EP 1 - Welcome To Riggs Off The Radio

Friday, May 18th

The first ever episode of Riggs Off The Radio - just an introduction to Riggs and spewing ideas.  You know, the usual  "first episode" jiggers.  Let's get this first awkward one out of the way.  The first time is always the weirdest.  Nowhere to go but up from here, friend.  New episodes drop every Friday!

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Make it's an adult content listener discretion isn't what you're about to hear this figure. Inside leftovers from rigs is spreading throughout his daily since you probably hear everything that happens on the radio this. This stuff that happens off the radio. Rigs off. The radio it's now here's your host hi hello its rigs and welcome to the first ever episode of rigs off the radio. Yeah I've ever podcast now that it's a nagger eight. And outright new one a week if you can hold me accountable on hold myself accountable to one a week and that Abbot try to double it and go to week. But seriously this will be a regular thing itself. Your fan. You listen to shell this is the chance for me to talk to get a word in edgewise video expound about something it talked about on the air. Maybe to be something completely different. And quite regularly and we'll have guests on this podcast people that are a hell of a lot polygamy may be famous people I don't know I haven't thought that far ahead yet. Personnel word from our sponsors. And. Bush is in this podcaster brought to you by garbled with gravy dot com. Now you can get the oral hygiene you've always wanted with the delicious taste of gravy and you get to keep the calories. Garbled with gravy dot com use code word garbled right now for a chance to get a free that's right free. Year's supply of tasty gravy that's goggle with gravy. Dot com prize is not real would be ridiculous please don't. All right to this first episode. Of new podcast rigs off the radio you're probably wondering why the hell is rate starting to do podcast why now with a healthy and talk about. What is this guy have to say. And yeah Ali and Gibbons what they access. The offering if you quote don't you worry a drag those clowns on one of these podcasts. Your second amateur tell you about the evidence that it is found in my basement that's ramat right now this is my basement at least for today's episode and in my basement a bounce around. I found evidence. That puts my wife and I at the scene of the crime in Monte Carlo. It was on our honeymoon and outside you what I found. And why it might screw me here it is couple minutes. Couple other things we'll touch on to his first episode quickly. People being accountable for things in life yes. I guess something to say about that including accountability with myself in my own life and you probably too don't mind. People and guess that I have scheduled to come up and be on my podcast a college people who are way cooler than me. I'll talk about a segment I have been playing called mental health Monday. Will also discuss the freedom of having a podcast and how it's different than being on the radio and kind of what you can expect from me sell. This kind of hey he is what's going on welcome to the podcast like a pilot episodes no such yet for everything become. And you'll know what to expect from me what to expect from new issues that have your ears and you listening and I I thank you for that lady just stumbled upon this through the Internet somehow. Or you know me from listening to kiss FM in Milwaukee. However you know me howry came upon this podcast thank you Phyllis and I appreciate you being himself. Accountability one of the first things I wanted to talk about how many people you know when your life that don't take accountability for things that they do or things that they say that they're going to do. If I tell you on the deal podcast every Friday right you expect me to have a new podcast every Friday. When NBC tells you a new episode of this is just drops every Tuesday. You expect Jack in the whole family and Kate in her drama and Kevin and his boyish good looks the whole family to be there every Tuesday night and if it's not. Your (%expletive) right. Because they're accountable to it obviously they have millions of dollars at stake I've got hundreds of dollars at stake but the point is. I would be accountable in the sense that now do me a new podcast for you every week. He can expect something from me every week now ranked in the eighties that in your life as well maybe you are not accountable some way maybe you're looking deep down inside you thinking holy now. I'm not accountable sometimes maybe I should be accountable to. They yup they can expect that from me. I am going to work on having people in on this podcast in aura on this podcast maybe I'll even go to people. Because I have the means obvious they have the recording devices to go to people. And talk to them at their places and hit a lot of the people we're gonna have on this summer will probably be drunk people. Because that this is nice over summer. Yes that's another topic for another day I am not drinking all summer in Wisconsin which is really hard to do. That's like saying how many good do Vegas and not look at boobs. Keeps it it's hard to date of who. Italy look around the blinders on it's hard don't go anywhere and that's DeVon alcohol in this town. Yeah Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Huge with a drink in if you don't know. Other upcoming guests on the ever eggs off the radio podcast of course Alley in givens if they'll be on here at an even I have and asked him yet technically. And really talked to him but this podcast democratic Disney we talked just about it popped yet they'll be on it. People that I skydive with his Scott innings of pretty radical sport would you agree jumping out of an airplane. Would you believe that I have 400 sky dives over 400 sky dives which is a lot right. But if you ask me I don't think that's a lot of Mike Ford at sky dives I know people with fifteen and 20000. Sky dives yes and then serious in these people are. Very interesting. Would like to share them with you like other parts of my life that I half. I have a traitor that work out with all the time. He's got a wife and two kids and one on the way in three dogs he works a full time job as a trainer and he's a great daddies of the husband. I don't know how he juggles his life but it would bring back guy in the show is a very positive person I've another guy that I know he's a vet. He's his name's Dan Newberry is an awesome guy have done a 22 mile walk with him. He's an awesome father he's got an amazing life and three beautiful kids and he juggles that and a business called twenty fitness and Elena introduce him to EU. If you haven't met him before he's a super cool guy just what age is positive people tune in an ever in my life exposed into your life and maybe elect Al wow. Ricks knows meet people and there are cooler than him. That's really what I wanna do if I can get cooler people to be on my podcast to listen for those people that are cooler than me. It's probably a lot of interesting people that I talk to in the shall not gonna bring boring people on the show maybe I will bring somebody blowing on maybe that will be the wicked twist. Instead of bringing super interesting people I'll just bring duds I'll bring that guy that brings my Amazon packages every day. That guy on the he has an interesting story and a now and that may be another podcast. Is bring me do another tapping about the freedom and having a podcast. Because on the radio were kind of we have our hands title limited as far as what we can talk about how long we can talk about things so here. I don't really have a formula I'm just kind of fly by the seat of my pants if you can't sell already. So that's kind of the freedom that we have with a podcasts. I'm working on something called mental health Monday's suicide is a big thing in it happened in my life. Last year we lost somebody in our families suicide so it's been a big thing for me and actually the coach share for the Milwaukee out of the darkness walk this coming to. A Milwaukee later this year in October. We'll talk about that coming up on a future podcast we'll have people on from. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention people from mental health Wisconsin. A lot of people that I know in the mental health community and I would like to expose them to you as well because. I think we all need to be a little more honest with ourselves about her mental health. Rains aren't perfect kind of like computers are perfect cars aren't perfect. Houses aren't perfect here there's no way that your brain. Is a perfect working and functioning machine is something a little bit off I think with everybody's brain even a little bit in its okay to admit it's and it's located talk about it so that's where. Mental health Monday it will come in are right now to the story about them. The whole. And this story about Monte Carlo a kind of over exaggerated I apologize for doing that but not really hopefully it is stuck around listening for that you like. We tell this story about your freaking life in your honeymoon and a the evidence so what is this about here's what it is. I found a receipt from a car that we rented in Monte Carlo. My wife and I went on our honeymoon it was this Mediterranean cruise sold the boat would dock right there in Monte Carlo we would get off the boat and walk into the city. And instead of just being able to walk in the general area where we were are right around the shipyard. We wanted to rent a car. Or something so that we can drive around and explore the city. So instead of running like a full on car and SUV they have is little they they were almost like ATVs. But not really. They were street cars that they had they were open on the side they had seat belts they were totally street legal. But they were like golf like exaggerated. Golf cards over to the big power we. You'll like 4050 miles an hour were driving around Monte Carlo right and I'm making right handed turned down an Alley. That I don't see is a one way streets like turn into a one way street and as I realized that I am on a one way street I'm like up. It turned the column turn around really quick while I'm doing my Austin Powers you'll three point turn to turn around. Monte Carlo. Rule over. Turns his life time. Walks up as the French accent is like Juba golden inhaled or thought I'd something in French and I was like I don't speak French. That where tourists and sorry and made a wrong turn I didn't see the sign goes purely a cell phone. I said I'm not myself on I don't have my cell phone with me was you have I didn't occasional. Luckily I had my driver's license from Wisconsin. And I had my passport. My wife had nothing all she had was a shift key this to our room key to the carnival crew whose. If it's at so that's all she has heard that a vacation Eagles who is the and this is my wife this is a lot of she's my wife wins identification on. And over exaggerating his accent a little bit but she didn't have ideas so he goes and he takes my passport and may I be back to his car. He's running it back another car pulls up behind him tonight got to. Carla police officers in their car talking about god knows what I don't know what's gonna happen are we going to be in trouble are we gonna make it back to our boat before it leaves. Thank goodness they let us go with a warning as it relates clip. You must go all still pretty terrifying to be have you know stopped by the law on a different country altogether. You know come to think of it Monte Carlo is so nice and if you think about it. They James Bond movie. Casino Royale the original one was filmed in Monte Carlo select a whole bad ass seen. Is exactly what it's like some wondering if maybe the prisons are super camp like they're old gold plated everything. Just like everything else to money Carlos so maybe going to prison in Monte Carlo wouldn't have been so bad but regardless. Pretty terrifying and all that it's at this finding this procedure here so thanks to going through my. Many boxes in my basement and was able to relive that memory of almost being arrested in Monte Carlo and now we'll word from one of our sponsors. Say kids deal like sand. You Wear shoes. Well and drive the monthly subscription service that delivers a pair of shoes filled with premium playgrounds and to your house every month that's right a pair of shoes full of sand. And just like get that beat us finally everything you love about she used combined with the wonder of the peaks up. That sounds just yeah can be terrible it's the beach and everyone loves the beach. I guess that's just visit send issues dot com and use promo code nitty gritty bullet 3% discount on your first month. Today is that sending your shoes it's pairings sandy she's got a job. It thank you for checking out the F first ever episode of rigs off the radio new episodes. Every single Friday join me next week we introduced a new feature called. Is that still a thing. Like take for example the ice bucket challenge you had a positive message raised a bunch of money for sale lasts but then look at like the condom challenge for the tide to hide challenged that's not raising awareness to anything except for stupidity in natural selection. So what are the challenges is that still I think we'll discuss next week and I have a hard hitting discussion with valley. About reality TV and why it's so fascinating to the general public. When did it start why is everybody so enamored with reality stars that's all next week with rigs off the radio. Enjoy the rest your day your evening or whatever time it is when you're listening and make good life decisions.