EP 11 - Captain Santa's Missing 'Christmas Tree Boat' on Lake Michigan

Friday, December 21st

How about a spooky ghost story for the holidays this year?  My friend Anna from www.gothicmilwaukee.com came in to tell the story of Captain Santa and his Christmas Tree ship that was due for Chicago and went missing.  A haunting tale of maritime mishaps that will tingle the spine!  Grab a hot toddy or a moose mug of egg nog, and toss on your new noise canceling headphones (this spooky story is set with music and sound effects...I spent some time on it just for you).  Enjoy and thanks again to Anna for her amazing storytelling skills!  

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year - I'll talk to you in 2019.  I appreciate you for listening to my podcasts, it really means a lot.   

Thank you.