EP6 - When it's time to break down and get a new car...

Friday, June 22nd

Other than buying a house, a car is one of the biggest purchases you'll make in your life...with so much money at stake, it can be nerve wrecking.  RELAX, friend.  I gotchu.  Here are some quick tips for the next time you're in the market for a new mode of transportation.  Hopefully this will help your next car purchase feel like a walk in the park, and you'll have the confidence to walk into a dealership and score a great deal.  

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Portions of rigs off the radio powered by America's favorite sauce that served in a boats gravy tried guard going with it. Guard bill with Ravi dot com. Boeing make it's an adult content listener discretion isn't what you're about to hear this figure. Inside leftovers from rigs is spreading throughout his daily since you probably hear everything that happens on the radio this. The stuff that happens off the radio. Rigs off blue radio. Now here's your host. Welcome to episode six of rigs off. The radio appreciate it check an at bat again this week. Little bit different no guests just me giving you some tips for the next time you're looking to buy a car because. I was kind of in the market for a car because I thought that my AS UV my Ford Escape in wreak it was going to die. And he may very well die soon. But until then. Gonna drive to the wheels fall off but we were totally in the market for a car for about a week and a half and I was looking at ways to buy cars and usher about you but buying a car as one of the most nerve wrecking things I can possibly do. I hate negotiating prices I hate talking about money. But here's some tips that'll help you get the best deal would go to buy a new or used car I'll share with you and a second but first a word from our sponsors. Mr. carpeting is starting to look dull and drab may be the drinks don't even match the carpeting anymore why not try a deep steam clean from the professionals in Cleveland steamers number one is being number two Cleveland steamers for that fresh carpets well every time. If you didn't know this the minute you drive a new car off the line immediately. Loses value let's say you buy a car curb 35000. Dollar rights as soon as you drive it off a lot of the value goes down. Sent because cars are deplorable investments. He'd never get your money back out of the selling buying a house sealed it by how she can make improvements duty to put in. New bathroom she can put a new roof on the house you can immediately add value to your house. And you pay down a house you can sell it back you can make your money back with the car. You can put out as much as you once you but unless you find somebody that wants to give you back all the money dumped in near car. The united get the money back. So the 35000 dollar car is now only worth 31000 dollars 11% less as soon as you drive off the lot a year later its value was decreased by 25%. Now it's only worth 26000. Dollars. Three years later the car's value is almost decreased by half 181000 dollars what it's worth. Five years later that 35000 dollar car you bought only worth about 121000 dollars maybe thirteen and it's a decrease of 63%. Now you're probably upside down on the car which is where a lot of people find themselves did you finance 35000 dollars. And you got an interest rate and now you oh. 151000. Dollars but your car's only worth 121000 dollars that's when you're upside down. That sucks my advice to you would lead it never buy a new car ever especially after I bought a new car and I lost my ass on it. And I can do that again ever. So now I bought a used car I paid him off his name is Enrique I'm not in the market for a new car yet. But when I am I found some really good tips on. You've got to do year resurgent I'll start with your research knowledge is power you can use stuff like auto trader consumer reports Kelley blue book is great. Cars dot com is an awesome website or you can just go to a lot of dealers. They have their own web sites and they haven't completely updated list of their stock you can build their stock the car that you want. That we when you walk into the dealership he knows you wanna do you left him and hall with the sales guy just walk in and say. I'll have a look at the the Prius I would look at the the Jeep Grand Cherokee it's in 97 and to look at that when he. Given the stock number you'll blow their mind. Another thing that learn about buying a car is dear financing. Through your bank. Go to the bank directly is going to the dealership. You're not gonna get as good of a rate is that he just went to your own bank or credit union for example we go there ahead of time he a lot of paperwork and find out how much you can spend it actually keeps you more responsible. Because you say all right I can only get allow alone for 101000 dollars you know you can spend. 101000 dollars on a car you have Steve price in mind. Don't indicate bent over a barrel on spending more than your comfortable spending because it always happens you get in there in the heat of the moment you'll love this car sector can do yourself you know what I can spend a little bit more money. It's Saturday in a Hamachi had to stand it's almost like gambling illegal gambling to a casino. Would have a set amount of money that you're gonna stand in mind. Because if you don't you're gonna lose your ads. Another tip the beauty shop around you don't have to go to just one dealership there's so many main dealerships to look at. So so many little offshoot dealerships. But there is tiny little dealership that I found in the town of cutting him Wisconsin a family owned dealership and there is no BS. My wife and I probably went their looked at three different cars test drove them all in we're never once pressure by the sales gap between us and into the car dealership I think hasty impressionist the worse another set for buying a car. What do negotiate your term so rights. Do what this means is the payments that you're going to be making has a lot of times they can try to get you with the payments to collect all. What kind of payment you wanna be we can get your payment it is look at the full price of the car amateur actually paying for the car. Because they might even trick you into because that wonderful payment. Might be attached to like a 72 month loan ya along 72 months is that sixty years to get to be pain after a car for six. Years. I mean you can do whatever you want with your loan that's your money event. In any panel lot more over the long run because I'll let interest. Is Canada as Apple's now when you go to by the Carty what do by use one or maybe you do want a new car after got to look for a new Carla to brand brand new car. Look for what's called program cars because a lot of times dealerships. Have to let people test drive cars rise and it'll let somebody test drive a brand new car. Often times I love that word often times you'll end up finding a deal on a car with maybe three to 5000 miles on it. And it can't sell his new anymore security get a pretty good deal on it until he won a newer car look for a car has been used a little bit maybe even that's been used as a rental sometimes you can find a great deal on something like that. Finneran a newer car. And you're not lose and all the money would drive an awful lot another good tip is don't mention your trade in if you're trading in your car. Don't mention it until the end negotiate the deal with the new car that you're buying and then say Pollyanna how much do we get from my trade him. Because if you mention it at the beginning of the deal is probably can use this information against yeah. For example let's say you look at it like a 22000 dollar car writes the lowest price the dealer can give you this is like 181000 dollars but he's not gonna tell you that writes. Sophia betrayed and worth 2000 dollars. The dealer might offer to give you a car for 20000 dollars plus the additional 2000 dollars for the trade and for the told purchase price of 181000 dollars that he had mentioned your trade and you price could negotiate the price down 181000 dollars. And then you tell the dealer about your trade in. Any easy 2000 dollars sport then you end up only paying 161000 dollars for the card does that make sense don't tell by your trade and don't show my your car it's another thing. Let them bring up the price first don't mention of price first and if he gets so what we wanna make an offer on the car. Still bring up a number. Always ask them safe so what's the lowest price you can give me on this car what's the best deal you can give me on this car. Started negotiation process and don't be afraid to walk away. There's tons of cars out there maybe you'll find your dream car somewhere else because walking away a lot of times. Is the best thing you can do and negotiating situation especially your buying a car think about it you're gonna make a deal on a car and I'm like you know what. And take a month this have a great day you walk away at sales guys gonna call you he's gonna flag you down it happened to be organized buying my very first car with my dad. He'll that would pay 15100 dollars this piece of crap Mitsubishi Eclipse. But the dealer when it 3004. At my dad was like we're not in any more than 15100 bucks for this thing. It was a dead I want this car. We can't just leave when I gonna get this car with this Mitsubishi Eclipse it looks a suites a teenage kid I wanna try to make clips around. So that my dad does we will give you fifteen up 15100 dollars for at the dealer guy goes I can't do that have a nice day in my dad said all right see you later. As we got in my dad's car and started driving off. We could see the sales guy running out flagging us down way. OK 5800. We can do 15100. It was showing them mature willing to walk away that says. We're gonna lose this deal so sometimes Atlanta working on your favor that you got to shall make you willing to walk away from the deal. In stick to your guns deal it might suck you might be like oh yeah. Our but walking away can sometimes be one of the biggest bargaining chip you'll have when you get down to the negotiating process to get the deal on the car the U once you've negotiated your trade in value. Not gonna start it new with the add on this you know little things that you probably don't need like rust proofing and that he can still a finger they still say that sometimes a lot for the extended warranty a lot of times he's extended warranties or the dealerships offer. A really expensive. And the coverage is so limited that it doesn't really cover the costs of anything he would need. A lot of times for buying newer car is gonna come with the manufacturer warranty or is gonna have some of the manufacturer ward she left over from the a couple of years ago let's say right now you bought a 2016 car. That talking with a five year warranty is at a probably get two and a half three years left on that warranty you especially want to avoid the extended warranty. If they get a loop that endear financing now the total cost of the war it is going to be insane because now you're also paying the interest on your warranty. That's within your car it's another at 161000 dollar the deal that should not forgetting greats they tech down now a 2000 dollar warranty now you're paying 181000 dollars for this car. It just does make sense. If you really really really really feel like you need to buy an extended warranty by its separately make it separate from the purchasing your car. By the car and then by the warranty separate don't lose them together another great tip if you're buying a used car is to take it to a mechanic or repair shop and haven't given a good one silver look under the hood look at the wheels look at the brakes look at the engine even you could testing yourself look at little things like the glove compartment as an opening closed little annoying things do the knobs worked as the seat go forward and backwards. Pretend like you're in the car in an everyday situation turn heat on turn the air on turn on bold son make sure that everything works the last thing you wanna do is buy a car in the winter and the heater works great. And then summertime rolls around and the AC doesn't work is you didn't riots but if you're buying a used car you can take it to a mechanic but take it to a different mechanics that's not at the dealership somebody that you look at your car. They'll charge you a fee for it but it's worth that they might find something wrong on it or they might say this car looks great in getting a really good deal on it then you have a little bit more peace of mind you more confident when you're buying the car. And make sure your buying a car and you can afford. Don't go beyond your means remember this is just a car it's not a status symbol anymore it gets you from point a to point B. Nobody thinks your cooler because you drive a nicer car at least I don't I don't think anybody judges you on your car anymore. Image of some sort of hot shot New York lawyer nobody gives a crappy for a drive and pick up truck caravan or anything as long as it's good for use. And you can afford it and it gets you from point a to point B and you can afford the payments and you're not upside down on its you do you with your car. I thought I would give isn't since this week fourth. Buying a new car because we may be in the market for one I just hope that I'm not because my cars paid off I don't wanna have payments I hate car payments I don't miss having a car payments. The pictures taken at this week's edition of rigs off the radio interesting informative maybe you're still listening that's a good sign ranks. I coming up this Monday for mental health Monday. I'm talking to a doctor like a live jet doctor. The chief clinical officer for Rogers behavioral health. Doctor Bradley agreement. We're gonna discuss obsessive compulsive disorder that's a very complicated disorder just a lot of times people misdiagnosed and they say I'm IOC he is killing me well let's. I'm Jim is diagnosing yourself are you helping or hurting the stigma with mental health will discuss this coming Monday. For mental health Monday. Rigs off the radio and enjoy the rest of your day or night your morning your weekend whenever you're listening. And remember make good life decisions.