EP 2 - Off The Radio with Reality TV Alley and Miracle Whip vs Mayo with Gibbons

Friday, May 25th

This week I have an off the radio conversation with Alley about reality TV that takes some interesting detours.  From Little People, the Kardashians, and diversity.   You KNOW she has more questions about the whole "sperm donor" father drama this week...it gets pretty deep for a minute.  Then the mood lightens up with Gibbons as we discuss the age old battle between two of America's favorite condiment arguments - Miracle Whip vs. Mayo.   Thanks for listening :o) 

Make good life decisions. 

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Bush is a result the radio sponsored by garbled with gravy dot com one out of five Dennis degree the garden in with gravy can increase life expectancy by up to 3% to visit goggle with gravy dot com for more information. Think it's an adult content listener discretion isn't what you're about to hear his feet. Like leftovers from rigs is spreading throughout his daily since you probably hear everything that happens on the radio this. Is this stuff that happens off the radio. Rigs off blue radio now here's your host comic guy. Well thanks. For come back for another one and for coming back for more. Means you at least subscribe to maybe or maybe maybe came across this one. Accident maybe. Maybe just wanted to listen guys you know alleys on this one and it's a fun that's all fine that's all good. Since the previous episode was so heavy. Kinda haven't deep conversation about my birth father without my wife I thought I'd bring some levity this week Gibbons and I had a passionate passionate and debates. About what was better miracle for many semi we did legit research both of us did research on this. Which side are you one miracle whip for Manning's that's coming up also the conversation with Alley that led us to saying this white person made that decision. I don't know what is this talk about that a white person who think she's a black person. As coming up plus we hit pretty deep on the topic of my birth father which is obviously that was a that was a big moment in the show this week I used it clicked up a quick update on that a few you've been following along. Clinic in front of my birth father this week. On the radio about how he's then you know kind of in and out of my life in name and told him basically things need to be on my terms from now on not your terms. And found out that I have not one but two. Half Brothers and has lived in Milwaukee for the last. For years I've been in Milwaukee for eight years. Crazy right so I reached out to those two kids like that two half Brothers that live here they're both very cool guys. I think for the longest time I knew that I have these half Brothers but I kind of resented them. Because I think. Deep down inside I was likely you've got to have a childhood with them and I didn't so I kind of resented them. And I realize it's not their fault they didn't do anything he created the situation so. I can have. It was stupid for me even be resentful of these due to doll because they're nice guys and now I can get to know them at least a little bit and it will we be best friends who knows but. You'll what's what's the harm in reaching out and sharing some stories with. With decent guys there and finish your father with that that's about it but we added shares of conversation with the mash the shuttle light. And help me piece together a timeline of my childhood that was actually really cool so I was I was glad that I had to connect with those guys but I. Let's get into the meat Alley I've never seen anybody so obsessed with reality TV it's much is Alice never understood it to her dear DVR. It's stacked with nothing but reality TV I went to a house. How one night last week when she didn't have the kids. Do while we managed to say you know kind of on topic about reality TV we did take some detours. With some discussions about like political little little bit of political stuff and he too bad. Thought the Bally's diverse upbringing and that. Zero on the show the and we know that I am I paid don't I'm not into the reality TV star and I hate that about you can even at home I'm not really into it. Let's hit an obvious idea there's I know that is clearly a fascination about it for sure I'm assassin because there's millions of people are watching it's in the people that are and it's how we think hard cash in on that share these people make millions of dollars a job. To have I'm not refuting the fact that they're successful landed they clearly are. I'm just wondering what it is about why don't you like or how or why people are so fast that it is this. Same reason you like watching every one snap chat story it's the same reason you like watching everyone's answer grams story you know we like watching Eagles so anyway so reality TV lets say takes the best one out of you know thousands of people here didn't they give them a show an equal waksal thing it's cheese. I don't know. I was watching better rules piano is asking what you what you think at this check. That was on the show and they're doing a reunion right now and use this line what do you think her. What do thing and her went and the struggling a green dress and n.'s bailing you out what she's the greatest character on the show that was pretty easy to add new pretty brawl she's your generic white Israeli lie and I can't stop watching. She is a new character and she's like. She got a vagina offending talker rush you went to Thailand to get a vagina GM and she has one now. OK so the show I will say that I do look at how there's like a reality show for pretty much everything now the apple and learning so much yeah. Is this on TLC yeah designed drop out and should be if you're learning. President Reagan hated TSE's. And a lot of other clay learning fancy because of the joggers. What else I watch on TLC OK let's do everything we watched yet watched the daggers on TLC I watch all the little people shows an obsessed yeah the little people big world my little why eased a little. The little couple of little people big world today addressed the midget they also are. I was happy that word I hate it when you I don't say that word did you think you can't say that word will face in a word to people know basic you're not supposed to say that word anymore that's old school is black he was saying VMware though Michael we can say it. Not. Sure you're a little lesson there I can say maybe you do may be due to get a free have a thing called extreme major wrestling. They sell tickets for. And then did they call themselves and they glorify amp and he'll do when you as a derogatory. Comments and promote something and other little he's another little people who don't wanna be called a major us and I think. As a millionaire like people like black people overly use the N word. In navy and their like mode though we're not really any Shirley. Is definitely there's a white people that over easier to word of several times what he says let's be real about it for a second and we made real about it nobody here is the inward that make me much worker at the Annapolis is eliminated from a vocabulary I how can a white person made that decision. I don't know why this talk now that a white person who think she's a black person yeah. I. Right what are you implying an edge here like Caroline I think you are blacker. People come up to it and share it or black all the time this because and I don't think is because he's sound black I think it's it is your your you grew up in a very diverse did very diverse. Late screening community yes I don't like the Mets is I don't like about Milwaukee is how segregated is any growth like this man now people live like this other parts of the country where. You have literally black people on one side white people on one side Hispanic people want to come into this bizarre. That is no it's crazy to me I hate that about Milwaukee I wish people the literature that have never leaked Billups would go see what's that it's not normal all a sudden somebody and and yes it was out there are things that said that south division I schools one of the biggest refugee. High schools in a lot I. I didn't know that not deny that at all mean retinal now and where. Off from everywhere our wow from Myanmar they were people from Kenya and other people from this Syria not anybody. They're from all over the place there there patsy and our schools but they were that they said it's sad even tell that they're from a self says school because of the way that the address. In the way you think that way. Makes it even more staggering and it is like oh they must be from a cell site it perpetuates stereotypes of what people think I think. And it's it's like you know like old you were white so we can talk about this a white people wouldn't think you can see the prejudice and they don't even see it. You know when Amy and MLB like I don't wanna go back side of town and I'm like why. Yeah easy it that adding to not realize how messed up that sounds like crazy I was at a Dell's we're given those dells are yeah and a woman locked up and she was clearly that it thinks is Mexican or Hispanic and she goes hey can I have a couple cars message Shuler. And then when she walked away one of the guys that was sitting down said. Jessica she was an American citizen he did not and I said in front of in the we'll an island no I don't I don't see you of that matters I yelled. Why would answer the what do what else Laura Moses joking around ago while we joke about that I go here later that realize how racist is sound and then he asked me in one leg or why are you an American citizen unless I am I served in the military always does and I like earlier in the military and that's. I was like huh. Well I respect you for having served our country I was like I don't think it's appropriate you speak like that when your fighting for our country that you clearly don't understand it. What do you think by looking at someone you can tell they're an American citizen metal when the problem we every Hogan overheated nemesis after that of course saudis on the eve of these aircraft he's not talking. Yeah but he was very nice to me afterwards is he was like Jesus I was kind of an. An international man. Who do you think there's a difference between being ignorant being a big. Greg can you be here and not be a big they were just talking about this on the manner of rules reunions and you're asking about reality TV is one of the girls at some stops and they said really she's a big reason she's here. So yeah there's a different scale I think ignorant how has a means you can't think visiting out innocents to ignorance that seek ties. You're not doing it with intense or malice or yeah sure Saddam it is down you just tell you down here they did you do it because you know that. I don't like there's kind of like I see yes it's true actually let me because this and battle or that their house people like that if all those walls again a bomb people that's crazy yeah. He's a Muslim filming now they move. I need is a mus Lim is going to kill me now. Hate is he oh my god people are stingy there are people still think still is today. Thinking back in understand is that Barack Obama is Muslim still is generally on what editor you aren't you ready newspaper toward years there on the flat planet earth it's bizarre doesn't missing. The flatware those those letters people. With the notion that the same anyways this this maturity and that velvet don't have people in the world which I love talking about because people are really irritate me Vista had this debate deviant from reality TV ads are you know what we're sure the transgender girl on there are rules. By agents and it I don't know what it is about reality TV that I can't get behind that on it you don't wanna drop my rigs that's your ear problem. You don't like drama I don't why. 'cause you his frugal when is there ever good drama when you're watching it from afar to sign your life to handle reality TV and that's what I liked it. His Harley miss possible. Some people thrive on drama that's on the guerrilla beauty that gets bigger yeah. My dad was very dramatic he's proven that kind of I hope we never listened to that's all have probably will always is you know even here at stand pat. Astaire our Stan. There's data did you get your DM ears checked I don't need my ears checked. Okay dad companies that are. We'll look at Garnett eons. Is that the superficial thing and the perpetuating out of this is how we should look thing and how they still. And that's I hate that and I hate the girls are they think they have to be held at that stand there and you end. It had to be pretty and I don't look injections after the exclusives and eyes but they have to work out of the time they can't. But they rarely do you problem looked at card dash isn't that sense regs is that they had done yes. For so many years that have gotten so insecure from the Internet you know what you. You don't go from. Doing all of this stuff your face over western new unless you are really insecure about yourself I'm sorry OK you don't get a whole face of lift like Kim Kardashian and dead. Because you love your face okay so like what I'm saying is actually made them more insecure. And you can see it as you wash your season one diseases into this season three. And then the more insecure they get the more work to get done and then all the women wanna look like them but they know it's it's totally fake they don't look like that. And I agree it's receptive and here's the thing even women who don't wanna look like them like. But for me like I was that would be pretty but I am Alec Kelly look like Kim Kardashian and this is not my goal in life however. Indirectly they can make an insecure shore and I think that's even women like me because you know he's figured it affects you but seeing those images show like a hole may. None she's hot well it's also fake it tell you is guys we do it till I get body issues you do are you kidding me really totaling. Do you dare they call a guy Thad Matta girl facts blaming DD that's fair in society like it's totally more acceptable to be like hey patio. God how I had a guy allow and I could never said to a girl. That's messed up to it and call guys that essentially not girls season to double standard that is the guys care about that. Of course you do guys really insecure when you make for other bodies absolutely don't even know guys like Chris are there really hate themselves and try to let it depends on the setting like Chris Farley goes into it knowing he's a big fat guy and he knows that's his thing hit tonight. You cap that's what people love enemies and it fat guys that want to I don't know she's using college and there'll and one guy is the fact I was here. Wrong and I can probably do well when is that going to take pride goes Helmand cries himself to sleep in the corner does what's. Adversity blue is the big doesn't the big idol about to see Billy Bob they did Billy Bob Goldman cry. Yes he did. Really it was kind of problems so guys are really it's the guy started securely away and now and earlier aren't you know this is a whole other have listened to and it with my podcasts kinds of mental health money out and you think it was men the app and but the men and mental health because I think that may have terrible with him until the horrible cleared the way wears women's his wing talkers in their emotional you know memento crying. Now to internalize everything we do we're terrible line yeah the wars somehow podcast from man that can talk about that and have a competition with the manly man. And see who can cry first. Between ten. The first when a cry wins something. You mean attention both. Now how do you for the past week or you don't get emotional asked to be emotional can be an invisible parents it to watch like Marley and me or a dog's purpose only got Marley and me it would take five seconds in tears again. And let's have no soul ranked chase first on a cry wins. I loved Marley and me by the way first political Breyer went to those kind of attacking get behind things with stories like that so that's the reality you don't like reality TV and I. You wanna watch sad movies that make you cry you can say thank you expressed real world now I watched her I would find it interesting every once in awhile what's seasons did you watch of the real world I think the first one so I didn't know which ones you don't even now it is with me in reality TV I don't think I hate reality TV I just don't get into it different watch it. Does your wife like she married a first site and she does you got into that I love married for psychosis that you train grad who watched last line in what else. Hmm what else have you watched in reality TV your eggs. Because I watch bachelor a little bit it's only the bachelor or the person getting like predictable and knowing what's the same thing and and say he's American Idol and now he's an American Idol is. As he don't care anymore you'll carry this nemesis Ian and that's true for these vicious. OK so here's what I don't get whose it is you don't like reality TV now your mom and dad loved it in my Davos is so much why did they eleven you don't. Now it's a great question. My dad will lit Chile's carve out an evening for the bass. Watch it live flies lie yet he's you know deserves it and Aaron isn't mine commercials hasn't won any spoilers like you really amazed again. Yeah chats and talk to my message to people. Ashland mass Iowans beard he total and as I love that's that's my dad so I can my eye can see enactment. Firearms owner why your parents limit you down to it and I don't think and think instead of watching it after I left the house they got or to ask how their kids laugh they tell us. Then there and do it yeah I get kind of you know I watched American Idol for awhile. The first couple seasons and many watched American Idol though that was like that fitting end there weren't as many reality shows and in the current issue. The sexy in the corridor she ends bigger than just escalated. I did watch finding bigfoot. Cox would endorse that crap to see what a way to make DVR one woman's crap. Another man's entertain southern charm I love that show DVR but they are not certain charm. Jersey Shore sailing vacation yep of course is long lost family got a long less spam is on TLC it's amazing rigs at the show where they go find some like it your adopted a fine your parents it's so it's kind of like how mine sperm donor father concerned about and in my life has like that dude I think instead Brothers. OK so can I just so right now we found out guys say this that we felt we had absolutely MO my blood father called has been trying to get in touch with me for awhile and he's never been in your right now he's been in and out of my life for 35 years now that match now one of his stomach kids. Because I apparently have many many half Brothers and sisters I don't know how many deals like seven and I looked dude I've been stocking your stamina and FaceBook to them. And he called to my work phone now. It is China that this bells marking bella what do you parking about just histamine birth father. Are you proud that rigs birth father because he's Jewish bella bella speak. Speak. To meet and speak. Trying to hurt Mark Bell about Delaware I think the ballot rigs on. If you are sick. So we find out today this is crazy because he calls is a message MM works voice mail that says you're coming up I'm coming up for knicks medals medical school graduation in Milwaukee and Mike. Wait a minute graduation in Milwaukee. I have my half brother that's been living in Milwaukee dude. Riggs I didn't know about USA half brother who's clearly been here for at least three years going to school or college of Wisconsin because we we stopped him on FaceBook and I said. Willie you have a brother I still can't get over this your brother in Milwaukee you're no doubt this is like an Oprah story and he asked you also have other Brothers and very close to us because they stocked with all their face looks and one of the Brothers went to Whitewater agent so you have. How Brothers now there are ya that literally. Are in China we can win do you want to know given our job they didn't listen you'll radio him. Do they know you're their brother I don't know that's what closed up that's what's freaking me how often tended in listening going to smell brown this is my half brother nick or whatever it is content owner if you're sperm donor eggs is coming up to Milwaukee for the kids' graduation they actually pay attention to one yes you are who knows if needed uno. We don't know we don't we don't you're right he's just Channing and because the kid's name. Is different on FaceBook than the birth name. And to remember that. Remember Allie was doing her gumshoe investigation on eleven and a team that. Then it's my half brother your half mile area with the Milwaukee this is Cree yeah I don't find this guy his last name is nice for a great last. Is that we heard now and are gonna send me your brother that we at a 100% yeah. Irregular. It's so weird I of course yeah I got to sort of after the whereas I send you half brother and I have ever met for Democrats are. I guess and I'll send him much here right now. I wasn't really sitting on an island you well yeah that there is dying gasses are so many things. Like I wanted to know if this guy knows that your his brother and in that like you're in the same towel on Mike yeah. And now that it here. If you're sperm donor dad. Invited. It's set I wanna come see you again telling the other guy. Now I would think so but I don't know I have an anti Obama sperm donor dance is seven years probably. At least seven years because he came to Milwaukee once. When it were to get ready essentially came up with one of his other kids. And what how old was actually at how did you ever is that your brother he and I think he was sixteen at the time. Maybe seventeen at a time okay. That's the last time that I saw my sperm donor father and and at peace until we should do everything is George father quite fresh sperm donor and during her out in my hair out. You're down Arizona dad is as I can't leave your brother in Milwaukee and so freaked out and a best. I haven't met any of them never had a except for one thing when it came to to Milwaukee some. That's my family drama. Oh my god no we're not only a matter really how I was gonna say what do you think about it either it. What do you think about having two half Brothers I don't you wanna know that. Yes and now you have no Brothers some media that he like he is somebody and never. I am and guess I would get to know them a little bit why not yes or no do you wanna get to know them. And indeed his would need a real man I would meet him but you know you don't know either now down now but you meet them sure. But you're not saying Yasser out regime are now now I'm not gonna I'm not gonna I'm not to go out of my way to carve time to see them. Like travel distances like up there and solve this not their fault that the sperm donors do push through. Why are you punishing the half Brothers they have nothing to do with that meant. And you don't know they get the same feelings and I am his name very welcome to now I can I it's ours we have guys over out that can be how we bond. I should bring my is I want my daughter dead donor on the air on Monday I want you to you. I'm just asking these questions I would get I would love to now. I would love to know the answer all these things I know what a great anyways here's. Donors can be on the air many I need to write down like serious questions I think they go whole weekend of writing down questions and have a weekend irritant who has to stand. Are you really have a money here. I think zone so he's fantastic. Harry amend NAFTA. I meant is there are here Salem now who's your questions to a welcome back questions well goodness now can I get a premium. Com I don't it was a glass from a means stamp on day one thing present on does not mean the summit style north sound on my person that's. I. So aghast with. No but here's the thing about her girl is being mean. Accomplish really becoming the widow and picketing you're not getting any kind of there hanging Meehan aggressive and confrontational. Yet again anything here's a better. Yes we're gonna get out of anybody. You can really tell us Cindy back Fred I think you suck and then it ages. Look I Sega be aggressive birds and expressing yourself if you're pissed about that you're not Matt that's the thing hearing care. What happens. In the reason that I am so reserved. His because of him now he's treated me. Explode and go offline and how some sort of alarm goes off inside of me no way is this gonna release a totally new I range is. Whole new rigs oh my gosh so you're saying you've only been quiet your whole life easier if that's the reason no way what if you can because I've always hears them. This is the real there's really no way if that it would if that is if I'm thinking deep down seven never really told him how I felt. Never really is anybody ever been around how could get a job how you felt gap so I've figure ideally. Even in my world but a money there well again Donna and I feel see what he says why is he clearly was so much. Lately is it because he's telling the brother that your there and he wants to act like kids a relationship with you or is it because he's trying to build one because we call them out on the air for being do Sheila why did she tried so hard to get old hearing now because he feels guilty. We'll be shed. The only know that your like in your mid thirties. Now. Himself. He was there at that time in my section as he got it doesn't it our for a long time I would think cell. That would kill the talked it him because I wanted to know I've really wanna ask some of these dads like. Why heat you just leave a kid like moms don't get back end and here's the other thing. I know people who are not their kids' lives. Often not because they were alcoholic. Yeah I have a good friend her dad was in and out her step dad raised jerked him like do you guess what. Clinton are there and you'll birthdays sheeting get anything. She get a card cheating you're happy birthday you probably went through that where you never heard from you go your biological father and your are they right now so are saying like. There are reasonably geared to act like. It doesn't sound like Hughes and he had alcohol is the hammer any of these it's never had a problem drinking I think it is had a problem with committing to things. I don't get any problem with following here I think given Saturday and get married other people with like for their kids with them at these still subject my guess so I mean I mean I'm charming deacon mutually assured I did do wish. Now you wouldn't leave a kid if you got a if you attic hiding to Purdue's gene. Didn't die down thank god ranked high so I just I don't know why maybe I just don't know why maybe you pass it on the the other half gangs yeah. It's for a while I think you should find your Brothers and Milwaukee I think she you have to have your sperm donor dad on the air and I think we should ask him where the hell he was just I really want a mountain they i.'s solution curious aware or you like why where and why now if he tries to point fingers or Molitor. Or her family I will snap. Leo did you go to he's probably at an air. Naked Israelis say well I wasn't allowed to see. You have to do would be is say I who understands that I am merit I messed up I'm sorry. It wasn't cool. How wonder if I'd I Dario isn't it if he says that then what do you say. If he says I'm sorry I just heard out I'm eighty then why does it say okay. And it would you say you what a relationship now. Now pegs Herbert combine to thank you it's too late it's late it's a wait till you're never ever relationship dear I'm biological father there's no point. I don't think so you know I just don't parents now he don't care. It is when I have definitely raised fascinating because people always want another biological parent and you just don't care it's so funny I have a daddy raised me right now. You and me into the man that I am that there's veto it is great there's a void. You don't have to avoid that people have what made an appearance missing now and even when you have you ever felt a VoIP. I have. Oh well then there who was empty let's kick. Not this year but you make you sound why he. I have your father feel that you're here your your stepfather raise your jarriel that he and fill that void. I had do you remember in my invisible friend named told you that yeah that was my avoid. When mice. My donor or father left ER I knew that something was wrong I'm not an idiot yeah you're right to an Angel. But you still -- a lot less so much promise starts here baby killer thinks you can try my or even a father figure that is now gone from my life yeah so I had to create something that was a father figure in my life so I in my brain. I remember viscerally. This character fit in imaginary friend that I thought was a real person that alleged accident. No it was just a guy named fit. My invisible friend it was never ready Alley with a dad figured out that it was an annual risen as it was a dead failures because he was a mail it was a man. He was always hanging out with Maine is always wanting to do things with me he's always in charge about a. Yeah. Imagine very many your price wise when he died too when my mom met my eyes to what he. Died yes died you can tag and aid fit. The man and physical fringe guy rigs where you talking about you he continues to you have this invisible friend and manager friend whoever when you were Camden and summonses devoid grants and I'm filling the void with this imaginary friend died when your mom in as deep. Now go deep deep (%expletive) let's do this yeah this is do know is that I'm. So it imaginary friend died when my mom met my now father John. Because once she met him I got to know him I sort of hanging out with him and doing dad stuff with him to wind it always does and I had died around the time that they got married. And remember that my mother came to my room and I was in tears and I was crying no way yes and she said what's wrong Aniston fit died. She goes oh my god sugar. Does and what isn't. Is that we re Al astounding was that real to me when I was kid. Our time void that was how I filled in not having a bad things that why every Saturday diet if you had. Yeah a better dad because it was a death agreed to like it would anything but as soon militarily was easy grieving your biological father and the thing about your system your young agent that's what it was and that's why you got around. Then it's fascinating and then I think that's moving forward a bit and in and then I think it was a couple weeks later. I was on the backyard. I was playing with fit again and to make Graham said what are you doing an S and amp I don't think that guy that that's what she said. But out loud and says. Because he went on a diet shake out his playing garbage truck. Yeah. So if it went to heaven time they heartless person and their real and then how did shake it back he jumped from heavens and he jumped back down. This is not that sort of Coco do and this is not it's my goodness and tomorrow and then sit moved to Puerto Rica. It's still alive today I don't know I haven't talked to the live easy a pair pressed FYI is now I'm okay good and avoids dead is not eleven half. Act. Now this past I thought about it is that remember in my imaginary friend and that was that was how I filled the void of not your dad I loved it when the imaginary friend died just like no it's like it's Indiana school. No editor no I mean year eager you step dad slash a real father Ali I don't delegate literally love them like I'll come I was like oh my god loves me he's killing fit for me yeah. He killed. He economy which in front of a garbage strike when your ma urged it I'd just like it though I'm. Next and DC man on ask her about I'm going to jail and she'll tell you an exact same sort of going through about starting. It died over clowns like something that would make up I did he then mayor is no doubt that it's an imaginary friend it's mainly just yes. Well it's interesting how we use our imaginations to check out of our lives like man you know how we were just our map my sister starting out the do you she was happy she was dating had a wife like how people create these alternate realities because they eat or why select. These usual I was cheating. Where people don't like their life so they create this fantasy world where there having an affair or whatever doing the things play. This may be back to why people watch reality TV particularly from their lives corrected and now he's just sees somebody that has drawn on the you don't have right now on their having. You know issues with are exciting this way you watch. I think TV is it's a way to check out period you know. Delhi that's why guys let's sports yet you know they are probably watch sports are you now that's why we really know I think obviously well. That's true now I don't know. You know I love reality TV do don't want an all day long when you leave I'm watching it. I know I'm gonna watch it's gonna be amazing and Jimmy really quick finish to your dog we are sorry ever. How what happened is we got to long lost family went on the tenth hole I thought I. Walk us fairly tickets and your father always a lot of scrutiny is those are a Baghdad in an idea we are gonna had innocence of kind of terms I know that survivor was that is. Everybody does what survivor is now. Below deck Mediterranean amazing this is us this is the show on Bravo what about the crew on he got ten. And you get to watch that might serve people that are rich re yachts it's fascinating results kinds of Beverly Hills regional drought like the Beverly Hills a teen mom and he mom to yes yeah what is Zander pump essentially what and it okay what is Vander pump what is Lisa Zander prompt okay it's a person okay. And she is on the real housewives of Beverly Hills and and she has a restaurant and her restaurant. It has tons of how waiters in Beverly Hills and waitresses mail sleep together in the Al dating each other and hence the show Vander pub rules now. It's at a faster each Heinz like amazing. Real house president Thomas has DI NG number one Lance Bass came to town from -- we had terrorists yes this case Goodyear remember you don't remember this but when I seem right Lance Bass I looked at rice aren't you really good friends of Lisa Vander company said a very good bridges are my best friends is that what I easily and I'm obsessive fan of liberals he said is amazing it's all real and I said thank you Lance bats. So there's that little tidbit for you are my lips that's sad to say. Your projects should regret about better to liberals gays are continually eleven other sound alphabet card then of real house resident atomic Potomac which is in DC yes yes DC oh really does this CNN's special report was this for the dear to crack up at that's your I think that says what is this the royal wedding yeah. Oh my god I just yelled Mike you are charged a culture I got so excited Harriet Megan a royal match honored here and chasing Diana because they wanted to see Marcel Von dar and Princess Diana because they didn't a lot of matter. And so okay after those that I have six episodes of Saturday Night Live aren't giving Hollywood medium with Taylor Henry is a slight shift that's a teenager extremely psychic GAAP. And he's a weird kid the American diocese the Kennedys to they wanted to know more about the Kennedys Kennedys are fascinating family are what is you know we gonna be shows about the trumps. Oh Tammy fascinating yes I am village every play and a different when you watch every second yeah trump document templates are coming out do you imagine now because films he's still my god do you decent dude all the behind the scenes stuff for us. With the power movies are coming out about all this ship that's going to very oh no doubt that he ran for his businesses never thinking you get elected and then you can easily talked in any I've seen numerous people talk about bass and then where he got elected he was like oh she yet slick validity of this State's election night you can see it drug's safety and ever he's like oh schett and I want to mess. It's muddy and interpret okay now the comedian John Bellini the host SNL. He was posing as an ally I don't we wasn't. So funny how are you compared Donald Trump to a horse and hospital. He said it's like having a horse and hospital he was like. No one's ever seen a horse and hospitals you don't know what to do so with a walk and run hostility. You hear Eddie blocking here coming. Everybody wants to know what's to what's of course doing what's going on rhetoric is of course doesn't know when is doing the horse has never been hospitable for either I need to wait a minute what do you mean like a horse you've. How did of course get out yeah. The hard. Headed whores know how to use the elevator I. I'm actually really bad listener call. That's it bears and we can do all our guests on politics over the right I'll do is half the people often make people happy South Beach whenever I'm justice for yeah the only sure app and wander back to console thank you very comfort to at least and reality TV guide to where things that my DVR million dollar listing New York yes I've it and before is that Millie now matchmaker -- no eliciting similar or no one's a real estate ones lobbed you how can. And then that was that there's something below that I can. And algebra teacher believe Iran mini Scientology's the aftermath that's fascinating it's a great show. That's old is still on them you know I have Washington I don't know six episodes do it each year is so we double or drinking since it's yours over summer yes I just can't Diet Coke and eating and drinking a rock star. At nine when he and I. Yes yeah yeah it for the morning that's Smart. Well it's very easy this happens and income radio podcast in my house at 8 o'clock at night in my in my kids are yours I've known talked as a Mike looks CNN's Mike Taylor does anyone. I'll put my sister I'd rather run around and me when it's not gonna need dozens and well. Where exactly are you and they can we please go find your brother now yes. And heavy on many future podcasts or amending and an end tonight the backtracking costs which your skirt for the yen. Forget about it. And now another message from one of us my concern is if you ever stepped in your bathtub slit our and in a senior high. I happen anymore thanks did those little rubber things that are sticky on the bottom that you put on the bottom of your town they can and shapes that juicy shelves sea horses stars and glow of various visit Garko with gravy dot com for more on those little rubber things that go on the bottom of your town helping you not slipped since 1975. And go buy some today Borges he slipped and the deputy U. If Al barb. I'm part to this week's podcast of one of the place something from a Gibbons and kind of resumes on the shelf very dear friend of mine who. And I about a year ago I was thinking about doing a podcast in humans and I had this debate we were gonna. Who can argue about Mir what vs nannies who planned it out we recorded it but we never did anything with it. Until now so here is that conversation with given tonight arguing about the miracle of purses and hand his. The beloved condiments and yes I've brought to the the show this week. Mr. Ryan Gibbons had welcomed little room to work with him every morning on the re examine more emotional. Here in Milwaukee Wisconsin so why west started off there's basically there's attended condiments you lose the ten commandments right yet that Moses. Got by the burning bush or something. An ambush Alley was sick she knows the Jewish history of Britain I don't know much about the Jews moment and the Catholic guy how much self likewise likewise Catholic in house you know about to twelve Chris stages of the cross or whatever. Is at thirteen I don't know. Thirteen and half regardless of Ike and that was called attend condiments hole OK so the ten commandments. So you've got ketchup and mustard. Relishes. Accounting principles are also included via sauces. So like soy sauce and barbecue sauce those of the and other condiments. Jellies number five poll. Jellies and jams James as well Joe's jams marmalade there'll included a as number five. Then you have peanut butter products like peanut butters Michael and voters are not butters. He's got some other just regular butter or margarine. If you want. Cream cheeses school. Choice sweet spreads like new talent and chocolates from. And then there's so many case. Number ten the only the one and Leo I think you need mayonnaise or miracle on anything but the specifically about mayonnaise and miracle that I think it goes back to. Like down no let's say miracle for example. Started back in 1933. Sub that's a far back miracle whip goes is miracle workers back in the days of like the Great Depression. When it was way too expensive to buy pricey mayonnaise with their fancy ingredients. So crafts and we're gonna make a mock guess first of many ace. Call me and collect the kind of like a salad dressing. And hence miracle was born. We know what man race. You wanna know about mayonnaise elements which elements on July 4 77 he says hey what's. In the great city of Philadelphia the declaration of independence was signed. The birthplace of America twenty years before that OK before we were officially nation we are still under British rule. Look what okay people got together and they got to make jokes now they got some vinegar yeah a little bit a lemon juice somehow some oil offshore and makes. They started off together channel big cauldron. Saw in the skies opened it was a bright sunny day. And mayonnaise was. I'm it was a beautiful day that light creamy substance and actually. Yellow in its natural state I didn't really. Yeah well this Daschle saying that I didn't know that yet another and is added zero reasons about mayonnaise in needed all the research about how to. Manners yep because it's way better way better than this I disagree I think miracle this way better why let's take a miracle occurrence was like getting greeted submit to collect. Very similar to the ingredients of mayonnaise miracle that as. Muster flower bed for you must just delicious but Muster flour is bad for McCain out water. Good for in depth soybean oil. Find for you. Paprika. I fructose corn syrup terrible for a corn syrup eggs. And vinegar modified corn salts cornstarch salt natural flavor of the best. You can write garlic the assertive preservative potassium sore mate. And spice quit to crash was is as other spices that are in there. That Kraft stem cells woman anybody now keep it secret is is like a McDonald's secret sauce miracle whip is. (%expletive) delicious miracle whip is candy you know one can't heal my Bologna and cheese thank you very much the had a Bologna cheese sandwich with miracle whip you're damn right I have if he had won with Manning so there's nothing like it that the and I think we are going this far better each. You're out of control body. If you read it to made a sandwich. Riggs was Rick's I grew up in New Jersey yes these tomato capital. Of this or any other state of the union seem familiar with the tomato sandwich damn right I am he tells the bread up about a brand job. But the man a stop or the miracle whip on the main wish is so great way to do it solved. Using you put. Salt and pepper on top of the Mayo and it's at the tomatoes it is. Really put the salt pepper on top of the Manny somebody or junior Collette know the Mayo or not the miracle the miracle whip now I'm Mayo that's a good cuts could pull Arthur. To really give way to do it. Let's say we can make other things with miracle whip you had America with cake you British chocolate cake made with. Miracle that I have not it will blow your mind my friend. He like chocolate cake right yes you really can make it with a replacement can put miracle with and it is Swedes it up a little bit. It makes it a little bit more moist. It's outstanding. But that just further proves my point quite miracle at this candy I don't want candy on my meets on my lunch meat sandwich you seasick candy I say versatile. Nothing okay. Mayo and let's say you here in the fridge right you forgot to run the story gets a butter can what you wanna make a grilled cheese sandwich OK you can take. Full. Although it may oh yeah hand and it works just like Kyle Boller went to make his own Maryland who is no wouldn't. It will be the same thing all the chemicals that are in there were totally makes a wonderful little putting us Emmet had never done it. I haven't no I I would just still multiple times no peaked a miracle and a skilled afford no I've done mailed the scope for a tank and it work so you try to keep your eye opener skillet that's well and all the chemicals that are in the miracle would come out and just disintegrates may be what's on fire and then you burn your house down and then you have no housewives usual ordered miracle whip or mail. I here's let's go let's talk about this with miracle whip look at are given to know that I've lately I've been counting my calories Aaliyah and then watching what I eat. Working out a lot. Which is really weird and I don't like to talk about it on the radio Kazaa think it's due she is talking about it totally and I do and keep it to myself I don't put it on anybody don't put it out demo like to go to the gym if nobody is a ship right true though he cares if you say do I do they do on my own but. I I looked nutritional content and look at nutrition facts and everything that I eat now serving sizes. Sodium a look at protein carbohydrates a look at fats. Everything you really need to like a basic 2000 calorie diet and nutrition facts they have a different out here look at both the nutrition facts for. Mayonnaise and miracle in says everything on the side. This is due to a 2000 calorie diets. Miracle whip in one serving one T tablespoon rather which is thirteen grams. Too incessant what's weird is it says thirteen grams on this one and fifteen grams on the other one but they're both the tablespoon. Weird now and on of the metric system and myself we were American men have very many days ninety calories per serving mean miracle weapon. Sixty calories per serving less calories in miracle left now let's look at the fact. That's not good for you right now there's good fats like got a Condo but fat mayonnaise or miracle would not the mess for you. Ten grams. Of fat and Mitt Manning's. Comedy thinker a miracle at 3.5. Okay less than half less then half keep those stats sheet bond Ellen is it good to have a lot of cholesterol and indicted she get a heavy amount of cholesterol. Are you guys like we are yes his share cholesterol man a side five milligrams. Cholesterol in the miracle excited less than five milligrams also four point 95. When better for him of this talk about carbohydrates and carbohydrates are your energy Lucia the sugars. They keep your body moving as the fuel which you need to move carbohydrates. Zero carbohydrates and nannies is it's terrible for you. Miracle went past two grams of cards you getting a little bit and my wife who's a type one diabetic level low blood sugar I can get their miracle whip. And it would raise your blood sugar thank you for Manny is all day long as she's is gonna lay there. Just got to lay there all I have is man is now she might last gonna die and diabetic shock because I didn't have. Any sugar I had miracle what they would do a miracle and it was savor life. Because of those two grams of carves. It is candy which is you're just furthering my point now listen though and neither one of men approach him Ireland of course not now. Diet Coke. Okay zero calories. Right zero sugar zero a whole lot better than regular Coke for your right amusing or put a whole lot better for Iraq and caring guy token I don't SE demand Manny is a miracle is that re going to Diet Coke OK to regular cocoa content. They would say it's better for your right I can show you a hundred studies that say because of all the fake sugars that they put. In the Diet Coke zero calories and zero sugar it's ten times worse for our rights so you just ask you you're good you're doing your left wing politics over here. You've just got what are your argument in early due to go to that side even elected debunk it but I do with stacks up Jack I'm facts and the facts are. The main there was bail. And the president at the beginning is that as the slogan MI go to your site. I feel like I've grown up with miracle at my whole life and that's that's laugh and team miracle at Emma stating miracle to the end of DeLeon a time. Likewise I grew up a Mayo guy and I had actually this discussion with my energy on the way here your mom said you don't win their Ryan. And you let them know she we operate mail to at least yet you turn the mid June 10 may have to life there wriggle family was always a miracle accounts always miracle at all the way let's bring the size together. What makes them. Aren't my alma comics to Helena. How are better because if we mix the two together in. Minimalism managed together. You know access to experiment clearance certificate of thanks for coming on the podcast today I played. I told you were stupid. For stupid were dumb thanks for checking out the podcast this week. Rigs off the radio dropped a new one next week we're talking to family video remember back in the day like blockbuster video and Hollywood video in West Coast video. If there's 700 would you believe it over 700 family video locations. In the United States that's like crap time. How are they still maintaining. Do they still have an adult section how are they making money we'll talk til next week right here. Rigs off the radio thank you for listening now really greatly appreciated. There's there's a lot of stuff to listen to is so effective just listen to me and if you listen this far. We in my mom you're amazing thanks so much had a great week I'll talk to you soon make good life decisions right.