydiving. And I understand you may have hesitation from wanted to jump out of an airplane but at least give this podcast to listen before you make that decision. Give me fifteen an easier time. I'll tell you why I got to the skydiving I've talked to some of my friends about why they skydive. I'll show you how despite what you hear on the media skydiving is actually alarmingly safe and we'll talk to who like all the king of naked skydiving Jeff Dawson and we just as a QB native from Mac. Two of the means and wrist terrorist naked skydiving is a thing. Yes I've done when I'll tell you all about it here in second and you won't believe this streak that this naked skydiving guy Jeff Dawson history committee had its. It is insane it is over sixteen years long we'll talk about it soon. So give me fifteen minutes your time let me tell you about skydiving if you're comfortable with that they'll make a jump in if not. Hey we spent an awesome fifteen minutes and each other's ears and it was an awkward or maybe it was before we get to the skydiving a quick message from our sponsors and. Why should these. He has brought real love Laura is calling an alien world is now on I'll need you know looking to him bomb we've just two of the anglers and wound. On the in the comparable resume full range. Apparently binging you heard all the great golf theory available against employers will give you one Schuettler breed new animals but he was intentional voter isn't pulling alien angle beautiful bridge and look crazy Boras. Is pulling nearly proud father of rigs well drilled well again meeting. We need to change the approval process for these sponsorships I apologize so skydiving. What are your one of my favorite sounds in the world with this right here listen. This is sound that the airplane going to pick this up just a cool sound. That's that's what gets me going. That's the sound you hear when you do that tandem disguise that attendants got that is basically when you're jumping but you have a certified instructor strapped to your bag wearing to very large very safe parachutes now look I've done 430 teams guy dives as. July 27 of 28 teams the person on your back has to have at least 500 sky dives but the guys that jumped at Scott at Milwaukee in destroy it where we dealt. These girls and guys have tons of sky that way more than me like Rick we get out of it got sixty years I'm against. Over 4004 thousands guide that you think that's a lot there's another guy that I jump went to him duty over ten. Thousands guide as he has so you got somebody that knows what they're doing strapped him back they're highly trained everybody that jumps out of an airplane. Knows exactly what they're doing world trained we don't just do this we do it is safely. You might be thinking why should it make its guide us the last some of my friends who do skydive why they made their first jump I got all sorts of answers from my friend George I was actually watching YouTube. And I don't fiscal. That you and it. Yeah senate trip Fred answer stands for accelerated freefall that's the training course he would go for you to become a license skydiver has yielded jump out of an airplane with your own parachute in the does solo skydiver all by yourself Angelo what do you do your first got that sums. Hours wanted to do all it. And I started jumping and I saw us as the change that he went through overnight so. Came out to my first ever tan unplugged so much I heard the word same day special and I was back catalog of 45 minutes that's what happened with me how did a tandem skydive with my life alana and she checked it out for budget that she was done but I had to keep going they said same days Daschle and I sent here shut up and take my money shut up air pilots get the opera stuff out of the way. There is of course the risk of death when skydiving. And here's the part where skydiving is alarmingly safe as far as when you break it down by the numbers last year out of 3.2. Million sky dives. 24. Fatalities. Basically meaning every Scott add that I do I have a 133571. Chance of dying and those are all experienced sky divers and the chances of fatality in tandem skydive. One in 500000. Over the past ten years fatalities with ten instead ads are incredibly rare. It died doing a lot of things now so I have not gonna candy coated skydiving can get a little Dicey sure you know what's so can riding a motorcycle. You're sitting on two wheels going 75 miles an hour down a road surrounded by cars that may or may not see him you would talk about dangerous stuff as. A dangerous things you can do. It's how you manage the danger in that situation. Mentally and physically. That makes it safer and act. As I says skydiving isn't for everybody. I might spend fifteen minutes in his whole podcasts and Ali get out of it is just a little bit of entertainment that's fine. He she is something I'm passionate about and I think everybody should make this guy that you might be wondering why would somebody keep start bending over and over and over again. Why do they keep going back. Well believe it or not actually clears your mind it's like pure freedom it's almost slate my brain slows down when I'm in freefall and I can actually. Think clearly because there's nothing I can compared to hall awesome it is it's almost Psycho spiritual event. That is a Sony's infamous clinic and after the close on definitely. Yeah. It's not fair. When I like you'll be airplane that's all I'm thinking about as the skydive. I'm not worried about anything else nothing at home. Nothing but work nothing about bill's nothing about families dress. Nothing at all but that's guide if you're in the moment 100%. When you do it tandem skydive. Yeah he negated insane adrenaline rush. Oh and don't worry about the height thing everybody worries about heights it's kind of like zooming in on Google Maps really really really fast but there's different heights like. I'm terrified of standing on the roof of the building or on this. Top step of the latter. Terrified because that's perceived. Height I can see myself falling from the side of the roof and there's nothing I can do to stop and I'm gonna hit the ground. Something's gonna break that's terrifying. When I jump on the airplane and look down on the ground is so far away. I trust myself and my training in what has been taught to deal with this guy better. You might think when you fallout of the airplane you're gonna get that hit new stomach like when you're on a roller coaster you know there's that'll take to stick it to sixty pulling up the hill then as soon as you go over the Yankees get them. Feeling in your stomach you don't get that guy dancing because you're already traveling in an airplane is still like a hundred some miles an hour and when you leave you're going to be falling in about a 120 miles an hour when you're on a roller coaster. You're going from zero to your stomach and an accurate throw. You don't get that with this guy that you might get it after they pull the parachute down that can be fun if you're comfortable with that say hey. Let's let's not do so many crazy turns to look we're about halfway through and I convinced you make a skydive yes all right. Well maybe some of my friends like talks you can convince you make you skydive because I can tell you some blue in the face like my friend Bart. You know just feel they didn't have that life experience and Sadie did it you know you need experience fear at least once in your life like true fear and true. Excitement I cannot limit friend Chris put it it's almost like he was reading this for a news script or something it's one of the last things last in line that requires. Commitment. Absolute commitment. And every other facet of our lives there's a way to hit the pause button to pull over to purchase an insurance policy here and intensification. It's so easy to just have to pause button things are going wrong. But once you leave an airplane if you've left the airplane. And if you like for most people in life the only times you'll experience the same feeling would be getting married having child buying a house. Tom I think that people who get into sailing feel it when named sweet sight of shore. The majority of people just won't feel that moment of absolute. Unmitigated commitment to so. He's right you know it does require a great deal of commitment kind of like taking off all of your clothes and then jumping out of an airplane. Late this guy Jeff Dawson. Column the grandfather naked skydiving because he was essentially the only person to recognize that it's got adding and build an online community and start a whole membership program for stands he's done how many is that adds that total. 4000 and who sky it acts 4000 to about liking than 4000 thank you he just made this spot how many of those without clothes. 743. Have been with the problems okay. So what's what major and didn't make it one traditionally eons. At adding one point Mac. The hundredth jump with me and eight so I mean my hundred struck native and that I didn't make another one over three or four years after that somebody else's hundreds came up and medium. Female duck master asked me if I wanted to call on and that costs and I did this. And then a month later. Another opportunity rose slightly and others. Make this guy and this duck master had at one time that's passed on a whole entire year with making a skied in every month on offense and so we decided to pick that out. And we means make it's bad guys every month for like two or three years sometimes and that she moved away. I just kept doing it. So how long have you done now consecutively coming months and that's a pretty long standing record must have a check with you so it's one naked skydive. Every month for how many consecutive months I don't know the number but it sixteen years and eleven months so for sixteen years and let almost seventeen years. You've made one naked skydive. Every single now at least one night at least one. Every month yet such an assassinated some months it's 1015 minutes as he started the sans dot org. Sands is free society for the advancement of snake its attack yes. One of the main reasons I started it was because there was nothing like it and nobody was writing down make it wrecked. In fact they if they're not record how can they be records sort of starter does and and keep track company in dropping since. And when to discern. Pol six years ago how many members you have now close 2000000. And number 0078. The young charge anything for this BS a new five it's five dollars okay joining. Five under and jump with me hanging waved ST I didn't get that she weighs I was realist and I knew you five dollars and designed and make a skydive. Can someone make a tandem make it's kind of a thing for her any naked skydiver will that you had an elitist as it should be naked from neck. Two knees and wrist to wrist OK you are allowed to safety equipment like the pair shooter the artist's tablet and then there's that type of choose if you want to write altimeter correct things that make you feel safe Kirk say Jeff thank you for coming operation mandrel thank you. Now you don't have to make and see kids if they decide to be in choosing to introduce you to mr. Dawson. So they haven't. All about skydiving and wind I could break it down and I can talk about skydiving for 45 minutes phenomena for the crap out of you because you're not a skydiver is still laugh. And yeah. And we're gonna call you'll also and his editing community until you make a skydive. What was of people that have never made a skydive but talk of us got I think like they know all about it or if they've got a friend that's guide sort. They know all about half of this one guy had his peers issues they just didn't open and it broke it. He died. Those are called Waffle House. He'll be a life well. C'mon skydive with us if you don't want to. Again I said this totally cool it's not for everybody I will say and then on the airplane with many a person doing attendance guide and they're always terrified but every time they land they are so excited and happy that they didn't sell. Keep your options open to let me now live your life have fun and thanks for checking out another podcast episode eight of rigs off the radio all about skydiving you would reach out to me. He can always hit my website rigs radio dot ME yet but Scott having stuff on their all the time. If you wanna come and make this guy that may be at silly deal I jumped at skydive Milwaukee in east right Wisconsin so if you wanna go but the jump. Tell me what rigged to do your video and I'll come jump with you find there thanks for checking out another episode of rigs off the radio enjoy the rest of your pain your night your evening your weekend whatever you're doing. And make it like decisions.