EP5 - Father's Day Special: Questions from a non-parent about raising kids in 2018

Friday, June 15th

I was raised before social media, and the INTERNET.  What?  Yes.  Here's what happens when a guy with no kids asks Dads who HAVE kids about RAISING kids in 2018.  I wonder things.  I wonder what you'd tell your kid when they see something disturbing on TV or social media...how do you mold the future of society?  Being responsible for not only  a kid's physical well being, but their MENTAL well being.  I've always wondered how my dad would raise my sisters and I TODAY as opposed to back then.  Happy Father's Day!

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Portions of rigs off the radio or oh by cardinal with gravy dot com it's an appealing gravy is flying granddad used to make garden with Brady got. Check it out for recipes in a surprising to list of full make it's an adult content listener discretion isn't fun what's your buddy here to see you. Inside leftovers from rigs is spreading throughout his daily since you probably hear everything that happens on the radio this. This stuff that happens off the radio. Rigs off the radio now here's your host happy five episode anniversary. Have you seriously listen all five of these rigs off the radio podcast wolf for and then this is number five is that seriously like amazing and I love the fourth and if you if you really. Maybe if you want to mean not pressuring you to do this. But if you wanna give it a rating in the App Store I mean I wouldn't be mad and I certainly wouldn't be upset with gifts all Alley and I were talking on the show this week about how Father's Day always gets kind of left in the dust in the Mother's Day is pounded in your heads to get flowers for mom don't forget about Mother's Day and you feel horrible if you do but any time I've mentioned Father's Day this week people have been surprised are like fathers and that this does this weekend is is that real. Including my own father governor out of week who's this weekend when he talked about him. Oh cool yeah as an actual clip from my dad. The wolves until more later in the podcast and why is everyone always forget about Father's Day I mean don't get me wrong women do all the heavy lifting mothers have. Dem majority of the role wouldn't be here report for the mother much at. I think my friend Dan Newberry said the best it's like you know she built this twelve tiered cake and I provided and a half a cup of sugar and a pretty much passed out here on my chat with him here in a minute as well well not to forget the father is because this week it's a special Father's Day edition of rigs off the radio talk to force separate dad's one of Thomas my friend Eric he's risen thirteen year old and like a split slash step family situation my friend Craig Matt and Greg does afternoons on kiss FM. He's got an eleven year OK he's a father. I thought to a father of three girls my friend Dan and it's up to my own dad is an empty Nester he's got my three sisters and me will meet them all and also is something in my dad's adult thing and ever said to him verbally and you'll tribunal here is a reaction coming up in this week's Father's Day edition of rigs off the radio. Before we get into it. Musically we're from bush will answer. Go into a school function headed to dinner at a wing place and a Thursday night with the guys from work even wrangling your kids at the mall on a Saturday morning you can do it all in dad's pants shapeless sloppy and comfortable with the pleaded let's run that downplays the crunch will growing contingent is it carefully pressed seem right down the front of the lanes. Wow simple. So tacky very fleet goes dad goes dad passed that test that say I've got three kids a mortgage two car payments and dove with a weak bladder. Dad task order yours today. Look I don't have. It's. I'm not a death just not my thing I'm fascinated that the active parenting he's creating another human than raising it into a respectable member of society. Imagine raising kids this day and age you with social media and the bullying to school shootings. The suicides that are in the news. Not to mention a myriad of other possibilities that arise when you're trying to fit in as a kid. I just wanted to kind of get inside the brain of a dead and 2018 so I grabbed a couple of my dad friends and asked him some questions. First up I talked to Eric he's married to Elizabeth came from our sister station the next and she also posted podcast fifty shades of games if your plug in America as a thirteen year old son Grayson from a previous marriage so I grabbed Erica on our way out of the gym the other day and started asking some questions is what happened happy. Autos and other like yeah thank you it's dad's real honor to be there to be fathers and thanks very much. How old are you give Matthew let me ask if it's 3535. Years old so I had braced for young. Which is it was just kind of rate in the fact that you know he's a teen and I'm going to be thirty knack for your children on their supposed to be relatively young with some kid out of the house. Now is it some more pressure being a dad now because you not a responsible for obviously is physical health but also his mental health as well. Yeah it's it's wild all the decisions yet to lake consider now with everything that's going on you you can't just you know we are kids it is. They seem simpler and easier. Obviously your kids you know things images looking back. All the things you gotta consider and have discussions about you know the social media side of things the public pressure the having that's going on it's just it's. This crazy it's it's a difficult time to be kid I can imagine growing up for an hour. You dizzy not social media is over to FaceBook or anything like Fayette no no FaceBook Cusack in stay Graham. Through the I guess. From now urging combat you know we we can monitor NC Graham agreements we have this moment at least we wanted to get involved in some sort of former social media. But we are able to police say this is the I was using it. But I think you need a SaaS apps had a lot of news that it Jimenez the step mom is mom all three of them dealt stepped out together yes. Thousands of snapping sodas napping I guess yes and how do you that is it is difficult navigating the waters is a father with kind of a slick semitism that I've seen ex wife that was with grace and now you're re married to Elizabeth from the next. Is it different now as digital navigating the water as a younger parents. I've only known. Split household the mean group we get divorced from Christmas to. So I'll only know that side of things but. It early on it was deathly defeat as he can find your way but we're actually. Very fortunate the sense that the four of us for parents we all get along really well that doesn't come with an accent challenges and that. I think it's a testament. To brace to step dad Joseph and Elizabeth coming and step parents cannot. Embracing the rule of being a parent with a all of the all the work but half or none of the reward and a credit for calm this stuff but it comes on all four people really be in selfless and an ego aside and doing Spencer Grayson. I have a school shootings and you've got high profile suicides a lot of negativity in the news how do you does he come to you and I say like hey dad wired people shooting people in schools they need to be worried about that. How do you press a topic with your kid. I don't think he's necessarily worried about it but he's all he ought he comes dust within and then talks about it he's very much in the know what's going on he's always been. Inquisitive but that's how I was raised. You're just full honesty from our parents you know they and they never shied away from the topic of drinking drugs sex anything. Be necessary question that they've told us troops and that's what we do with trees and it's that was an easy discussion but it's either we. Control the narrative and we tell them the truth or we allow him to go get. The opinions or are the rumors in the lies of of social media and then you know people on the outside so. It's not fun discussion. But you have to have yet to be honest with them so that the yeah I mean it's it's difficult but the or more honestly the bottom and we talked through we don't just ignore and pretend like it didn't happen. But as a dad now are the things that you've got away with this you were younger that you watch for him doing and he can spot him doing shift. Continue to catch him do except. Oh yeah he. If things she's she's clever and he thinks he's get away with things event in RD year remembered when your kid you see it happening in front of you and you can't help but smile sometimes cut dude I know what you're doing. They took shall see I see right through that little face and Alex Lila movement. Well I would they did well also you know without embarrassment and yet there's one that does have a recent thing he he came to me and was like they data I think if we're gonna candy rep from my pants and then in the wash and I was like oh that's it's really responsibility of he goes and the Washington has his hands in his pockets. And it's did you find it he cannot shuffles around pulls hand how slow it is yes right here I was like oh what's the other hand and he puts his hands back and is pretty. And pulls on the other hand he does nothing I said to them decide let him go what is senior what's what are you holding. And he slowly close and it's his headphones. And go do what he do when he goes. I washed my headphones and I don't wanna tell you. That I left him in their side guidelines as a candy reverence for just any candy every goes it was in my pocket the whole time I just. And because their reasoning on the wash and make up. He lied to me for no Griese could see it happening like keep that is being clever bit. You know he's at that's amused while. You're an adult you see all BC rated as a side at some level it's funny and ability to cut it did I'm I'm a grown up ice here it do that's so. I'm not a parent but what's your favorite part about being parents I don't see this as a person doesn't want kids. It's hard to see some times. The positives to being a parent you all the negative about the other pain in the ass and they take all your money and answers it's all yeah all that that is true Fred but what are the what is personally what's your rewarding thing about being a parent what she was there redeeming quality of being father. Com you know I'd bracing was. It was a plan it was a big accidents deceptive and our look back like. I think did I want kids I don't remember if I did or didn't at that time when it happened I just know. It was a responsibility it's put upon me that I had react to make the most of it you know now that the last thirteen years. It's hard to put your finger on what it is. That that makes it like he needed to there's no answer to you can't tell someone that doesn't have kids that doesn't want him this is why you need to have them at least I can't. It's just a feeling you have this like sense of like. Ownership sounds wrong but it's like I'm responsible for that person I want to turn that person the best living breathing human being I can on this planet and and try to put something positive vacuum it. It's nothing you can articulate it's just this feeling of you know reward and sacrifice and that if you're doing it the right way it tumbles he was a person makes you become selfless and you're you're now living for for someone else you know. As in front step parent role like Elizabeth embrace a sad day joke. You know I've seen the way they've come and to praise society giving everything they have to to their kids so it's it's almost a role or responsibility but it's it's nothing you can. You know tell someone this is it this is what it's about x.s that one thing until Johnson all encompassing feeling emotion responsibility. What do you hope that he learns the most going forward being good human in this. Jack dub world reliving announced yeah seems like yeah he is nice he's just he's keep being what he is right now he's the most honest sincere genuine feet. He gives everything he's got into what he's doing he cares and he needs to stay that way because I think if everybody had more compassion. Considered judgment I think we'd all be better off you know we don't. Not this rash of suicide celebrities who decides it's time to bring a little. Light and the mental health mental health awareness. Think that's something that I'm most proud of grace and she's she's compassionate sent to everyone's situation regardless of where your from its that's the one thing I'm most proud that I hope he just sticks with that that that sense of like we're all in this together. Nice to think it's different having a boy is a girl. Yeah dad yeah I'm so lucky am I son I can imagine reason that I have friends that have daughters and I mean I get protective over oh for brace and I can't imagine this. You know how many guys I know guys are guys we know it has its agents yanked as Cassel somehow my head I'm raising Nassau instead of having a subjective daughter today to guys they like you and I. Positions in the sucked into another after the sun isn't podcast that has three daughters now subtly different perspective and thanks Tim I can imagine new and I think god bless him. Flabby thighs and thanks for coming on today appreciate them. As the guy with three daughters is next to hand me Berry and buddy got three beautiful girls tossed some lights. Deals done a full time job as an operations manager at Google incorporated. He owns his own business that is back to the comedians that veteran community called twenty fitness these delicate dad's estimates and similar questions and got it how he introduced his kids to guns spastic dance life yellow plastic need to have a minivan by the way Barbara Streisand's hit fifth if that's not good choices that I had kids now that's a for instance of fun argument here and wanted to talk to before father Stan talk in advance before father's embassy in the end again for Monday deferments Altman a segment that. Happy Father's Day battling. I'm thinks. Three girls that you have. They are ages. Older girls there are 1210 and five TV ever thought about having sons have been easier storied is happy on the kids. I I'm just happy if I had hoped because they had and to be honest like. Tom my wife's and all that work. You know right. Because you serve in the military for awhile you ask how much is the vegetarian and stuff you know hey I got the fun part of it. It is a figure of insider are ray with a sickness in the bloating in the throwing out. Yeah it's like in the push in the watermelon out of her vagina courtesy of comedian once you know say it's like you know she built this twelve tier cake and I provided a half a cup of sugar ha ha pretty much that's that's great if let's just bring Michelle it is. He rented three times. Three trophies so. Yeah so when you have your kids in like parallel with the military that was it during while you're in and out of the military's always mark my career. I had my eight. I had my. Fun issue we're pregnant three weeks just for my first ever deployment now to Iraq took him with my oldest him. And then. Found out she was pregnant three weeks before my second employment. And it was only a phone shoes during a three weeks before I was. Exiting the service too well so it kind of solo went through your military career yeah. Do you do to girls that they understand where you were what you're doing a minute no they do now I'll know now when they or do you when he heard like younger you know it didn't really get that grand there's this new data like that Coolio Foreman did like cool things like some kind of planes and a you know and they understood that concept. Behind. You know we. What I did and they'd be like always do with the bad guys and like Ghana government timeout just I do. Yeah completely timeout here forever true because a slew of journalism ask. Tom how do you deal with raising girls in the ages social media do and you girls have social media stuff. I'm sure they wanted to be friends and they have like a prom. Like snap Chad it's like to face filters or are you my friend literally on there right on my age my middle is they have a little bit of social media but nothing crazy they're not allowed to have FaceBook Friendster Graham now very fair Twitter or anything like that there's to me create those. And then all their smaller accounts we have their passwords of as any social media related like that musically or whatever. Com because there's so many like who wackos out there so we you. We my generation ruin social media so you have to fifth at the rest I can't have nice things this year and I we can means it's great tools we use it deter hadn't toast so I thought you know go figure this. Good character and test other news filters are great the very little holes that are are. So we monitor all that we all their their passwords and now stuff I had to get my ten year old because she likes to lake. That's a little older than her age you mean slayer and stuff on these are councillor. You know. How you deal with heavy hitting news with your girls obviously they probably CTV announced when they see crazy stuff happening like a school shooting something like that today asking questions is standing them up and ask you me they do ask that they actually saw this illusion they're like I'm a superhero bulk and so like he just likes to move to an entirely bad man exhibited. That's not true so long mild interest. They do ask what's going on and we just you know export them that. But it's a really don't earth there really realistic like you know they were they Q is that Muehlegg horror movies were make up an. And do you know they're not. They're not startled by those things we've never sheltered her kids and we're not helicopter parents remember that to their memory lives talking to me about Powell one of your girls or all of them watched it yes on this one yet my and his war way put tried that we want what's ross' baby get a little bit with his. Well elements they knew that it was make company runs defer a movie yet so they. Indeed they have a full understanding what's going on our society and what's going on our world and then in they'll ask my opinion on things of their last. But we try to teach them to be really respectful and accepting off everyone's. Regardless of race color orientation whenever you know we're all people and overall to gather kind of thing so we we do what we can. But they do ask. So are we just answer honestly sure. And I think we've with the where they get that down to earth. This from you guys down to give you answer everything on you don't hide things from them praise for example I just took my girls for the first time memorized taught them how to shoot. A playing gun's hot topic right now right sure items like. Now mob guys so bomb but we I taught them. That there are tools you know to use for the for self defense or for defending him and surely you know. They're not there on toys they have a completely understand they're not toys you know so when she would fight the vote twice he should put on safe put it down and step away with a hands of so I know this shouldn't have her hands anymore exit date they understand those things you know Grasso. Daughter estimated Kansas burn things down to pick up a lot of things down pat hey listen all the time but you know the ones that really struck me was my generals like. You know she is I really enjoyed doing that. And but she she's like you know they're just. But are there not for their toys right she meet it gets to get flak from the parents needed them. Com as I did that didn't see out of here CNN I know him but I really care now I'd really don't get some parents and accused extradition to go yeah yeah could you home while you're in the military it's your analogy there's a real truce saying besides you know behind I curiosity kills the cat field he's a little Tommy what went on dazzled armies elections yet you know writing his siblings so. Posted what teach what they are just like anything else so I'm ominously question as another dad. Do you feel like you have it the responsibility not only to be. For their physical well being Nelson their mental wellbeing. It's because it'll start in the home now. Frank how do you make sure that your girls are certainly being raised well mentally slow beating believing he's ample admire you little group we get dismay my daughter. Made this thing at school and I was like characteristics of your parents or what Orioles little projects that they do. And as electing easier dad like and they all put down that I help homeless people and that. IA exercise. Which is that was like the coolest thing ever to me that they see. The lose what I do what I do think you know and so I AM a firm believer leading by example. 100%. By example. Soul if I'm eating good food anchors my concede and food if I'm. If I'm exercising anchors like his exercise. You know I mean and you know when she gets in college she's older and she sees like and the street they need to lie about just say here here's ten bucks enemy a grant you know as lament them want. Right so she understands like empathy and stuff like that yeah W Iraq I have a temper and I can't be really hard headed and I can be really. You don't short and what I say out of the you know that hinders the the understand why am outrageous so bombed the story I do I lead by example and I encourage my girls be really strong and independent. And it never rely on anybody else yeah Peter is strong women island re right ID you know. I don't wanna deal with the boyfriend. He's taken a particular friend as when video or do you just say this scenario and that's for sure the feeling is mutual you receive bad boys two that's gonna happen myself. What's the one thing the hope here at your daughters. Take for me as a dad. When they grow up to when things. I'm sure it's probably don't comes a thing and may change but to south tapping and what you think my grit. I want them to have my regret. That never give up attitude them. Don't ever let anybody tell you can't then. If you can absolutely I was I was when I was little boy had really bad asthma I was a very strong classes. You know she as the economy or Tommy I can't do this or can't do that. Look at me now you know so. I want them to have that they'll want him to be like you know why am I mean after the strong trying to Manama get there then you know I mean so to have a grip because she can't death. What happy Father's Day death you know giving you an ultraviolet say what is a data on her Father's Day it is is I'm probably just immediately tiresome desert fish. Because if it assists those areas in the case yet isn't really that. Regular and the Chicago go to the time aria girls I. Know I we really having to open any plans yet on. I don't I would probably is going to be so my girls I go to your room earlier sometimes. Nice to make a classified as sensitive thank you thanks for coming on we'll talk to get a month and that's who have gotten from him. So before we get to my pops for the Father's Day edition of rigs off the radio. Which I had to go to the radio station to kiss FM to call my dad he's been traveling so much for work. Studied him on the phone. But down on the way instead it record this phone call with my dad. I saw Craig Carson who does the afternoon show on kiss FM and remember off Craig has an eleven year old kid I forget now it's time. All right you know I'm a lot of skin plus my viewing this as a father. 2 o'clock o'clock at a you don't have to have a license to defund dish it out there are licensed media fair trade no credit no Carson in their characteristic the hope that your son takes away from. When he gets solar somebody like down bladder attack Jeff. Yeah I guess I would say that made being. Extremely. Honest open to criticism. If it's obviously good in meant to build up chair Andy I guess to be blunt but not mean his Meehan my wife for both to. Both blunt with him you know if he's practicing something with the trombone and he's like is it good. And it really isn't we don't go located at Sox the lead it needs some work ahead we're never gonna go no that's. Also Tom you know we're not gonna do that to be strikes out twice. I know you're not awesome right now that wasn't good need to work on it so I guess the bluntness and excepting of reality. In the which encouraged. Meant charmed life isn't fair all the time and learning landed him in a ripe age it's not everybody gets a medal for showing up to the race relations but I don't know how to accomplish the the participation trophies or. I know are now no well and we're not going to give you a trophy but I will give you. I know he's certificate for being a father and the confidential law so after a spark I don't know ranked team I don't know are confirming that Craig Carson. Have a Father's Day thanked us again another succumb and I'm about castration. Manner acts. Yeah he's a strange one Greg Carson colored his stranger Craig Carson army. Anyway my dad John he raised me before FaceBook are social media or anything like that he raised my sister's. Right is that Tenet. Social media wave the stars haven't. Online bullying in school shootings and all the negativity on TV and social media started happening all asked air. He tardy raised us so I wanted to know how he would parent in the years when he teams still on the phone we welcome my dad's job. If I was about a way thank you comfortable with us this weekend to talk him out. Above us in my advantage if you don't even when Father's Day ends. Welcome to my as a rings off the radio Father's Day edition it's my dad Jon globe so you raise I mean when you really got me when I was about now what 56 years old that how much held was I out of the box when you when you got to me. And I respect I think you know we're still thinking about battle for delegates up 5% of the time. And the head down my skis three girls is well my three sisters Rachel Holland hammer who are Howell mountain corridor and what's really important for so three girls. How would you raise daughters in this day and age. Well you know today. Although the media doesn't frighten people definitely crude don't lock people up or we actually are seeing and you don't want to do you think I felt. I thought that there are school you don't really a bad thing. When it comes to you know. How kids could get hurt. There's been a lot worse than half or more critically than the school shooting but if that's all they. You're so like you know for example like the drug and go back to getting too excited they feel. You know they'll talk about the open because they're not you know sensationalized. That are not excite truck bock but the of the schools Judy you know we had won noble though Indiana. A couple weeks go England it is the national news is nobody. You know nobody died fortunately for god had. And during that same time divorcing parent period no. How many people committed suicide and we teenagers it's something terrible car or getting into a car for the work we quipped you mention classic but what I would do with that today is. You know try to look confident about the things that. Can really affect their lives morsel them from the conference why they're coming up put Coke shouldn't care currently regrettable that it was. More thing about the that I would pop you know the school shootings but yet when you listened to between it and that's only talk. It is and it's happening more now than it ever was so we we over there of them out. About it you know that they get her a bit but about the outcome or advocate going up in a completeness but. But the we we carry guns in the car you know people have been the backward go to I was like oh good don't it feel right but yet during non school owners but nobody ever got cut up. You know we just treats a lot there could always agree with that looked at. We read into the getting hurt because they're a lot more guns will bet that can be potato chip market that we just occurred. Occupied the school all the crime and we never thought this fight with a look at it pollute our report I operate like that. Well now let's also we have some in my mental health issue because nobody was to talk about that so and I am through you have you with mental health issues and you know give them guns Terry they find access to guns. That's where these things happen. Gap that was the problem itself. But it could be a Garnett could be car could be ridiculous you know it's not one of those who don't have a battling this problem Dan you know people can think so much so that the big deal right. Grant to look at them and the positive what was the fun thing about being a dad about raising and a boy AM and three girls. What was the fun part for you about being in danys like light and Omar there. Let's do the tour and they were about to durable. It that I had a copy that the daughters with you before that I had to do was to be able to do all the sports and I just love the fact that you know. We could do baseball and console them afraid to get basketball if you actually pretty good at some of the sport because we're all of them laden yet but that was so much fun for me and then. You can grew up and go work less fortunate you know you're researchers came along and make her with a with a little bit but there are more than the currently seeing the I had the word I want you to movie that it could be a good girl like the bride's political group so you know what I have three daughters. I had nobody to the first one you can't. Although it howling in the upper and I was so glad he got daughters together because I think for girl so work on the social what do you. To have the support each other noticeable is that they're consistent support each other they're like they're like Triplett pride they will support each other again. You know like for example just yet but crichton and last week in Indianapolis in the although lately about how they're good daughters. You know you're gonna hurt my daughter what to support. I spent probably more. I went in DC my share that I made for Rachel. I did it does look that up coming up the good group is that all of them to say Google and coping with the fact that. You know I'm not gay but on the back which is good but my Bill Clinton. But my dad's or eczema. Which makes which gives him a stereotypical gay tendency. Exactly not a scapegoat critics say. So I'm like anybody. That's not the visited there with that. It would have given you look at say that to me never seen my share I would dearly in the says I'm not gay and the France and it would help what does there would be nothing wrong with you if you were and I was like now and I'll look at the Mac and and there are like. Obvious there are forward Erik yeah I agree like the sister the support sisters supporting sis is that I think it it was also good the you were there is a constant father figure and mom was there as well I mean this I think having. That hat in the households. Which some demos don't have a double parent also religious have a mom or just have a dad or both parents are gone all the time and it is taking care of themselves. I'm so. That was all I wanted. Yes like one of the daughters my daughters to see you know Cologne try to treat the mother with great respect. And dignity in a credit to a lot of other expert at it. I think he is one of them. If he's dead and I want you to keep massive yeah I mean you. If you probably don't know mama I gripe but it's such. You know like there was a problem with you know you are called gross I would took the side you know you're quite annoyed with that I would always side with mom. Yeah and I venom and I'm not to say in the stumble she Eric has ram my podcast actions in extranet podcast. I really did learn about what it means to be a husbands and a man from yield. And I'm really thankful for that and I wanted to attack I don't know if I say it enough and I can't say enough Temps really thankful for that because you did. And it works at least for me from the guys employed because I feel like I am very good morals and standards swords and look to us smiling with my life towards my coworkers towards my friends towards other family members. And I get them all through new self thank you very much to look awesome talent sent. Welcome. I don't work very Trace the one thing I know what we're coming MI podcast side is gonna ask you a couple questions and bring you on because you are my dad so I wanna talk to you of all people say had a father Zain thanks for coming on I appreciate your support to me in my career end. Some assists Israel in a pretty good so Stephen out. Thank you I'm bloody bloody clue. All my clubs I'll talking about fathers out thinking about Kevin Costner. Something about the end of field of dreams when he goes hey dad. You've you wanna have a catch. Unknown unknown don't do the heartfelt strings to heartfelt strings are what kids. And then instead turns around. And then start throwing the ball. And then they hand back from the field of dreams and there's this stream of cars because. Terrence Mann told him if you build it they will come ray. People who will come hunt they got a field of dreams can it last night why am I doing this I can easily just stop this right now. You know why. Because that's the movie that makes me cry the most that's another story for another podcast. Thank your check out rigs off the radio I'll talk to you on mental health Monday. We're talking to a couple questions about their dealing with anxiety and PT SD from an actual. Veterans standpoint. Pretty juicy conversation I had with them my trainer Joseph and a friend Danny Ferry we talk to her that her early. I heavy weekend or afternoon or morning or whatever you do and make good life decisions.