EP7 - Programming Announcement and Independence Day

Friday, June 29th

Hi Friend!  This week I've got a Riggs off the radio update, and a few things you may not have known about Independence day.  Also happy to have a new sponsor this week...I'll give you a hint, it's a sticky situation.  Also, quack quack.  There. 

As always, thanks for listening.  Cheers and happy bday, America.  

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Portions of rigs off the radio powered by gravy things can get wavy when you're serving in the navy conquer yours seasick this with crazy guard always raining probably doesn't work Garko with gravy dot com does work. Think it's an adult content listener discretion isn't what's your buddy here to figure. Inside leftovers from rigs is spreading throughout his daily since you probably hear everything that happens on the radio this. This stuff that happens off the radio. Rigs off. Through radio. Now here's your host hey what's up first of all thanks for coming back for this seventh episode of rigs off the radio appreciated if you'd like if you haven't subscribed already maybe do that if you haven't given it to review or rating and maybe do that too. Kids aren't. So there's going to be briefed today I just kind of want to make an announcement so the mental health Monday segment has been getting a lot of great response and amending a booking interviews with people that run men's mental health web sites at that. Interview scheduled with doctors from Rogers behavioral health that specialize in things like depression. And eating disorders bipolar disorders have got amazing people that are telling stories of their recovery still really mental health Monday is kind of taken off itself. While I'm gonna continue to drop a new off the radio podcasts like this where I you know do something random like the visit in the video stores talking and I wised up and Alli again in talking to random people in my life. This is why it would be good idea to subscribe to this podcast that way when I do drop something new. Get a little alert you'll see it's right there I'm gonna focus my efforts on mental health Monday because I feel like the mental health conversation is an important one that needs to be had at the same time I don't wanna be heavy and emotional all the time so if you know me. That's not my bag and now mental health Monday it is seems to be taking off so I wanna give that the attention that it needs and deserves to his making these podcasts isn't a walk in the park and it takes a lot of work has been a lot of time in my basement. Editing audio and going over interviews and putting them together and make them sound fancy special and put sound effects like dance. That so they mental health Mondays will be consistent in regular on the Mondays. But these Friday rigs off the radio podcasts might be hit or miss. And I just wanted to be honest with you because I did a whole thing about accountability and my first ever podcast. It's a figure out a dvd solid reason Sophie I don't see one next Friday eligible. Surge or go to do it every Friday tears to your dog Jimmy and on this Friday what is your account ability. This is my accountability right here. And I can focus my efforts on the mental Monday podcasts and make them better and and reach more people with them I personally think that's a better way to go but I'm not abandoning all the fun stuff either so I just wanted to make announced and let you know that okay coming up next and and tell you something about the fourth of July and that you probably never knew before in if you did know it's just pretend like Intel on it for the first time buyers to. No word from our sponsors. Kind of thrown out earlier things that get ripped holes in hopes there's got to be a better lay trapped not to waste pulling your shoe. Duckett leaking gasoline from your guards. He had going for it won't stop talking about her break up from six years ago. My grandpa used as 88 gigs tank Duckett. It debt today available anywhere find tape and adhesives are sold in. Our eyes on. Not gonna let you fill empty handed in the podcast that I will leave you with something that you can learn something to take with you I think it's freaking pointless to do a podcast that's something that you can take away from eats at the time to subscribe today as he took the time downloaded. And he's taken time to listen to itself commenced leaving something to communicate. He's effective learned on the rigs podcast. And particularly here July 4 1776. Hank everybody says that the data the declaration of intent to sign it's America's birthday while the city that we celebrates. A majority of the people who signed the declaration of independence didn't sign it until August seconds. And 1776. Almost a month later Independence Day wasn't even a federal holiday until 1870. Almost a hundred years later the holiday doesn't celebrate the signing of the declaration of independence as much as it celebrates the adoption. Of the declaration of independence by the second continental congress these are all things. I learned from a guy named it knew everything about Benjamin Franklin and Philadelphia. There we are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania the independence national historical park and I look over and see on a bench a guy that looks exactly like Benjamin Franklin. Walk over to him. He has all his mannerisms dresses like him acts like in talks like in knows everything about him. If we learned a hell of a lot from this one dude. That isn't walking around downtown Philadelphia didn't even charge us a clear picture up on my website at Sid rigs radio dot and he fascinating to learn so much about it. Ben Franklin the guy and a hundred dollar bill I didn't know that other countries celebrate the fourth of July Denmark England Norway Portugal Sweden. Also sell. Break the fourth of July as a way to bring in American tour is so if you don't wanna celebrate Independence Day in America what Denmark. The New England. Put in Norway last celebrated in England didn't he fights for are independence from England. Why would they celebrate our independence from men in England. What is wrong with you England's the first for the July there are only 2.5 million people now there's over 300 million people in the United States of America. And certainly grown itself at a safe fourth of July. I have fun doing whatever it is you're doing pulling up fireworks are things that were made in China mean you're going to see some fireworks. Maybe it's gonna stay inside and not doing things annually on care about the fourth of July. You know what that's fine too. This panel Wednesday this year and it's kind of sucks there was no fourth of July. Weekend it's. Fourth of July and a Wednesday still enjoy your holiday whatever it is you're doing if you're on vacation and and enjoy that's. I'll talk to you on Monday for another mental health Monday we're talking to doctor Freeman again. He chief clinical officer from Roger behavioral health. This coming Monday breaking down anxiety. And we're talking about his center for anxiety disorders that he started this in Brookfield Wisconsin I promise you gonna learn something this coming Monday with mental health Monday. Thank you for checking out the podcast. I really do appreciate you listening subscribing and doing all that stuff because you don't have to do and I really appreciate you coming up Republicans saying that you listen a lot of people have done that thank you. For rigs off the radio I'm Riggs of course enjoy the rest of your day your evening your morning your night your shower your goofing whatever. Make good life decisions.