EP 16 - Reuniting with friends for Podcast Purposes (Riggs & Rayne Reunion)

Saturday, May 2nd

*NSFW LANGUAGE* You know those friends who you can pick up where you left off with EVERY TIME?  That's me and my friend Rayne.  Rayne and I have been friends for over 10 years.  We have the technology and the "talent" - why not do a podcast episode together while we're quarantined?  With no plan whatsoever - we managed to discuss: 

Standard COVID-19 discussion - differences between Milwaukee and Sacramento, CA (Where he resides)


McDonalds prizes and the McMillions documentary.

Self coping skills

80's and 90's movie plotholes

1990's Nickelodeon TV shows - wins and fails. 

Spendng $300 to meet Pee Wee Herman

Text messaging with Mark Summers of Double Dare.