EP4 - People cooler than me, meet my wife. My WIFE!

Friday, June 8th

Part of my "off the radio" podcast means meeting important people in my life, and who better to start with than my wife!  Elana works in the music business, but she fell into it completely by accident.  She's worked with people like Madonna, Panic at the Disco!, Chance the Rapper, Linkin Park, Jason Mraz, Marshmello, the Smashing Pumpkins, and more... Also a brief update on the sober summer and an upcoming "Mental Health Monday" segment.   

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Portions of rigs off the radio are powered by garbled with gravy dot com its mouth wash that you can swallow because it's delicious org gravy it's the greatest product that doesn't exist and three out of four dentists say that it's terrible for you trust a fourth dentist and go to guard with gravy dot com. Pulling it into an adult content listener discretion isn't what you're about to hear this figure. Inside leftovers from rigs is spreading throughout his day since you probably hear everything that happens on the radio this. The stuff that happens off the radio. Rigs off the radio. Now here's your host here we go it's episode number four rigs off the radio hi. I think you can imagine this week we'll talk to my wife I want to introduce you to in my life she's an interest in woman she worked in the record business he started as a marine biology major interest in. And she'll tell you a story about how Jason Mraz gave her something that she couldn't take on an airplane. You can do they know what to do what I deal with I don't know. He knew I was getting on a plane in his defense that I was getting out of planes as they get quick update on the silver summer L Rendell mental health Monday it's all coming up on episode four of rigs off the radio the first a message from one of my sponsors. I'm reading too in chesterfield innings grotesque lie in my years of being this past team experiences down and sent. Israel vacuum sucking now I can clean dogs' noses and haven't sucking bats and banana and Margaret as a guarantee to suck. Going all the money back or to my website Garko with Writely dot com and add to that have that kind of comical we'll turn the simple sentence of 300 stolen some old. Routed to inspect you've repaired in poll resume full but you'll vacuums. Acting all right make it's a small. Before we start talking about life couple updates people have been asking about my sober summer I'll tell you the hardest part about not drinking over the summer is explaining to people why you're not drinking over the summer line. Everybody's okay and senator turned. Sorry you're not drinking its finest drinking and Arnold Palmer leave me alone we instilled a conversation you get drunk and I got to help. So we're summer still vilified in a couple people have even join me while my. That looked really one of my friends from social media listens and show all the time. He's about it. And it's on the a lot of people are joining us over summer but that's not true. I'm starting on this coming Monday which would be what eleventh it's the up premiere of mental health Monday ever talked about it when they have a segment where we talk about mental health. Specifically some man any mental health in general but I wanna talk to men because I feel that men. Need to talk about the mental so we'll talk to a guy named Travis pipes on Monday and it Travis pipes a couple of months ago at a screening for a movie called suicide the ripple effect. This was a documentary about a guy named Kevin Hines. Who jumps off the golden gate bridge and survive. And now it tells his story and speaks across the country across the world really. And is it a mental health advocate in fact I love to have that guy in the shell on one of our future episodes. Mental health Monday. Right here with that rigs off the radio itself we'll talk to Travis next week. And we'll do a regular mental health Monday I got a lot of great guests lined up for it and now we'll break the stigma we'll start a conversation will be very blunt very hurt about mental health because that's the only way to break down barriers mental health. And get out of darkness and into the light the way it needs to be. That's coming up all out with mental health Monday and that starts on this coming Monday June the eleventh. Just this week marks eight years since I ask my wife to be my wife and we've been married for seven of the eight at the end of the year she works in the record business that's kind of how we do that we'll get into that how we match. And how she got her start in the record business a lot of people say honey if your job. What do you do well here is her past and how she chose to get there. Check it out episode four of rigs off the radio and meet my life. Why wouldn't I want to bring you out my podcast in my life and I spend. Probably eighty to 90% of my time with you treat trail. Cherry turnaround that's finally did and yes it's things. And it's right itself. You look at the record business and you come from the very diverse backgrounds because you've got Baghdad that is thanks spoken with presidency got a mom that has nine different languages that she can speak she's traveled the world do you travel the world you're an interest in person. Sell ladies and gentlemen my wife alana kind kind. Thanks for having me personally yeah course now you're feeling Euro zone proclaimed the year for born in Philadelphia born. University of Pennsylvania hospital when her father had re a professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania started teaching at a pretty young age he started teaching there at age 24 kind of genius I remember he sent us that big. Cup for his 25 year anniversary that's right sometimes referred in my life is just hear the duchess this pace she's spent some time in Holland and has. Just in her blood after failing her and her family they look overseas for awhile and Ellis science we lived in Ljubljana languages right there near. Croatia Italy it's considered Eastern Europe it's not like the Western European countries like. Colin my also lived in heavy duty to speak English. Well I had to land Slovenian when I was 510 days to come home crying from school every day because. It couldn't Hopkins is very hard between your legs in the Langley where that little you can end. Absorb it really quickly slowly did learning and every time I was sad I remember my moment by me protect ice cream cones and I have a lot of paper pass and screen which is something we don't have here that he talks on. They finally settled back in Philadelphia where she went to Germantown friends school that's a Quaker school a private Quaker school with your and that's and that she decided she had a love of sharks she wanted to train sharks and become a marine biologists never heard dad's a professor at University of Pennsylvania. So she could have and all Ivy League scholarship. But she turned it down and instead attended the University of Miami why I mean other than the weather. Because that was the only university where you could do marine biology. As an underground had kind of depend there are any at most other schools I would have had to do four years of just claims Allen to me still yet I can deal underground marine biology and my dad let me go there. And I was lucky that and didn't pay as part of that because he was there for cell lines. She's studying marine biology at the University of Miami how the hell did she get on the track to being in the music business what happened isn't crying. I know decreases to us island it's not deal well I tell you telecommunications. Classes and elect and and at that class there was a producer. She liked our work so me and my partner gene means he had a TV show called music Miami. She basically handed over to glasses take over it was at a local cable and cable channel. Is that what we're just. All public accidentally clicking Coral Gables, Florida I can Coral Gables can get it totally show me amusing mountain news comes music man I was music videos. And right. Old videos in our basement actually somewhere. Activists held a VHS tapes are in the basement yes there isn't Miami hasn't VHS tapes so let is too young man like nineteen campaign. I was too young to go to the clubs and I did a lot of the script writing and I would've range all the interviews. In all the stuff I developed relationships with record labels because I would call them. And you know set upon these interviews so and stuff for the shelf. I wound up being you leave an internship at some character EMI music in the UR and marketing and I basically changed my major so I can get bad intentions. Because they wouldn't pay so you had to get college credit so at this point she decides she's done with the fish saying she's gonna go to the music biz I basically relay event like this is a better way to make a living and sitting in a lab coming from learning. Which is pretty much what I was doing it for my ring with T undergraduate math I realized I'm not going out on expeditions or Zach is down I am basically in and spent my life. You know teaching their begging the government for grants to do research. And I was like you know. This music business things can happening I can get this internship. And you do that for my career into scuba dive and be happy and have that and. My hobby so she dives into this unpaid intern ship. Lives with her aunt in New York picks up the other side were so she's basically working seven days a week to work for free eventually EMI decides they're gonna hire full time. And ran after I graduated nice got intense pressure promotions so as a time. I was really young and having you know there weren't a lot of girls even doing their jobs there. And now there have been predominantly as Felix girls females that's out there. When I ran his own Kelly and now as a record revenue were responsible for getting he's getting air play good yeah played on the radio talk getting ads and. Did so Wisconsin Oregon so cause you any air. He asks you put your heads and be aegs it. Hello Guinea and but I don't even know it an act was. They basically like just learned really fast and faked it to animated flick and I mean I got it down. Was there there are and I was really lucky. To have a lot of really experienced older rats teach me alive ma'am when I started they were a few really took me under their wing. And got me yelling and then I've been doing it pretty much ever since my first labor is virgin virgin and let he that is the aim. Worked with the same managers my whole life like me to Lehman. You know Jumbo loan he took me with him from virgin to Warner Bros. here so you working for virgin that was flooding Janet Jackson wins and she's a pumpkin is -- come in look at rabbits yes Lanny was like Gracie ran down. Gosh it was really cool sneaker Hanson. And make all of this. We have some cool cool music and virgin records so this is running grunge was kind of popular it's in Iraq culture that was kid coming at the pumpkins relate accused Smashing Pumpkins at Warner Bros. was my next label that. As you know the bigger artist there are obviously Madonna and I did not have the pleasure of working with prince he had gone away from Warner and time was and is doing his own thing he. That was in his ten my one artist that I regret never seen my wisdom of the bigger artists you've met Lincoln Park Lincoln Park and works with a lot. You have a Chester yes. Remaining jester again what was it like is a nice guy very the whole band they were sown banks tailored various like. And work oriented guy then I AM mess around that. Even on South Beach if I gave them a choice to lake go to sincere go to a club they would choose going to -- she was a South Beach was mostly most often in a club now like we have a picture in the magazine together from that in your next action known and John and get tested in humans and he was anything on coming along for the seeds. You mentioned one of her favorite parts that are job is developing artists KG BC's somebody starts from a little baby grand in drilling to a big band like obviously you know Lincoln Park kids went. She easily can park was the floor. Anybody knew and anywhere they are very stoked the whole time on the way of all things happening with their careers those moments are easily and army favorite like relaxing. The smaller artists become. Mean anyone to anyone pilots yes so yes Zelaya was due in three nights in Arenas are selling out Madison Square Garden. And it is really funny relaxed even just the venue here locally the rave Eagles foreign may let me walk every room here in Milwaukee they've played. The bar room which was the negative twelve people have been moved up to the raves for sandwiches. 15 15100 cast. Now and then name. I watched them south the ballroom at just 4500 it's amazing to likes fat progress even panic at the Disco was like the first selling covered when I joined lava Atlantic they were opening for a band called academy and and they were a brand new and my bustling got to go check out panic at the discount and now look. And how he used for any Neary camp is and the evolution of fat. And over the years telling him. Jason Mraz is an on the mainland that you were clan foundation has isn't he may be my feed me again themes that he. He remembers your name like when you walk he denies he's a minute Christmas new city. I had so many shows have and eat you know that they're just an amazing group of people to work plan and Malik. We had a lot of so as you know from who that the played him Mexico and Thailand with them there and you know zone. You develop a relationship and it's really nice. The frustrating thing she said about her job as the misconception that is just a big party sometimes you get to just hang out with artists all the time. I must be so fine you ask is that they were just off hanging out on their buses people don't understand it backseat to work. You know his work you know some you develop the relationships let's read do hang out and not all of them link. When I Sam worked with all of these fans I don't go to sushi with all of them Lincoln Park that was unique in that zone in our relationship midseason rest is giving you is avocados from his farm. Yes he gave us an avocado in Minneapolis he did instead to bring it home I don't think I could carry and only know how to kind of running again we got out. Avocado output but isn't that you're an analyst at they have a kind of entitlements or overtime about a Jason Mraz once you and avocado when it didn't travel with the that you didn't speak to you hit it. If you didn't know would do what I deal with no. He knew I was getting kind of plane in his defense that I was getting out of planes so as a racquet grab my wife will be in charge of setting up defenses people like Jason Mraz says that listeners can come out and hang out with Jason Mraz and get to know him and promoted an initiative by his music just big promotion and marketing thing but she really like working with Jason -- species sitting at a different approach. He didn't do like typical contest when things after me hungry for work you know all things at the venue he always media raised is you walk through you get a picture you get an autograph yeah blood donation to meet the hardest things he's your picture you like to do things like the tree planting thing right leg and give my back to communities and make helium involved contest winners and those kind of things. Which were amazing so he would you know find organizations and eat sitting in his tour that would. Want to. Support planting trees to make the city greener and healthier and Harry he's very sprouting trees grasses and he's very much about TV invited high. I am using love life and in that he knew about water bottles that is concert those things matter they do they matter so much and the winners get to have. I'm really unique artists experience yes to these are the that is things that you set up with your job now he's he's offense which isn't exactly a fan if you do that's everything decree the marketing in enterprise. Don't know where nastiness. Support artist on tour and support the radio stations that support the artist my life. Loves the music business which you take a break from it twice the first time the cell pharmaceuticals. She went back to music the second time she left to sell real estate which she was really good that by the way. But she ought to going back to the music business again and now. I'm with a very dynamic. Company that I believe is the future of the business and news. I'm still excited to be apart of it it's called in to music him so our company is basically a label for higher so it caters. More to the independent artists that doesn't want to sign a contract. With. Major label home but they still want the benefits of it so for pretty much higher by their projects so. We will work chance the rapper when he wants. Airplay you can visit these artists also have management and I just out there on their own within with a computer and I don't think. They have a team behind them them and they choose. To work with our company when they want airplane when they decide they want to radio airplay. All formats top forty rock alternative. Treatment generating the kind Jane had to separate department but we also have that. For country artists we have an entire country division I don't work countries stuff. I do it's called. Pop promotion which is topped off the dole Brock and I turn around. I like that I liking have a job like this that doesn't mean that I can to keep my job because people are still coming to radio for new music people still come to radio for our number one year since their number one place that people find new music is on the radio. It is interesting that that is a well documented facts at the same time that's why you may get sick of some of the songs you play his. The average person is still discovering it knew when they tune in you know you as a radio station may have to play that song. A lot yeah or connects. But really connects to an audience and then when it really does sometimes it's right away. Began working the big boy. Which is the big oil all night that's on connects. Right away the other songs take a little longer examined and you see silicon Suzanne it's number one is like bloom it just connected in the streams in the sales and that's that we data and I also just sent a video out of one of our artists singers song on the radio for the first I'd like that's a great moment. Think I work with Lindsay sterling and we were in the car in Green Bay they just picked her up from the airport. In turns on the radio and there's her song concede is that moment is just magical. Planting an artist cheering her song for the first time that kind of like you mentioned earlier how you like watching these artists grow and develop and just watching the power of breaking that new artist because there has to be another link impart there has to be another. Has to be the next Rasner has to be the next they're always has to be the next oh somebody and the the next training and I'm so watching that is the magic of what we did. You know you're part of that I want any album might Aniston anybody and the city's human ran him on in the most recent one was trying to untie it. They think team tournament I'll Larry face it's nice they didn't you've gone from little girl in Philadelphia to a little girl and Eastern Europe. Too little ruling college splendid view shark sets and running in a spirit since I was six that was my. Hanging Alice musical artists and working with radio stations and. Yet the net really lucky like today this career was just such an accident in I loved it's still my X right away like. When I first promotion to have virgin records out of college London so much I hate I used to hate weekends I love my job so much and then I just. As I like you get crazy sometimes you think you're working so hard and loving them into a gag stress because it is really stressful and a that can really do planet Jesus where Hezbollah music music isn't the solid innings and it was an accident. And never my dream I'm always thinking if I should be doing something else may be in the back in my mind. The magnitude Thames have done it and know every time I wanna come back sent. He really learned something your heart does listen music industry he's. This really is now I mean these people telling who raised me groomed me and actually my VP and it worked for a now on a candidate founded in two music. He was my aide. When in my VPs at Warner at virgin and Warner Bros. And then with him I hold thanking them the only label I was not with and that was lava Atlantic LLC looting and we took a little journey down your life. Each day and think it was so interesting bag knowing your interest in his home dude and then we'd be we may actually say where we met it'd James Blunt event. Yes that's how we met up alana music business meeting on the radio I used to be a program record so I used to make decisions on radio stations they. Territory in sunrise and rallies the hot chick that I can never again and I got the and I have finally there is very aggressive from you and I was I was a list. Really good friends for along time like going through each other's relationship pieces back together and let them when Cheney was just like. You are found with me in any of these guys tonight and paying this is a you know payments in the united. You give eyewitnesses are engaged and anniversaries this week in June of that group all that's right. And you say yes which is why one of the pitcher on the podcast this week as well. It's their romantic new proposed to me at the same. Please that we had our first kept seeing for those who want an out of any kind make an extra care isn't because anybody's still listening they can. I think I'm in my life alana thank you for coming on the swing to mature to a special addition of rigs off the radio with my wife. Q when they introduced the world team and everybody knows. Kinky probably what many to thank you so. How much reject it out and other episode breaks off the radio with my place next week that podcasts. And talking to a couple of dad for Father's Day maybe even my own father Mike good father. The one that you helped raise me and made me to do that I am today. We're also gonna go to Suzy goodwill corporate location where they do office he recycling you're not gonna believe some of the stuff that gets donated. And what they can do with it and how they can turn it around. And all the time when you're shopping at goodwill there like every time you shop area helps somebody get a job it's drill and I'll tell you all about it next week with rigs off the radio. Enjoy the rest of your night your day your afternoon your weekend your workout here shower here craft whatever you feel when you listen I appreciate you. I'll talk to you next time make it like decision.